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organization and time management

North Park, CA
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April 20, 2020

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Verenise Aguirre

**** ****** ***, *** ***** CA 92104



Respected individual with a people friendly characteristic who has had to take on the responsibilities that were above my pay grade, taking on record management and organizing, making sure all personnel had everything in check. Can always be reliable and will provide assistance in any place needed.

Record Management

Verbal Communication


Experience Personnel

Reviewed, organized, and managed the files of one entire department to make sure they got 100% accountability on their yearly shots.

Managed to help insert and complete Leave requesting’s of 10% of the department as last-minute requests.


Called companies and ordered the arrival of cranes and JLG’s to get pushed from the original date without exceeding the balance of $2500 for each.

Made various calls to many companies to provide 5 SAR swimmers with all the equipment necessary before inspection, without exceeding $2000 per person.

Education and Training

Graduated High School in Tioga, Texas

Completed 36 hours at Grayson County College in Sherman, Texas

Attended 12 hours at TWU in Denton, Texas

Completed A-School in Chicago. Illinois

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