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Assistant Medical

Brampton, ON, Canada
April 16, 2020

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Summary of Qualifications

• Experience working with cardiac and concussion patients, and those that have had joint replacement surgeries

• 2+ years of experience working in a clinic and using modalities like IFC, ultrasound and heat/ice therapy

• Excellent ability to follow instructions of Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists

• Excellent communication skills obtained by working with patients of all ages

• Ability to work one on one with patients whilst keeping in mind their unique needs

• Excellent ability to multi-task gained by working in a fast paced and stressful environment to successfully manage the flow of patients and keep treatment rooms clean and organized

• Knowledgeable in various rehabilitation exercises and correcting patient postures as needed

• Skilled in soft tissue release and cupping techniques

• Experience performing flexibility tests, VO2 tests, balance tests, postural assessments, and strength assessments

Employment Experience

Ergonomic Consultant

Linamar Corporation, Guelph, Ontario, May 2019-August 2019

• Responsible for writing PDDs, Suitability Assessments and Risk Assessments for WSIB

• Improved safety and minimized risk of work stations by writing an Ergonomic Analysis Report to present to engineers and managers to implement devices and make changes to work stations

• Matched injured employees to safer tasks and wrote up Suitability Assessments for WSIB

• Trained new employees on safe moving techniques to decrease risk of injury Kinesiologist Assistant

Woodstock Rehabilitation Clinic, Woodstock, Ontario, September 2018-December 2018

• Experience working with cardiac and concussion patients, patients that have been in a motor vehicle collision and who have had joint replacement surgeries

• Improved patient’s adherence of their home program by communicating the favourable outcomes and importance

• Responsible for taking over and assisting clients with their exercise program followed by administering appropriate modalities when Kinesiologists and Physiotherapists were busy

• Alerted the responsible Physiotherapist/Kinesiologist of any problems which may interfere with or jeopardize the client's progress

Student Educational Assistant

Bramalea Secondary School, Brampton, Ontario, January 2018-April 2018

• Developed and led a new intramural program to increase students’ physical activity participation

• Supported physical education teachers in refining programs within their classes

• Implemented numeracy support to target students with specific needs in preparation for the grade 9 EQAO assessment


Brampton East Soccer Club, Brampton, Ontario, June 2016-August 2016

• Coached children aged 11-13 about the basic skills of soccer Volunteer Experience


Occupational Biomechanics and Ergonomics Lab, Waterloo, Ontario, January 2019- Current

• Work alongside Master’s students to assist in ongoing research labs Volunteer

Hardy Hearts, Waterloo, Ontario, January 2018- April 2018

• Worked with individuals who have cardiovascular disease

• Demonstrated and assisted participants with their exercise programs to increase their wellbeing

• Measured participants heart rate and blood pressure before the start of each session Harleen Grewal

Brampton, ON, L6R 2Z9



Kinetic Life Physiotherapy, Mississauga, Ontario, December 2017- August 2019

• Worked with patients of various ages

• Gained knowledge about soft tissue release

• Created promotional materials for marketing purposes Volunteer

William Osler Health Systems, Etobicoke, Ontario, May 2019- August 2019

• Assisted nurses and medical staff in the ER to improve safety, comfort and care of patients as well as improve the flow of patients

• Responsible for welcoming visitors to the ICU unit and communicate with clinical staff regarding appropriate access to the patient concerned

• Senior Girl`s Athlete of the year

• Principals Certificate for Student Leadership


Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Honours Kinesiology, Rehabilitation Sciences Minor, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, September 2016 – Present Relevant Coursework:

• Movement Assessment and Exercise Prescription

· Learnt about the assessment of movement using various tests and assessment tools as well as prescribing exercise to enhance performance in healthy individuals

• Biophysical Evaluation Lab

· Developed practical measurement skills for measuring cardiovascular function, neuromuscular function and body composition

• Musculoskeletal Injuries in Work and Sport

· Injuries encountered in sport and in the workplace were examined. Learned the mechanisms of injury, tissue biomechanics, pathology, assessment, treatment and prevention of acute and chronic trauma

• Introduction to movement disorders

· Learned about common movement disorders and their implication to physical movement

· Looked at the epidemiology`s, etiology`s, pathophysiological, clinical presentations, clinical assessments and treatments of certain disorders

• Therapeutic Rehabilitation Techniques for Orthopedic Injuries

· Developed theoretical knowledge and practical skills to utilize when rehabilitating musculoskeletal or orthopedic injuries

• Upper Extremity Disorders

• Low Back Disorders


First Aid & CPR/AED (HCP), Canadian Red Cross, December 2018

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