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Matlab Simulink Solidworks Gt-Power Dspace Catia Chemkin Ansys Inca

Auburn Hills, MI
April 16, 2020

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Sohan Nair


Automotive engineering graduate majoring in powertrains with 3 years’ industrial experience in project planning, engine testing and sensor calibration. Completed research projects in combustion simulation using GT-Power and Chemkin. Worked on automotive controls projects using Simulink and MATLAB. Currently seeking full-time opportunities.


Research Assistant June 2019 – May 2020

Clemson University – International Center for Automotive Research Greenville, SC

Diagnosed errors in implemented startup and charging operations using Simulink

Debugged the supervisory powertrain control system and implemented a revised control strategy using RAPTOR

Calibrated the engine using AEMtuner for stabilizing steady-state operation and smoothening transient response

Project Engineer – Engine Testing October 2015 – July 2018

DVA Engineering and Testing Pvt. Ltd. Shirwal, India


Executed around 50 engine testing programs over 4 dynamometer test cells

Developed test cycles and maintained required parameters for various testing considerations

Evaluated engine performance using NI DiAdem and interpreted CAN signals using ETAS INCA

Performed engine failure analysis and corrective action


Investigated the thermal management of engine cylinder head and block based on CFD flow path

Prepared engines for certification testing

Enhanced the cooling system of a harvester engine

Conducted vibration analysis of extreme components of the engine with strain measurement

Formed a thermal map of the engine exhaust manifold

Optimized the power recipe of a stationary diesel engine

Analyzed effect of roll and pitch on the performance of boat engines using an inclined test bed

Tested the effect of turbocharger orientation on performance of heavy-duty diesel engines


Maintained over 90% test bed efficiency

Received the Star Employee Award in 2017


Master of Science in Automotive Engineering May 2020

Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research Greenville, SC

Specialization: Powertrains

Bachelor of Engineering in Automobile Engineering August 2015

Mumbai University Mumbai, India


Modelling of a turbocharged engine in GT-Power

oAnalyzed the engine testing data of a 3-cylinder BMW B38 engine

oConstructed a GT-Power model to simulate the performance characteristics of the engine

oValidated the model using actual engine test data

Study of D-EGR architectures and estimation of chemical sensitivity

oSimulated and compared the performance of different D-EGR architectures and their implementation in 4-cylinder engines using GT-Power

oAnalyzed the exhaust species concentrations in Chemkin

oEvaluated performance and emission characteristics by comparing with a base engine model

Modelling and control of a turbocharger in an SI engine

oModelled the engine components using GT-Power

oSimulated the control of a turbocharger in an SI engine using PI controllers in Simulink

Design of a range extender module for a parallel hybrid electric vehicle

oEstimated fuel consumption under different driving conditions and control strategies using Simulink

oCompared the performance and drivability parameters of the vehicle model under various conditions


Vice-President (Greenville Council) January 2019 – Present

Clemson University Graduate Student Government Clemson, SC

Elected by 5000+ graduate students of Clemson University to represent graduate students on Greenville campuses

Provided airport transportation options for 98 students

Helped out-of-state students secure a $2400 fee waiver for one academic year

Assisted 150+ students settling into Greenville

Treasurer October 2018 – February 2020

ICAR Student Association Greenville, SC

Elected as a representative by 150+ peers from the International Center for Automotive Research, Greenville

Planned and efficiently conducted social events and professional development workshops

Increased the coordination of the ICAR SA with various organizations and departments within Clemson University

Worked on rerouting bus routes to better serve ICAR students












English C1

German A2

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