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Customer Service Manager

Singapore, Central Region, Singapore
April 14, 2020

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Nujarin Pongsricharoensuk


Business Development and Customer Enthusiast

A result oriented, qualified, accomplished and committed individual with the capability to analyse and fulfil customer needs. Task oriented individual with the capability to analyse large data in in many databases and the willingness to perform various activities. An excellent team manager with time tested coaching skills focusing on the continuous development of team members. Organizational Experience

Kaimay Trading Singapore

Tenure: November 2019 till Present

Role: Business Development Executive

Key Responsibilities

• Overseeing the sales process to attract new clients

• Working with senior team members to identify and manage risks

• Maintaining fruitful relationships with clients and address their needs effectively

• Researching and identifying new market opportunities

• Preparing and delivering pitches to potential investors Exact Southeast Asia (Business Software)

Tenure: May 2019 to October 2019

Role: ERP Customer Support Specialist

Key Responsibilities

• Provided support related to this function, developing and integrating the client’s relevant ideas and assisting in resource-planning decisions

• Ensured ERP software runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible and develop and oversee solutions for any shortcomings

• Assessed the company’s business requirements and software needs for many areas, including employee training, business processes, and employee communication, and ensure that any new solutions devised are time-and-cost-effective

• Ensured that all levels of the company are informed and collaborating effectively on the implementation of the process

• Prepared to be on-call for technical emergencies. General duties will include software analysis, working with technical teams, developing design specifications for programs and present plans of action to management Concentrix of Malaysia (Formerly Convergys)

Tenure: November 2016 to January 2019

Role: Associate IT Customer Service

Key Responsibilities

• Provided high level customer service to clients by responding to their queries and providing detailed, accurate and timely advice to their information technology questions

• Developed procedures for clients and colleagues

• Followed up with clients to ensure that they are following correct procedures

• Developed action plans and monitored them to improve operations of team and organisation

• Prepared reports for management on how to improve productivity and improve client satisfaction and delegated work to team members.

• Set targets and incentives/bonus schemes to drive performance

• Involved Agents in the Call Center Evaluation Process

• Improved call quality monitoring with the help of speech analytics system which records all the calls and monitor call-quality in real-time. Strategically selecting the calls to monitor. Prioritize the calls based on its criticality and importance. For example- calls handled by agents who are beginners and new to the system, calls catering VIP customers and high- value prospects, calls of customers who require a solution or frustrated customers who had bad experience with the brand

• Analysed and interpreted KPIs and how to use them to improve performance American Refugee Committee International

Tenure: October 2013 to November 2016

Role: Manager – General Manager (HR/Payroll/Recruitment/Admin/Visa Processing)

• Maintained and updated internal management reports on risks, controls, losses, outstanding issues and action plans

• Developed and implemented a risk framework to effectively manage risks and meet stakeholder goals

• Conducted feasibility study for new projects to optimize effectiveness

• Managed projects, developed business plans, budgeting forecast mapping

• Managed strategic relationships with sponsors and business partners

• Managed the work of the procurement officer

• Developed and implemented operational procedures

• Conducted recruitment for office and field staff

• Led the development and implementation of a software solution to reduce labour costs Mahidol University

Tenure: July 2011 to October 2013

Role: Digital Marketing

• Developed Human Resource Information System, SAP and solved different conflicts or problems because I have been in many pressure situations such as challenges from Doctors and Students, so I have to be enough tolerant, patient and to be very good listener

• Achieved customer service objectives by contributing customer service information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; completing audits; identifying customer service trends; determining system improvements; implementing change

• Achievement: Completion of major project within budget and ahead of schedule, September 2011

• Achievement: Nominated as Project manager on numerous occasions Nissan Motor (Thailand)

Tenure: April 2007 – March 2010

Role: Purchasing Control Analyst

• Forecasted levels of demand for services and products. Forecasted price trends and their impact on future activities

• Conducted research to ascertain the best products and suppliers in terms of best value, delivery schedules and quality

• Liaised with other departments, particularly the accounting, manufacturing and stock departments

• Budgeting, costing and cost saving after reviewing the management information available.

• Performed accounting operations in Record to Report Area (General Accounting, Fixed Assets, Intercompany) with high quality and efficiency (daily and Period Close activities)

• Performed, analysed and designed controls and reports for internal and external audit

• Led and supported projects in the area of Digitalization, Automation, and Analytics

• Achievement: Saved the company 5,000,000 baht, reduced labour, and automated several processes by directing the development and implementation of a new software solution

Fashion People Co. Ltd.

Tenure: October 2004 to April 2007

Role: Reporting Analyst, Management Information System

• Analysed and designed Database required

• Developed, supported and trained our service and interface by used Crystal report and visual basic, then SQL and Stored Procedures with MS-SQL 2000 DBMS. Control to make discount card for customer

• Data Analysis of Commission Sales Promotion and variance product, Sales Monthly Report. Giving to information with customer via e-mail and telephone. Support sales, service-parts marketing

• Managed Public Relations and Training

Voluntary Experience

St. Vincent de Paul Society of Australia

Tenure: February 2019 to April 2019

Role: Volunteer

• Provided support to students to improve their organizational skills, assignment presentation, clarification of lecture material, computing skills, essay writing, internet searches, research and library use

Professional Certification

Q&A Quality and Calibration, Internal Audit Course ISO 9001:2000; December 2004 Motivation Training for Staff, Motivation Training Institute; December 2003 Oracle Developer Professional Training, Software Park; May 2002 Skills

Excellent Negotiation Skills and Interpersonal Skills Database Admin: Oracle V.8i & 9i, MSSQL Server, and MS-Access Polyglot with Fluency in English, Thai and Fair level skills in Chinese and Japanese Education

BSc Computer Information System, (Burapha University, Thailand) Internal Audit ISO 9001:2000 (Q&A Quality and Calibration)

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