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Sr Data Developer

Cambridge, MA
April 16, 2020

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Arthur Narváez



Over 20 years of delivering IT solutions as a developer and project manager. I’ve been involved in every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and am familiar with both waterfall and agile methodologies. I am experienced in communicating with business users and stakeholders including authoring and validating system requirements and implementation schedules. My technical focus has been on “backend” technologies but I am conversant in many aspects of front end platforms. I am articulate, motivated and a “hands on” technical leader.


1988-1992 Joint Major Avionics/STS

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA


07/2013 – 08/2019 Data Analytics and Lead SQL Developer

DTCC, Boston MA

Most recently worked with the Product team to create and improve Data Analytics queries. Our focus was on creating metrics to demonstrate the added efficiency in trade settlement when clients made use of our entire product suite. In addition to providing our clients with insight into their settlement processing, our work resulted in the identification of subtle upstream defects in our systems that answered some longstanding client questions.

Initially brought onboard to extend functionality of an existing benchmark/metric product. Rewrote a major component responsible for producing data files delivered to clients. Standardized SQL scripts for client data extracts. Queries were written in T-SQL and PL/SQL to extract data from Sybase and multiple Oracle database systems. Developed a scheduler process using Perl and a database to define dependencies and execute/deliver data files when the required data was successfully loaded. Prior to this all jobs were run en masse using CRON.

Developed a standalone application in Python with WxWidgets to enable business users to perform custom database loads in support of additional analytic reports. Modified and created new tasks in Oracle Golden Gate to update replication between different database servers. Supported offshore team members in India, London and Manila.

9/2012 – 7/2013 Consultant

Quincy College, Quincy MA

Providing Oracle DB support for IT department. Established virtualized Linux environment using Red Hat Enterprise Edition and VmWare. Coordinated with software vendor to upgrade library database system to Oracle 11. Performed data migration of system user data into new system using PL/SQL scripts.

10/2011 – 7/2013 Contributor

Glogood Inc., Cambridge MA

Using VS 2010 Developed .Net based utility to query MS SQL server for list of websites to test and email results to entire team. Contributed to ASP .Net based website for reporting and control of websites. Designed and implemented MS SQL Server databases for person (contact) model. Continuing SQL Server support and development.

1/2005 – 2/2012 Dev Lead/Project Manager

Fidelity Investments, Boston MA

Hired as database technical lead to create an Oracle data warehouse in response to new SEC regulatory requirements. Developed ETL solutions to feed into the data warehouse using PERL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell scripts and Informatica. Source systems consisted of Sybase transactional databases and Oracle reference databases. Responsible for the development of batch scripts using PL/SQL, T-SQL, Perl and Autosys (later moved to Control-M). Created reports using Oracle Reports and PL/SQL stored procedures.

Following successful release, promoted into the role of Project Manager for subsequent releases but maintained role as database tech lead. Responsible for a small team (3) of developers. The development team was reorganized to include offshore (India) members. After the final release moved to the support team and was responsible for several production systems for the Compliance office. Responsible for extending and supporting an enterprise system based on Sybase with C and Perl based batch programs. Created and maintained a Sharepoint site for each project to allow business users and developers to have a common location for documentation and updated links to testing schedules and environments.

10/2004 – 12/2004 ETL/SQL/Scripting Developer

Manulife, Boston MA

Primary responsibility was development of new Informatica based feeds for a data warehouse. Assisted on performance optimizations for a variety of Informatica workflows. Worked on tactical file pre-processing for batch system using Perl and Korn shell scripts in a Unix environment.

5/2001 – 2/2004 Database/Informatica Developer

Fidelity Investments, Boston MA

Initial role was as a technical liaison and implementor between retail and institutional development teams. Served as architect and team lead on the redesign and standards development of Informatica sessions. Responsible for the analysis and 'cleanup' of a Sybase data warehouse. Consulted on the development of an ETL design utilizing Sybase and Informatica. Developed Java based programs to convert MS Word documents into sanitized RTF using the Open Office API. Redesigned and implemented Oracle stored procedures in support of the operational datastore of the FMTC institutional client website. Created perl scripts to interface with a custom analytics system. Developed and modified Informatica mappings and sessions to feed an Oracle data warehouse.

3/2000 – 12/2000 Database/Perl Development Lead

Sybase Inc., Concord MA

Technical lead on the perl development effort to enhance the Sybase commerce website. Most work was performed in Perl, SQL and Sybase database objects (stored procedures and tables). The webstore was implemented using the Intershop e-commerce package, Perl and a Sybase database.

6/1999 – 12/1999 Unix Scripting & Database Developer

Houghton-Mifflin, Wilmington MA

Design, implementation and rollout of JAVA based batch cycle designed to synchronize and reconstruct Sybase databases. The development of a batch processing subsystem was done in a Sun UNIX environment using Sybase Stored Procedures, tables, triggers and JAVA based client programs. Shell scripting was used for job control, logging and to interface to AutoSys batch scheduler.

6/1998 – 4/1999 SQL Report Developer

John Hancock Financial Services, Boston MA

Optimization and design enhancement of pension accounting system. Identification and refinement of reporting requirements and specifications. Reporting system infrastructure design and development of several SQR/Sybase reports. Responsible for training developers in Korn Shell Programming and SQL optimization.

3/1998 – 6/1998 Unix Scripting & Database Developer

Private Healthcare Systems, Waltham MA

Database design and implementation to support a flexible and extendible reporting subsystem. Development of stored procedures to summarize data according to table based rules. Creation of batch scripts to automate summarization process and to integrate with UNIX batch scheduler (AutoSys). Responsible for the conversion process of application data from pilot implementation to production.

4/1996 – 12/1997 C/UNIX Developer

Fidelity Investments, Boston MA

Design and development of a Sybase Open Server to be used as the middle tier in a three tier architecture. This “Application Server” was a Sybase Open Server written in C and made use of the Sybase CT-libraries. Development was on SOLARIS UNIX machines using primarily GNU GCC and GDB. Design and development of DCE servers which interfaced with the aforementioned “Application Server”. These servers made use of Sybase Stored Procedures, SQL and a custom vendor API. Design and development of a program to generate extract files from the core database. This program stored file formats in its own small database so that as business requirements changed they could be adjusted without a code change. This driver program is used to create over a dozen different file formats used as feeds for other Fidelity systems. This program was implemented in C and made use of Sybase stored procedures as well as Sybase CT-client library. Design and development of a Sybase Open Server which provides data to over 300 client terminals throughout the country at Fidelity Investor Centers. This server made use of low level socket calls to send and receive data blocks to the backend database and translate these into a Sybase data stream for a front-end client developed with PowerBuilder.

11/1995 – 2/1996 Database Reporting Developer

Harvard Management, Boston MA

Development of a high level API implemented with Sybase DB-library calls to provide a simple interface to the underlying database for an order processing system. Development of SQR reports to meet business requirements. Sybase stored procedures, SQL and C programming were used. Limited exposure to Illustra hybrid object-relational database. Assisted in design and implementation of Motif based GUI.

7/1994 – 10/1995 Programmer Analyst

Goldman Sachs and Company, New York NY

Design and implementation of a distributed near real-time transaction processing system based on Solaris Sparc servers using shared memory, semaphores, sockets and a Sybase Open Server. Served as technical lead on project team. Coordinated and directed developers in meeting system specifications. Design and development of a dynamic rules based reconciliation “engine” running under the aforementioned transaction processing system.

5/1993 – 6/1994 Programmer Analyst

Goldman Sachs International, London England

Upgrade of a report based system with an online (Motif front-end) query based system which included an overnight trade settlement batch process. Batch processing used Korn shell scripting. Implementation of feed handling from external agents. Utility development for interfacing with Motif spreadsheet widget. Utility development for system programming in “layered” environment.

6/1992 – 4/1993 Associate Programmer Analyst

Goldman Sachs and Company, New York NY

Development of internal reconciliation system with Motif based front-end. Batch processing of internal books and records settlement transactions. Performance analysis resulting in denormalization of database schema. Limited exposure to mainframe development using COBOL and JCL.

9/1991 – 5/1992 Computer Science TA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

Assisted students with Lisp in the lab for a core computer science class (6.001). Lead recitation session of a dozen students twice weekly. Reviewed student’s work and composed study guides and sample exams.

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