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Mechanical Engineer Engineering

United States
April 16, 2020

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Jeronimo Cox Jr

Permanent Address:***** Whitworth Cannon Lane, Bristow, VA 20136 571-***-**** INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE

American Red Dot Robotics Robotics Engineer FEB 2020 – APR 2020

Implemented Autonomous Tug System for Delta Airlines, made and installed by-wire vehicle control and sensor systems

Installed sensors (Lidar, Stereo Vision, Encoders, IMU) and subsystem microcontrollers that communicated to Ubuntu Intel NUVO over serial and CAN through ROS, created launch files, parameter header files and shells scripts for operation

Used open source sensing and perception packages for ROS integration using C++ maintained over bitbucket and github ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University DEC 2019 Motion and Path Planning Presentation Future Active Safety Technology towards Zero Accidents SEP. 9-11, 2019 Platooning Navigation of Slow Speed Electric Vehicles (Cox, Kinoshita, Furukawa) Self Driving VT Senior Design Team Team Facilitator FALL 2018 – SPRING 2019

Implemented a Leader-Follower/Platooning System on ClubCar Electric Golf Carts via ROS based autonomous system

Constructed and wired the CEM box with CAD mounting pieces made with DMFEA, as well as wiring and soldering between several microcontrollers and the sensors on the cart, responsible for schematics as well

Translated the MATLAB dynamic model decoder to Python script for operation with ROS on Ubuntu on a miniX CPU

Used OpenCV with a thermal camera to compare the position of the leader cart in perspective of the follower, and a controller that maintains a proper trajectory doing so, CAN on the steering system

Responsible for maintaining the design team, organizing meetings and being the point of contact with Clubcar.

Used DFMEA with construction to carts, for metal brake pulley frame work and 3D printed sensor holders Safe-D Virginia Tech Research Assistant Internship SUMMER 2019– PRESENT

Implemented the actuation for autonomous driving of a 2008 Hybrid SUV, the throttle replicated by DACs, brake actuation conducted by a stepper motor pulling a cable attached to the pedal, steering conducted by manipulation of the power steering motor through CAN feedback through OBD

Python and ROS implementation for vehicle control to work with perception from Lidar, cameras, and GPS with Ethernet ports, as well as Localization implemented with IMU

Used DFMEA in producing pulley frame for the brake pedal along with original car components EXPERIENCE

Adam Block Design - Campus Coordinator WINTER 2018 – WINTER 2019

Designing and helping organizations compile shirts while working directly with the client. Northern Virginia Community College Robotics Summer Camp: Manassas, VA SUMMER 2014 & 2015

Introduced Mechanical Design Process, used experience in competition as example. ABILITIES


C++, Matlab, ROS, Python, Linux, Arduino IDE, Github, openCV, NX Simulink, AutoCAD, Autodesk, Solidworks, Java, Microsoft Office, LTspice, RViz, ANSYS, LabView, CCS, Picoscope, TI microcontrollers, ForScan, Lidars, SPI, UART, Motion Planning, Kalman Filters Engineering

Technical Writing, Problem Solving, DFMEA, DFSS, RAMP Risk Mitigation, Soldering, Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Dynamic modeling, Algorithm Implementation, Controllers, Bayesian Robotics, Other

Fluent in Spanish, Team Management, Leadership, Collaborative, Good Communication, Creativity ACTIVITIES

Theta Chi Fraternity Initiated Fall 2016

Latin Links Member since Fall 2016

VEX Robotics World Competition 2011 -2014

Qualified for International Competition in 2012 and 2013 and was top American team

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