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April 16, 2020

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*. Applying for: Warehouse Supervisor

2. Date of Availability: Anytime

3. Current Location: Philippines

4. Contact nos.: +639*********

Degree Graduated: Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Month/Year Graduated: March 26, 1993


Employer: Puregold Price Club Inc.

Address: Cabanatuan City, Philippines

Position: Warehouse Supervisor

Employment Date: May 30, 2016 up to present

Job Description:

•Responsible for the day to day operation inside a receiving and warehouse area.

• Leading a team of Documentation clerk, Encoder, B.O custodian, Warehouse Custodian, Warehouseman and Receiving Clerks and supervising their workings.

• Maintaining and overseeing the record of all received goods and supplies.

• Supervising the orderly stocking and arrangement of consignments in the warehouse.

• To supervised received goods/items with the invoice orders and to inspect cartons, boxes, bundling and frozen goods for damage and to efficiently check items received against items order.

• Ensuring the compliance of safety norms in the warehouse.

• Responsible for supervising the distribution of food, non-food, fashion, home and produce items and supplies received to either the requesting department or warehouse storage.

• To ensure the appropriate stock levels are maintained at all times.

• Responsible to utilize the warehouse in the best possible manner by rotating of stock to allocate storage space.

• Studies records and recommends remedial actions for reported non-usable, slow moving and excess stocks.

• To guarantee proper issuance and use of all documents and forms.

• To notify all suppliers for pull-out their B.O Items to avoid old stocking in B.O Section.

• To monitor and maintain cleanliness of receiving and warehouse section.

• Regular checking and maintenance of all equipment such as jack pallet, long cart and weighing scale.

• Counter signed/check all process and received documents.

• To check the proper box file of all items within the Gondola.

• In charge of the entire workforce on duty in the warehouse on a specific shift.

• Schedules work for special and periodic inventories.

Employer: Wood Group CCC Ltd (Oman Branch)

Address: P.O. Box 1455, Postal Code 133

Bawshe/South Alkhuwair,

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

Position: Material Coordinator

Employment Date: January 11 2012 up to August 12, 2014

Job Description:

1.Interface with all sections within the Materials Managements Group to ensure an excellent service is provided to the assigned project. The majority of these projects will be executed under a recently established integrated Team between the Company and an indigenous contractor. Position Requirements Interface with Project Managements Team to ensure current status of project materials is updated into the project plan and Produce regular reports on materials status for the Project Management Team as requested.

2.Liaise with purchasing team to ensure the project priorities are clear and resources are available. Ensure correct engineering data is provided to purchasing to allow them to source materials and equipment required for the project.

3.Communicate daily with the purchasing and project teams to ensure priorities are set and met. Prepare and update Procurement Status Reports for issue to purchasing and project teams. Expedite activities from project and purchasing teams to ensure schedule is met.

4.Review procurement plan and work with Senior Procurement Specialist/Procurement Manager to ensure it meets project needs.

5.Prepare Key Performance Indicators, Performance Goals, Require on Site(ROS), Date of Completion, Receipt date, Project Procurement Schedule delivered and updated - report generation. Transmit a clear definition of project requirements to purchasing team thru documented communication.

6.To fully utilize surplus materials and stock items to maximize cost savings.


Employer: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Address: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Transmission Power (Transmission Asset Department)

Al-Hudaiba, Dubai, UAE

Position: Senior Material Management Engineer

Employment Date: August 01, 2011 up to October 31, 2011

Job Description:

1.Establishing Material Management System

2.Comprehensive evaluation of the existed stores, minimize inventory investment, review non moving items.

3.Following the principle of first in first out and striving for getting the right quality of spares and material, right quantity of supplies at the right time for the lowest cost.

4.Development of microanalysis studies for Material Management for SAP application and preparation of all requirements for the SAP Material, warehouse, supplier relationship and quality management models.

5.Conduct ABC, VED, SDE and FSN analysis for cost control, reduce inventory, spares criticality, availability and item movement.

6.Determination of EOQ, lead time, minimum, maximum and reorder levels of all spares.

7.Conduct statistical studies regarding demand estimation, consumption trends, forecasting demand studies.

8.Conduct spares and material consumption per equipment and substation as per RCM Management System requirements and corrective maintenance activities and the evaluation of ROR, consumption rate for all equipment in the system.

9.Development of material management (Transmission Power Division) objectives, policies and procedures for running, monitoring and controlling of spares and material in the (Transmission Power) Division.

10.Development of an effective Material Management and Supervision System for planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling, reporting and budgeting functions.

11.Development of standardization policy for better and professional handling and usage of spares, professional inventory control system for ensuring optimal balance, purchasing system policy and procedure, critical spares and their monitoring and controlling procedure.

12.Development of objectives, policies and procedures of procurement system for inventory optimization.

13.Planning, organizing and control of flow of materials, from their initial purchase to destination while following international standards for keeping inventory.

14.Development of spares and material annual budget and keeping feasible range between forecasted and actual demand for spares and material.

15.Reporting of spares and material cost on quarterly basis segregate by activity (RCM and Corrective) as per type of equipment and substation, reporting statistical studies for the high consumption rate spares and corresponding equipment and their location in the network and reporting non-moving items and their values.

16.Annual report for the following inventory:

a)Existed inventory by category and their values

b)Consumed inventory by category

c)Ordered inventory by category

Employer: Cape East Philippines

HUC-UP Project Malampaya Gas Exploration

Address: 6th Floor NOL Tower, Commerce Avenue

Madrigal Business Park, Ayala-Alabang

Muntinlupa, Philippines

Position: Material Coordinator/Controller

Employment Date: September 20, 2009 up to December 15, 2010

Job Description (ONSHORE/OFFSHORE)

1.Managed and arranged materials to be delivered in the Offshore/Onshore (Malampaya Project). Make sure that the integrity of the tools and materials to be sent in the project location are good and correct.

2.Monitoring and Track all equipments and assets owned by the Company.

3.Coordinate with Procurement/Accounts/Insurance Department to ensure that all equipment are accounted for and properly kept insured.

4.Ensure registration of equipments/assets is up to date and follow up promptly.

5.Conducting audit, checks on equipment/assets on regular monthly basis.

6.Provide monthly reporting to the Management on the equipments/asset updates.

7.In-charge on the handover of spare parts to the client.

8.Responsible for the materials and spare parts punch listings of the Shell Integrity Project.

9.Effective control and allocation of materials, which may cover various locations.

10.Shipment of materials in line with project schedule to offshore location.

11.Good working knowledge of Warehousing and Offshore COSHH/HAZARDOUS legislation etc.

12.Shipment of goods by Sea, Land and Air.

13.Computer Literate within Procurement/Materials programmes, Receipting & manifesting etc.

14.Promote and adhere to ethical behavior as per Conflict of Interest policy.

15.Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to affect advantage for the project, and add value – minimize Transport, containers etc.

16.Minimize inefficient working methods.

17.Maintain accurate receipt and manifest records within the company system.

18.Effective and timely close out/handover of Materials, Equipment and Spares.

19.Initiate & promote innovation from external & internal sources.

20.Effective management knowledge within the project.

21.Handover of spares to Operations at appropriate time.

22.Perform any ad-hoc duties pre required by the company.

Employer: Tecnimont, SPA

Address: Borouge2 Project

Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited

Ruwais, United Arab Emirates

Position: Material Assistant

Employment Date: December 01, 2007 up to June 11, 2009

Job Description:

1. Reports to the project coordinator.

2. Responsible for the material management at site.

3. Collects the documentation covering the arrival of materials at site and provides for recording of their movements and supplies the Project control coordinator with elements enabling the feasibility analysis of the construction programs.

4. Main responsibilities are:

A.Arrange warehouse logistics according to the instruction of the Construction Manager.

B.Manage the receiving, check, storage and preservation of the materials delivered at Site.

C.Prepare the supply non-conformity and coordinate non-conformity resolution.

D.Initiate procedures concerning insurance claims for damage to materials during the transport to site or during erection.

E.Initiate claims against the suppliers for missing materials and/or non-conformance with the purchase order.

F.Inform the Project Coordinator about the plant material status and delivery forecasts, in order to verify the feasibility of Construction schedules.

G.Consign materials to Subcontractors, according to the instructions given by the Supervisors.

H.Keep the records about the handling of the materials, using the Contractor software systems.

I.To maintain value of unused material for sale.

J.Management of Non Conformities on Site.

1.Report to the competent Discipline Supervisor any cause of Non Conformity detected during the incoming inspections and preservation periodic statement.

2.When the suspected Non Conformity is confirmed, I shall fill the Non Conformity Report through SINCOD (Site Non-Conformity database) and issue to QA/QC Engineer for checking.

3.Propose and monitor the implementation of Dispositions for material under my custody.

4.Identify/Segregate the Non-Conformity materials.

5.Identify suitable areas in the warehouse for segregation of Non-conformity items.

6.Inform the QA/QC manager of Non-Conformities closure signing and dating the relevant Non-Conformity report.

Employer: Qatar Petroleum

Address: Qatar Petroleum

P.O. Box 100001

Dukhan, Qatar

Position: Material Coordinator/Admin Assistant-1

(Logistics and Materials)

Employment Date: May 21, 2007 up July 31, 2007

Job Description:

1.Keeping of documents such as invoice, SAP notifications for materials, technical evaluations, etc…

2. Assist the Section Heads and corresponding Supervisors for SAP:-

Raise Reservations for materials against work orders.

Create work order against notifications

Create notifications as and when required

Raise Purchase Requisitions

Follow up the Purchase Requisitions

Follow up with the stores for the reservations.

Receive and forward technical evaluations (keeping a track)

Follow the plan for the routine maintenance work of the workshop equipments and a keep a track of the same.

3. General Responsibilities

Receive and forward the requests for the mobile equipments to the concerned supervisor.

Assist the Section Heads in raising Project Proposal’s and compiling of the information required for the same.

Prepare, keep a track and forward all correspondences with regard to the various shutdowns in the Dukhan Fields as concerned to the division.

Type the Shutdown Daily Report during shutdowns and forward to FSM.

Plans, directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in purchasing and distributing raw materials, finished goods, equipment, and supplies for production and plant operations.

Plans, directs and coordinates activities of personnel engaged in production planning and scheduling.

Oversees inventory of materials, parts, and finished product to maintain required supply.

Monitors material and supply inventories through computer information systems.

Applies statistical methods to estimate future materials requirements.

Directs the maintenance of inventory records, replenishment of stock, and planning for future requirements based on orders, production schedules and forecasts.

Directs and formulates procedures and policies to make certain materials are available or delivered when needed.

Establishes and maintains purchasing systems and procedures to ensure honest, fair, legally correct and ethical relationships with all vendors.

Develops and installs clerical and office procedures and practices.

Prepares and issues purchase orders and change notices to vendors and suppliers.

Reviews purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy.

Monitors incoming and outgoing movement and storage of materials.

Monitors purchasing and materials handling employees.

Interacts with sales, design staff and production concerning current and future materials.

requirements for efficient production and optimum levels of customer service

Confers with vendors to determine product specifications and to arrange for purchase of equipment, materials, or parts, and evaluates products according to specifications and quality standards.

Analyzes market and delivery conditions to determine present and future material availability and prepares market analysis reports.

Recommends methods for improving efficiency and reducing inventory of raw materials, finished goods and work-in-process while maintaining a high level of on-time delivery.

Troubleshoots materials availability problems with production and takes corrective action.

Interacts with management, engineering, production supervision and other staff regarding materials requirements, production schedules, and other considerations to facilitate production processes.

Confers with management, engineering staff, and production supervision to implement plans and recommendations for cost analysis and variance control.

Confers with engineering on material sourcing matters such as vendor identification and selection, materials cost, quality and delivery.

Interacts with quality assurance on matters of vendor delivered quality and vendor rating systems.

Conducting punch listings of the spare parts for the POST SHUTDOWN MATERIALS.

Perform other duties as required

Employer: Qatar Chemical Company, Ltd.

Address: Qatar Chemical Company Ltd.

P.O. Box 24646 Doha, Qatar

Position: Material Controller/Inventory Controller

Employment Date: July 01, 2002 up to January 21, 2006

Job Description:

1.Responsible for the electronic data and hardcopy document, storage of all documents in accordance with standard procedures and maintains a register of all documents. Retrieves copies and distributes as per requested.

2.Receiving instruction and documents from head office, client, vendor, sub-contractors etc., these documents such as plans, working drawings, isometrics, method statements, risk assessments, HSE procedures, QA/QC documents etc., are distributes same to concerned department disciplines i.e.. Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering, HSE, Management, Logistics, Securities, QA/QC, Laboratory, Storeroom, Production etc. Maintain hard copy documents by storing in the Document Control Center Library and hard copy documents in the Electronic Data Management System Library.

3.In case of changes and revisions of the documents such as standard operating procedures, isometrics, diagrams, design of the machines, machine layouts, risk assessments, safety procedures, working diagrams etc., remove the old documents and replace it by the new. Emailed those responsible departments regarding the revision of the said documents. If the computer networking system is not available on that time of the document distribution, distribute the documents personally so that the concerned departments will be notified and do the necessary changes on their part.

4.Ensure accuracy of product transferred/received from the Bagging Lines.

5.Ensuring that palletized products are moved and stacked immediately to avoid disruption to warehousing and distribution operations.

6.Monitoring stowage activity conforms to daily stowage plan, storage assignment form and ensures efficient and safe operations of stacking activities.

7.Proper relocation and arrangement of products necessary to follow daily stowage plan.

8.Maintaining accurate and appropriate storage to ensure first in first out system.

9.Ensure good house keeping, Sees to it that empty stows are clean before stacking the palletized products.

10.Monitoring of damages and spillage.

11.Assures efficient transfer of products to loading area to facilitate the stuffing in the shortest possible time.

12.Ensures that product movements are accurately recorded in a specific document for an activity.

13.Proper reporting of damages incurred during transfer, relocations and rearrangement.

14.Supervise segregation of damaged product and other saleable waste materials

Employer: Bataan Polyethylene Corporation

Address: Petrochemical Park Compound

Batangas II, Mariveles, Bataan Philippines

Position: Inventory Controller

Employment Date: May 27, 1999 up to March 30, 2002

Job Description:

1.Ensure accuracy of product transferred/received from the Bagging operation.

2.Ensuring that palletized products are moved and stacked immediately to avoid disruption to warehousing and distribution operations.

3.Monitoring stowage activity conforms to daily stowage plan, storage assignment forma and ensures efficient and safe operations of stacking activities.

4.Proper relocation and arrangement of products necessary to follow daily stowage plan.

5.Maintaining accurate and appropriate storage to ensure first in first out system.

6.Ensure good house keeping, Sees to it that empty stows are clean before stacking the palletized products.

7.Monitoring of damages and spillage.

8.Assures efficient transfer of products to staging area to facilitate the loading in the shortest possible time.

9.Ensures that product movements are accurately recorded in a specific document for an activity.

10.Proper reporting of damages incurred during transfer, relocations and rearrangement.

11.Proper segregation of damaged product and other saleable waste materials.

Employer: Dunlop Slazenger Philippines Inc.

Address: BEZ, Mariveles, Bataan Philippines

Position: Warehouseman/Raw Material Analyst

Employment Date: September 07, 1991 up to December 20, 1998

Job Description:

1.Prepare, analyze and update production long plan based on the buyers order quantity.

2.Prepare capacity forecast.

3.Analyze material order priorities based on the long plan.

4.Prepare monthly shipment projection based on the actual capacity of production departments and availability of raw materials.

5.Prepare weekly shipment projection.

6.Analyze sequencing of customers purchase order.

7.Prepare and update status of production and shipment schedules, weekly attendance, and weekly production schedules against actual completion, departmental balance and final inspection.

8.Responsible for the monthly inventory analysis of work-in process stocks, raw material warehouse and finished goods.

9.Monitor daily production.

Employer: Mitsumi Philippines Inc.

Address: Bataan Economic Zone

Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines

Position: Production Maintenance

Date Employment: September 10, 1988 up to August 01, 1989

Job Description:

1.Repair machine breakdown.

2.Calibrate oscilloscope and other electronic devices.

3.Solving analytical problems regarding the improvement of the quality and production output of the electromechanical machines.

4.Routines on weekly preventive maintenance for the machines.


Address: 218 Castro St. Hulo, Sto Domingo, Nueva Ecija

Email Address:

Birth Date: December 20, 1968

Civil Status: Married

Religion: Christian



1.Mr. Alvin Egalla Commercial Manager +63 2 8099000

` Cape East Philippines

2.Mr. Rey Barcebal Offshore Operation Manager +63 2 4064000

Shell Philippines Exploration

3.Mr. Dinualdo Arduo Wood Group - CCC +968-********

Logistics Head

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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