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Data Developer

Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
April 13, 2020

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Oleksandr S. Zhur

Business Intelligence Lead Developer


Skype: oleksandrzhur

Tel: +380**-***-****

Summary of Experience

• 15+ years background in OLTP and OLAP solutions design.

• Experience in data warehousing, data integration and data visualization using different Business Intelligence Solutions: MicroStrategy, TibcoSpotfire, MS SQL Server BI, Cognos, Oracle.

• Industries: Real Estate, Insurance, HealthCare, Gas&Oil, Pricing&Analytics, Beer&Wine

• I have worked with big companies and perfectly know what BI approaches are needed for each set of business requirements, guaranteeing development services of the highest quality.


Chevron 08.2016 – now

Role: Tibco Spotfire Architect

Environment: Tibco Spotfire, Hadoop Impala, Java Script, R, Python

Comments: Taken part in several projects. Design Spotfire reporting architecture and dashboards development.

Tasks and Accomplishments: Design and development Tibco Spotfire dashboards:

Managing Data Lake data preparation.

Data Science algorythms implementation with R language for statistical metrics building.

Equipment Failures Prediction and Confidence Bounds building based on historical data.

Interactive dashboards building with wide usage of Python and Java scripts

Constellation Brands 10.2015 – 07.2016

Role: BI Solution Architect

Environment: Microstrategy, Oracle Exadata

Comments: Development BI solution for Beer departmenten that is used globally by thouthands users.

Tasks and Accomplishments: Architecture development and control solution development for Beer department BI analytics:

Metadata / Ad-hoc packages development

MSTR Performance architecture design and Exadata best performance approaches implementation

60 Transformations, 6K metrics, ~handred attributes.

Responsible for whole development layers and releases promotion through several SDLC environments.

Chevron 01.2015 – 10.2015

Role: Tibco Spotfire Consultant/.Net Developer

Environment: Tibco Spotfire, MS SQL Server, .Net MVC/C#, Telerik suite, Java Script

Comments: Taken part in development of Global Chevron solution for Event and Activities tracking, Key Metrics design and enhanced visualization on different secure organization levels.

Tasks and Accomplishments: Design and development .Net application for configuration Tibco dashboards:

Tibco Spotfire dashboards development consulting

Responsible for whole development layers development: SQL Server procedures=>.Net data layer=> Business layer=> Presentation Layer.

Taken part in Enhanced Security implementation

Chevron 10.2014 – 12.2014

Role: Tibco Spotfire Architect

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012 (Data Warehouse) + Tibco Spotfire.

Comments: Responsible for development and optimizing reporting suite for Water Management Department of Chevron Company and development .Net application for reporting configuration

Tasks and Accomplishments:

Responsible for translating Business requirements into technical specifications

Data Analysis and Data Sets Preparation. Created a High Level Business Intelligence Design documentation

Dashboards/Reports Development with different types of charts, data slices and possibility to analyze statistical, historical information and predictive periods

Performance Architecture Development

Creation of .Net application with usage Telerik components for configuring data by Business Units admins. As a result each business unit was able to have customized Dashboards with own Metrics and Key Indicators.

Philadelphia Insurance Companies 3.2012 – 9.2014

Role: Cognos Consultant

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008 (Data Warehouse) + Cognos 10.

Comments: Responsible for development and optimizing reporting suite for Marketing Department of Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Tasks and Accomplishments:

Requirements analysis

Developed stored procedures, triggers and complex Transact SQL logic;

Developed customer/product business intelligence analysis reports using various Report Studio 10.1 features including conditional blocks, HTML objects/Javascript, various charts and prompts, and drill through function for Premium, Claims, Re Insurance

Participated in estimation of tasks and assisted in the development of project plans

VisiQuate, Inc 2.2011 – 3.2012

Role: Microstrategy Consultant

Architect/Developer of Analytical Business Solution

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008 (Data Warehouse) Microstrategy 9 (+iCubes).

Comments: Technical Leading of Analytical Solution. DW – 300Gb. Whole Performance strategy development.

Tasks and Accomplishments:

Database Model Creation / Data warehouse design

Microstrategy Reports/Dashboards/Scorecards Design Based on problem specification obtained from the customer, based on in-memory iСubes technology. Used full set of Mictostrategy interactivity features: ad-hoc, custom groups, drill maps, derived elements

Team leadership and mentoring/training In-house Staff and demos for client

Performance Architecture development for management of 0.5 TB DWH with performance balancing on different architectural levels: ICubes/DynamicSourcing/TablesPartitioning/ClusteredIndexesUsage

Assisted the Data Warehouse team in the identification and resolution of business process and data-related issues; provided input on ongoing improvements to business views.

Zilliant 8.2008 – 2.2011

Role: Support and Administration of the Pricing Analytical Business

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 (OLTP Database Engine/ Data Warehousing/ SSAalysisServices/ SSReportServices/ SSIntegrationServices); RS Dashboards, ProClarity, MicroStrategy 9, Cognos 8, 10 based applications.

Comments: Support of the Zilliant Pricing Company database environments. Maintenance, bug fixing and performance tuning for more than 20 database environments. It was including ETL flows, SSRS, SSAS, Cognos and MSTR projects tuning.

Tasks and Accomplishments:

Zilliant Monitoring Tool Development for possibility of hundreds servers monitoring with up to date statistics, performance counters details, logs and trends information

Pricing Solution Performance issues elimination

Organizing optimal data flows

Recommendation of priorities for implementing changes/enhancements based on known and potential reporting inconsistencies and data integrity issues.

RE3W 8.2003 – 8.2008

Role: Development/Support and Administration of the Real Estate portal

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000 Cluster. Plus preparation steps to upgrade to 2005.

Comments: Development of the powerful search engine (~0.5Tb of data) that allow finding any real-estate property in the real-time by entering the set of search parameters. Development of analytical subsystem for accounting department using MSAS engine. Support of full development circle Development / QA Environment / Staging / Production and control database servers’ functionality for 24x7 availability.

Tasks and Accomplishments:

Functioning as Team Lead in all aspects of new development, maintenance, and coding methodologies for the 0.5 TeraByte Data Warehouse.

Facilitated data transformation and loading process. Identified potential bottlenecks and optimized end-user system performance and processing time;

Developed custom programs for data loading, manipulation and uploading;

Taken part in Environment planning and implementation

Responsible for setting up Disaster Recovery solution

Worked with business analysts and quality assurance personnel to effectively implement changes and enhancements to the data warehouse system

Responsible for creating all high level design and detailed design documents. Working with QA to ensure quality of deliverables and providing end user training and mentoring.

FOXTROT, INC. 12.1999 – 8.2003

Role: Application and DB Developer

Environment: Access 2/97, MS SQL Server 2000, Delphi 5, Oracle 8.0.5, VB 6

Comments: Developerd set of applocations for company needs

Tasks and Accomplishments:

Developing and DB support of accounting system which has next parameters:

oworking with cash registers/bar-scanners

oprinting all necessary documents, prices

oprosecution of bookkeeping

olots of assents for controlling situation in the holding

Flexible system of data synchronization between representative offices…Up to the 80 users in the same time working with the main database in central office (>150 users in LAN; 7 shops; 16 agencies). Linking SQL Server and Access system…

Developing and DB support of the corporate salary management system.

Developing system of call’s billing system (data took from own telephone station and wrote to Oracle (Unix/NT) database.


Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

1st MCDBA exam #70-229

(Successfully passed) 04.2004 Kiev, Ukraine

MCP ID number: 3166339

2nd MCDBA exam #70-228 06.2004 Kiev, Ukraine

Administering Ms SQL Server 2000

(Successfully passed)

3rd MCDBA exam #70-290 12.2004 Kiev, Ukraine

Managing and Maintaining a

MS Windows Server 2003 Environment

(Successfully passed)

4th MCDBA exam #70-315 02.2005 Kiev, Ukraine

Developing and Implementing Web Application

With Ms Visual C#.NET

(Successfully passed)

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

1st OCA exam #1Z0-007 04.2006 Kiev, Ukraine

Oracle 9 Introduction to Oracle SQL

(Successfully passed)

2nd OCA exam #1Z0-031 06.2006 Kiev, Ukraine

Oracle 9 Introduction to Oracle SQL

(Successfully passed)

5th MCSE exam #70-210 03.2007 Lviv, Ukraine

Installing, Configuring, and Administering

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

(Successfully passed)

MCTS SQL Server 2005 exam #70-431 10.2007 Lviv, Ukraine

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Implementation

and Maintenance

IBM Certified designer exam #COG-645 10.2012 Lviv, Ukraine

Cognos 10 BI Multidimensional Reports

MCP SQL Server 2012 exam #70-463 09.2014 Lviv, Ukraine

Implementing a Data Warehouse with

Microsoft SQL Server 2012

MCP SQL Server 2012 exam #70-461 12.2014 Lviv, Ukraine

Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012


Department of computer science,

Lviv Polytechnic National University,

B.S. in Computer Sciences 09.1993 - 12.1998 Lviv, Ukraine

Advanced courses on Oracle Server

(Franko’s National University) 10.2000 - 12.2000 Lviv, Ukraine

UNIX FreeBSD 4.4:

Courses for professionals

(Lviv Polytechnic National University) 08.2001 - 10.2001 Lviv, Ukraine

Microsoft certified course #70-229: 03.2004 - 03.2004 Kiev, Ukraine

“Design and Implement Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000”

(Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center Kvazar-Micro)

Advanced courses on Managing and Maintaining 06.2004 - 08.2004 Lviv, Ukraine

Windows Server 2003 Environment #70290 and

Network Infrastructure #70-293

(Franko’s National University)

Microsoft certified course: 02.2006 - 02.2006 Lviv, Ukraine

SQL Server 2005 for development

(Softserve, Inc)

Oracle9i for Administrators 04.2006 – 06.2006 Lviv, Ukraine

(Softserve, Inc)

Specialties & Computer Skills

MS SQL Server 2000 Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

Oracle 9i Certified Associate (OCA)

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (MCTS: SQL Server 2005)

Microsoft Certified Professional in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (MCP: SQL Server 2012)

IBM Certified designer – Cognos 10 BI Multidimensional Reports (IBMBA)

Programming languages/ RDBMS /RDBMS tools

MS SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008/2012/2014 (8+ years’ experience)

Oracle 8/8i/9i server (3+ years’ experience), PL-SQL (3+ years)

MicroStrategy Schema+Olap+Reporting (2+ year)

Tibco Spotfire (2+ year)

Oracle APEX (0.5 years)

Microsoft ACCESS - forms design/reports building (5+ years’ experience)

Cognos 10 (2+ years)

MySQL (2 years)

Infobright + Jasper+Pentaha (0.5 years)

Fox Pro 2.6 (0.5 year)

Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, 6.0 /VBA (3+ years’ experience)

HTML (1.5 year)

Delphi 5 (2+ years)

C#.NET (1 year)

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/7/8/2003Server/2008Server(13 years)

Unix FreeBSD (2-years)

Novell 4/5 (2 years)

Hardware Knowledge

Experienced in LAN technologies

3 years’ experience in hardware maintenance


Ukrainian – native, Russian – fluent, English – fluent


Swimming, nature, new software

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