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Graphic Designer Marketing

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
April 15, 2020

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محم د يح

ف مجم وع ة دواء ا لسلام ةSenior Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist

ا لط ب ي ة

ر ق م ا ل ه ا تف : 966.550667345 : ا ل ب ر ي د الإ ل ت رو ن : ص فح ة MARKETING EXECUTIVE & SENIOR GRAPHIC DES ا ل ه دف ا ل وظ ي ف I'm Mohamed Yehia, I graduated from faculty of Mass Communication, major in

(Advertising & PR). I Always like to develop myself by learning, working and get more experiences in Marketing & Advertising fields. I interested in present some of creative Ideas to be unique and catchy.

I have more than 4 years experience in Marketing & Graphic design. Marketing Researches

Marketing Strategies

Advertising Campaigns


Graphic Design ( Branding, Corporate Identity, Magazines, Catalogues, All Printing Issues, Infographics, Social Media)

Motion Graphic

Products Photography

Mobile: 966-*********


1991 ا ل م ع ل و م ات ا لشخص ي ة ت ار يخ ا لم يلاد: 10 ن و فم ب ر ا لج نس ي ة: مصر

ب ل د الإ ق ام ة: ا لمم ل ة ا ل ع ر ب ي ة ا لسع ود ي ة Public Relation & Marketing, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing : ا ل وظ ي ف ة ا ل م رغ و ب ة ا ل وظ ي ف ة ا لم رغ و ب ة Specialist, marketing executive, public relations executive, Senior Graphic Designer ا لمج ال: ا ل تصم ي م والإ ب داع وا ل ف ن ون

ا لخ ب رة ا ل ع م ل ي ة مجم وع س ن وات ا لخ ب رة: 6 س ن وات, 4 أش ه ر Senior Graphic Designer & Marketing

مجم وع ة دواء ا لسلام ة ا لط ب ي ةSpecialist ف

ف ب را ي ر 2017 ح ت الآن

ا لمم ل ة ا ل ع ر ب ي ة ا لسع ود ي ة نج ران

Manage the production and implementation of campaigns. Create campaigns that generate demand and increase engagement and brand awareness. Assist the Marketing Manager in monitoring and optimising the Marketing budgets throughout the year. Participate in the ideation of the yearly Marketing plans (special events, online and offline activities, POS promotions). Liaise with distributorsMaintain effective internal communication to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are kept informed of Marketing activities. Obtain marketing reports (quarterly basis) from customers and monitor the effectiveness of the Marketing campaigns. Provide report and analysis with recommendations for optimisation to drive more customer acquisition and revenue. Planning concepts by studying relevant information and materials. Illustrating concepts by designing examples of art arrangement, size, type size and style and submitting them for approval.

Preparing finished art by operating necessary equipment and software. Coordinating with outside agencies, art services, web designer, marketing, printers, and colleagues as necessary.

.Contributing to team efforts by accomplishing tasks as needed Marketing _ مصم م جرا ف يك وم تخصص تسو يق

Advento فSpecialist & Graphic Designer

2017 ن و فم ب ر 2013 ي ن ا ي ر

مصر ا ل ق ا ه رة

ا ل بحث ا ل تسو ي ق إ نش اء خطط تسو يق ك ام ل ة ل لم ن تج ات وا لش رك ات إ ب ت ار أ ف ار تسو ي ق ي ة ج د ي دة ل لش رك ات وا لم ن تج ات تصم ي م ه وا ي ات تج ار ي ة ك ام ل ة شع ارات ك ا ف ة أ ن واع ا لمط ب وع ات تص ام ي م ا ل تسو يق الإ ل ت رو ن وا ل ت واصل الإج تم اع تصم ي م م وا قع ا ن ت ر نت و تط ب ي ق ات ذك ي ة. ي و ل ي و 2015 أك ت و ب ر 2015Creative اخ تص اص تسو يق ف مصر ا ل ق ا ه رة

ا ل ت ع ل ي م ب ا ل ور ي وس / إعلام (علا ق ات ع ام ة و دع ا ي ة و إعلان) ف ج ام ع ة الأه رام ا ل ن د ي ة


أغسطس 2016

Public Relations and / ب ا ل ور ي وس

Ahram Canadian فAdvertising


مصر ا ل ق ا ه رة

س ب تم ب ر 2016

I graduated from faculty of Mass Communication in English Section, major in (Advertising

.(& PR

Marketing, Graphic Designing, Photography, create new concepts, Drawing, ا ل م ه ارات

/ لمس ت وى: م تم ر سCommunication اskills

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe After

, / لمس ت وى: م تم ر سEffects ا

Graphic design. Marketing Researches Marketing Strategies Advertising Campaigns

/ لمس ت وى: م تم ر سE.Marketing اGraphic

ا ل ل غ ات الا نج ل ي ز ي ة / ا لمس ت وى: م تم ر س

/ : حس ا ب ات م وا ق ع ا ل ت واصل ا لاج ت م ا ع ف يس ب وك

/ : ا نس ت غ رام

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