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Java Cloud Developer

Englewood, CO, 80112
April 07, 2020

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Venkata Vajrala

Professional Summary:

Having *3 years of Information Technology (IT) experience in architecting, analysis, design, development, integration, migration, deployment, testing and maintenance of highly technical, highly scalable, fault-tolerant, resilient, distributed user-friendly enterprise (Client-Server, Web, Batch, GUI) applications, Services in Healthcare, Payment Processing and Cable domains by utilizing Java/J2EE platform, Spring, Cloud and MicroServices technologies in conjunction with object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) concepts

Experience in developing REST microservices using SpringBoot, Spring Cloud, Netflix OSS stack, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and related technologies

Experience in NoSQL with Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase and Redis

Experience in developing enterprise integration &batch applications using SpringBatch& Integration

Experience with SQL on different RDBMS systems like Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer and DB2

Experience in creating SOAP web services using SOA architecture, JPA with Hibernate

Experience in using various version control systems like Git, Github, SVN,IBM Clearcase & ClearQuest

Experience in SAFe (scaled AGILE framework) Scrum project management

Experience in build and dependency management tools like Ant, Maven and Gradle

Experience in using IBM WebSphere Application Server, Tomcat and OC4J

Proficient knowledge in Gang of Four (GOF), J2ee design patterns and SOLID design principles

Strong experience with JUnit, JMock, Selenium and JMeter in automated unit, integration, functional and performance test frameworks

Proficient in using various IDEs like Eclipse, IBM RAD, JDeveloper, STS for Java/J2ee development

Experience in using GOCD, ZooKeeper, Kafka, Docker, portal development using Liferay, continuous integration & deployment using Jenkins, Nexus, Artifactory, ELK Stack


Master of Science (Physical Science) from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, India - Apr 2006

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics, Physical Science, Chemistry) from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India - Mar 2004

IT Certifications:

Cloud Foundry Certified Developer – Jun 2018 to Jun 2020

WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer – Aug 2017

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Solutions Architect - Associate - Jul 2016to Jul 2018 (Expired)

TOGAF 9 Foundation – May 2015

Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 – Feb 2009

Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 – Sep 2008

Technical Skills:

Servers & OS: OC4J, Websphere, Weblogic, Apache, Windows Family, Linux

Programming Languages: Java1.8, SQL, XML, JavaScript

Spring Technologies: Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Portlet MVC, Spring Batch, Spring JMS, Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring JDBC, Spring AOP, Spring ORM, Spring Data JPA, Spring LDAP, Spring Data Cassandra, Spring Data MongoDB, Spring Data REST, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data Redis, Spring Cloud Stream, Spring cloud sleuth, Spring cloud zipkin

Web Technologies: HTML, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Liferay Portals, Struts, JSF, AJAX, JSON, CSS, JAXB, JAXP, BlazeDS, DWR

JavaScript Frameworks: JQuery, AMCharts, AMD

Distributed Technologies: RMI, EJB, JNDI, JMS, SOAP and Restful Web Services,

Netflix OSS stack (Eureka, Ribbon, Hystrix, Zuul)

ORM, RDBMS: JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySql

NoSQL: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Redis

GUI & Mobile Technologies: Swings (JFC, AWT), Android, Flex

Version Control: Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest, SVN, Git, Github

Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services

PAAS Cloud: Pivotal Cloud Foundry, RedHat OpenShift

Apache Technologies: Apache Sqoop, Apache JMeter, Apache Hadoop (MapReduce),

Apache Axis, Apache CXF, Apache Ant, Apache Maven

Code Quality Tools: PMD, FindBugs, CodePro, Cobertura, CheckStyle, Sonar

IDE's: Netbeans, FlexBuilder, JDeveloper, Eclipse, STS

Testing Technologies: JUnit, JMock, Soap UI, JMeter, Selenium, Parasoft, Mockito

Other Technologies: FXT, Log4j, UML, Gradle, Visio, Quality Center, AQT,Jenkins, AlivePDF,

BouncyCastle, PKWareSecurezip, RSA RBA, OAuth, Docker,

RedisDesktopManager, JSON Web Token (JWT), Grafana

Project Details:

Client: Comcast, Englewood, CO

Duration: Aug 2016 – Present

Role: Java Cloud Engineer

Project 1:

Network Scout (FIBER DEEP - CMTS/vCMTS)

Description: NetOSS vCMTS: NetOSS vCMTS support and functionality will not only provide CARE agents, XOCs, Line Techs and others, visibility into devices provisioned on virtual CMTSs. It also changes the operating models for many of the back-office systems by introducing a publishing and push model for data, instead of the pull model used today.

DMetriX Services: DMetriX is the evolution of the Scout family of services-built ground up on the microservices platform which provides real-time metrics on network (CMTS) and customer premise devices and the collected metrics can be used for outage detection as well as analysis by other tools to support functionality for both Physical and Virtual CMTS.

Integrate vCMTS support into Scout Rearchpollers

Integrates with Horizon Common Data and SNMP Poller Services

Continuous Integration & Delivery with ZDD (Zero Down Time Deployment)

Agile, TDD (Test Driven Development), DevSecOps

Primary consumers include XSP Device Service, Einstein, CAFÉ 360, ITG, HIC, XOC Tools apart from 40+ other consumers


Designed and implemented domain level device reset microservice by integrating with XPC, CECMT (ONU), DMetrix, Horizon API’s

Migrated Scout Legacy (SOAP) Services and Scout Xtream (Rest with xml) Services to cloud native services using OSS Starter microservice framework, which is based on XSP Boot, which intern based on SpringBoot by adding vCMTS support in addition to physical CMTS.

Involved in Legacy service analysis, design document creation, QA and Op’s handoff documentation, consumer documentation for migration

Involved in architecture, design, code and defect review meetings

Created GOCD deployment pipelines for developed services

Migrated GOCD deployment pipelines to Concourse CICD

Setting up infrastructure services (config, discovery and api gateway) in PCF

Worked on JUnit test cases for all developed microservices using Junit, Mockito and Spring MVC Test

Enhanced Scout Legacy Static Rip Route poller to support vCMTS by integrating with NGAN Query Engine API

Integrated XSP audit and concise logging into DMetriX services using ELK stack

Enhanced Scout ReArchpollers (CM, CMTS, DORY) to support vCMTS by integrating Horizon Services

Created alerts in prometheus for the developed services

Environment: SpringBoot, Spring Cloud, Pivotal CloudFoundry(PCF), Java 1.8, RabbitMQ, HBase, Github, GOCD, Concourse, Netflix OSS (Hystrix, Eureka, Zuul), Postman, SNMPv3, SNMP4J, STS, Slack, Confluence, Grafana, Prometheus, ELK, Spring cloud gateway, Gradle

Project 2:

Network Scout (Horizon, ScoutBOB)

Description: Scout Overview: The objective of the Network Scout (Core) is to provide an abstract, highly available, high performance alternative to SNMP protocol. Normalize and reduce the overall polling done on the network devices (CMTS, CM, MTA, etc). Provides real-time data about devices on the network without the caller having knowledge of SNMP, IP, community strings, MIBS / OIDS, etc. Does not retain any data and offers no database query capabilities. Canned device queries for DOCSIS, PacketCable, transponder, EPON, OCAP, DSG, Vendor Specific and other attributes. Web services: SOAP, REST and XML over HTTP interfaces. Currently supporting Java, shell, Perl, PHP and .NET clients. Single or bulk device queries (real-time interface). Redundant, clustered and co-located hardware for performance and availability.

Horizon Overview: The new OSS tools common polling and services platform is being built to evolve operations and application architectures across OSS tools. The plan is to leverage existing projects to build out the new capabilities, while providing shared/common components needed across the OSS tools applications (Scout, Watchtower, Spectra etc) removing technical debt overtime.

ScoutBOB (Back Office in a Box): The objective of Scout BOB is to develop cloud native microservices by following BOB architecture principles to support BOB resiliency project for Device Service checkHealth API.


Implemented osss-wifi-gateway service using OSS Starter microservice framework.

Created osss-wifi-gateway GOCD deployment pipelines for different environments

Worked on JUnit test cases for SnmpV2, SnmpV3 pollers, Snmp distributor microservices

Configured & integrated Swagger2 into OSS Starter and aggregated through Zuul API Gateway

Migrated necessary scout legacy services using cloud native microservice architecture to support BOB project

Involved in Scout Legacy service analysis and created designs for migration

Involved in architecture, design and code review meetings

Created GOCD deployment pipelines for developed services

Setting up infrastructure (config, discovery and api gateway) services in PCF

Environment: SpringBoot, Spring Cloud, Java 1.8, CloudFoundry, Github, GOCD, MarkDown, Netflix OSS (Hystrix, Zuul), STS, SNMPv2, SNMP4J, Slack, Confluence

Project 3:

Back Office in a Box (BOB)

Description: Xfinity activation web site to activate customer services.

The Back Office in a Box initiative is driven by the goal of Zero Impact Duration for applications. The frameworks provided as part of the BOB project should enable applications to follow the best practices for being cloud ready, data caching, offline processing and monitoring.


Implemented wrapper around data grid services (order, customer, account) using spring boot

Externalized configurations using Spring Cloud Config server with GITHUB repository

Integrated data grid service wrappers in Activation-web, glass-validation and microservices.

Implemented Hystrix Command for fallback mechanism as Circuit Breaker

Implemented Zuul ratio-based routing filter to route requests between main and canary environments

Implemented fork join to invoke parallel (order, customer, account connector) calls

Saved business validation activity logging to MongoDBusing mongo template

Implemented Redis cashing layer using spring data redis

Deployed microservicesto g1, g2 and AWS environments using GOCD deployment pipelines

Implemented unit tests using JUnit and Mockito for data grid service wrappers.

Implemented logging aspect to log request and response for datagrid wrapper services

Implemented JWT token encryption, decryption, signing and verification process using asymmetric key infrastructure (Private and Public keys)

Created and integrated service virtualization mocks for API services using parasoft virtualize

POC: Implemented android mobile application to activate xfinity cable modem using Android, Android Studio, Android Play Services, Retrofit

POC: Implemented integration of publishing application logs to Apache Kafka topics as JSON usinglogbackkafka and logbackelasticsearchappenders. Implemented POC to consume messages from Kafka and store them in MongoDB using Spring Cloud Stream.

POC: Configured Docker image to consume messages from Kafka and store them in MongoDB, ElasticSearch using Confluent, Kafka Connect, Stream Reactor sink connectors.

POC: Implemented distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth by integrating with Zipkin using http and Spring Cloud Stream(rabbitmq, kafka) communication methods.

POC: Setup Spring Boot Admin UI and implemented integration into microservices

Environment: Java 1.8, AWS (53, ELB, VPC, DirectConnect), Spring 4.X, Spring Boot 1.3.X, Netflix OSS (Hystrix, Eureka, Zuul), Microservices Architecture, Zookeeper, Kafka, MongoDB, Spring Data MongoDB, Redis, Spring Data Redis, MongoChef, Spring AOP, Pivotal CloudFoundry, Pivotal Apps Manager, Lombok, Docker, Git, Github, Gradle 2.13, Spring Boot Admin UI, Spring STS, Slack, Mockito, Spring Test, Parasoft Virtualize, PMD, FindBugs, checkstyle, cobertura, sonar, Rally, GOCD, JFrog, Spring Cloud Stream, Spring cloud sleuth, Spring cloud zipkin

Client: Vantiv LLC, Cincinnati, OH

Duration: June 2011 to July 2016

Role: Lead Java/J2EE Developer

Project 1:

Vantiv IQ Portal

Description: Vantiv iQ is a comprehensive solution to give actionable insights into running your business more efficiently. View all your transaction data broken down by card types, gift transactions, chargebacks, and more. It delivers a customizable interface to enable convenience and secure access to your business data. As an enterprise-class reporting tool, it is designed for merchants of all sizes to help streamline workflows, handle large data sets, and deliver reports that you need.

Proactive notifications of important financial items.

Quick and easy access to payment transaction data.

Adaptable reports to see your data the way you do business.

Comprehensive solution to help you focus on what’s important to your business.

Enhancements: FI Card Management, FI & Merchant Transaction Research, Virtual Terminal, Discover Transaction Research, FI Daily Totals, Fraud (CAN/CAMS, Lost & Stolen), Road Runner (Batch, Merchant and Terminal Maintenance, Add Terminal)


Analyzing and Understanding requirements/user stories and design of the modules/components

Assisting product owner in establishing project requirements

Participate in peer review of project artifacts, Defect Review Board Meetings

Analyzing and Understanding of existing system workflow

Involved in design discussions, preparation of High-Level Design and Technical Specifications

Implemented Discover Transaction research (SearchSettleTransaction, SearchAuthTransactions, GetSettleTransactionDetail), Fraud (SearchCANCAMS, GetCANCAMDetail, GetLostStolenDetail) service operations using Java1.7, SpringWS, Spring Core, SpringAOP, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate, SQL, DB2

POC: Implemented Hadoop job to aggregate data for FI graphs using AMCharts and stored the results in DB2 using Sqoop

Created Cassandra data model for authorizations and settlement column families from Datawarehouse tables

Written CQL queries and implemented same in coding

Implemented authorizations and settlement transactions modules with Cassandra using REST services

Implemented Terminal Maintenance, Virtual Terminal, FI daily totals portlets (schema, data, portlet) using Liferay, SpringPortletMVC, SpringSecurity, SpringAOP, JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery, DHTMLX grid, PWS, HTML, CSS

Utilized Callable and FutureTask objects to concurrently execute web service calls by having Executor service fixed thread pool in virtual terminal portlet to authorize transactions uploaded via excel file

Developed terms of use hook for Discover IQ instance

Configured Liferay pages, roles, groups, associations and portlets

Developed Add Terminal functionality with XML templates using JAXB

Written unit test cases using JUnit and JMock and review test cases written by team members

Did enhancements to FI card management, BulkExpedite, FI & Merchant transaction research portlets

Written clean, secure and quality code adherence to coding standards and detecting code smells

Participate in design, technical and code reviews of deliverables with the team members to improvise on the quality of the project deliverables

Provide design and technology guidance to the team members whenever required

Delivering code using SVN version control system

Created docker files using Linux commands for the created services to expose ports, mount volumes, stop and remove the existing containers while deploying new version

Written build script to invoke docker file to create docker image

Continuous integration and deployment using Jenkins, nexus, SVN, SSH with integration of code coverage, static analysis using PMD, FindBugs, Cobertura

Involved in Sprint Grooming and Planning, Daily Stand-up, Sprint Review and Retrospective

Used rally to track daily tasks, user story discussions, defects

Ensuring code completion before the code freeze deadline

QA Support: Coordinated with QA team and identified the test data requirements for the projects in a release well ahead

Prepared production readiness checklist and plan for each release

Worked as Primary Point of Contact for all the application deployment related issues in development and UAT environment and troubled shooting issues

Participated in trouble shooting the production issues and coordinated with the team members for the defect resolution under the tight timelines

Leading the team of 6

Environment: JavaSE 1.7, Liferay Portals 6.1, JSP, Servlets, Vantiv Payment Web Services, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Portlet MVC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Maven, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data Cassandra, Cassandra, DB2, WebSphere 8.5, Eclipse, Jenkins, JSON Web Tokens, SOAP UI, AMCharts, JUnit, PMD, FindBugs, SVN, Ant, Rally, HP ALM, Unix, Putty, WinSCP, DynaTrace

Project 2:

PEGA Imaging Gateways

Description: Reverse engineered, Redesigned and developed existing 9 batch applications to support new Dispute life cycle approach developed in PEGA systems instead of legacy dispute management supported by direct platform along with Charts.


Understanding and analyzing business requirements

Architected and designed using spring batch and micro services

Prepared architecture and technical design documents

Developed to coding standards and involved in peer code reviews

Preparation, review and execution of UTC and ITC

Implemented PTR Letter Processor, PTR Image Transfer, MastercardGateway (ICU, SCU, Outgoing) batches using Spring Batch 3.0.1, JavaSE 1.7, Spring Integration, Ant, Eclipse, CodePro

Implemented unit test cases using JUnit and SpringBatchTest

Monitored/Reviewed VisaResolveGateway (Incoming, Outgoing), DiscoverGateway (DCMAP, DCI, Outgoing), AmexGateway batch applications development

Trained team members on new technologies

Lead team of 7 members

Participate in defect review prioritizations meetings

Interacting with onsite counterpart and report status on regular basis

Prepared Flow chart diagrams for existing/new batch applications using Microsoft Visio

Environment: Spring Batch 3.0.1, JavaSE 1.7, Spring Framework 4.0.5 (Core, JDBC, AOP), Document Management API, Spring Integration, DB2, WebSphere 8.5, Spring Batch Admin 1.3.0, Git, Tortoise Git, Maven, Eclipse Juno, CodePro

Project 3:

Document Management API

Description: Implemented Document Management API REST services to support new Dispute life cycle approach developed in PEGA systems instead of legacy dispute management supported by direct platform along with Charts for managing dispute documentation.


Understanding and analyzing business requirements

Prepared technical design documents

Developed to coding standards and involved in peer code reviews

Implemented CreateDocument, GetDocumnet, UpdateDocument Restful Microservices using JavaSE 1.7, Spring Framework 4.0.5 (Core, JDBC, AOP), MongoDB, Spring Data MongoDB, WebSphere 8.5, Spring Boot, Restful Web Services, JSON, Maven, Eclipse

Created docker files using Linux commands for the created services to expose ports, mount volumes, stop and remove the existing containers while deploying new version

Written build script to invoke docker file to create docker image

Used Jenkins, Maven and Docker plugin to automate the building and packaging of the docker image and push to private repository

Pull the latest image from repository and deploy and run the docker image, verify whether service is responsive

Service will register with zookeeper by creating ephemeral node once service is up and will be destroyed once container is stopped running/webservice is stopped running using health check

Preparation, review and execution of UTC and ITC

Environment: JavaSE 1.7, Spring Framework 4.0.5 (Core, AOP), Microservices Architecture, Spring Boot, JAX-RS Restful Web Services, MongoDB, Spring Data MongoDB, WebSphere 8.5, Docker, Zookeeper, Git, Tortoise Git, Eclipse Juno, CodePro

Project 4:

Vantiv Direct Charts

Description: Vantiv Direct thick client application is a platform to enable external and internal users to raise disputes and manage life cycle of chargebacks.


Understanding and analyzing business requirements

Troubleshoot & fix complex legacy issues/bugs in existing applications

Analyzing, fixing and testing of JRE (1.5 to 1.7), IE (9, 10, 11) and OS Upgrade (XP, Windows7, Windows Server) and Production issues (Performance, Outofmemory, dispute documentation etc) of Desktop application written in Swings and AWT

Enhancements to Chargeback Queue's applications using CICS binary messaging interface to communicate with Mainframe Charts system with Java1.7, Swings, Netbeans

Implemented network compliance related enhancements

Used tools Quality Center for defect tracking, Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest source control

Implemented enhancements for merchant summary express application using JSP, Spring MVC, SOAP web services

Participate in design, technical and code reviews of deliverables

Preparation, review and execution of manual & automated Unit Test Cases

Developed to coding standards and involved in peer code reviews

Preparation, review and execution of UTC and ITC

Trained team members on JMock, AWS, Java Reflection API, Java 1.7 new features

Report status on regular basis

Environment: J2SE, AWT, Swings, SOA, Web Services (WSDL, XSD), Spring Web Services, Netbeans, Quality Center, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, DB2, SQLServer

Project 5:

Batch Service Applications and Scheduler Tasks

Description: DiscoverGateway, MasterCard Gateway, VisaResolve Gateway, RTDCardUpload Enhancements, AMEX Gateway, ChargebackResponseProcessor, ChargebackReponseReport, ProjectWhale New Batches, Case Note Conversion, Historic Image Conversion, DiscoverFaxSLAPurger, DiscoverFaxSLA Copy, WMFileSLAMonitor


Understanding and analyzing business requirements

Architected and designed new batch jobs and scheduler tasks

Implemented Case Note Conversion scheduler task to convert and load historic case notes into DB2

Implemented Image Conversion scheduler task to convert and load historic images into SQLServer

Implemented WMFileSLAMonitor to send confirmation file to Walmart within Half hour on reception of incoming file

Enhanced RTDCardUpload batch job to accommodate file format changes

Implemented ChargebackResponseProcessor, ChargebackReponseReport batch jobs to support large merchant which is used to respond to chargeback response through a file of pdf’s instead of manually faxing. This will reduce costs of aggregators and within Vantiv.

Used BouncyCastle, PKWareSecurezip encryption for file exchange

Enhanced DiscoverGateway, MasterCard Gateway, VisaResolve Gateway batch jobs to support network compliance changes

Implemented AMEX Gateway batch to support AMEX card type and disputes documentation processing using Spring Batch

Developed to coding standards and involved in peer code reviews

Preparation, review and execution of UTC and ITC

Participate in defect review prioritization meetings

Environment: Spring Batch 3.0.1, JavaSE 1.7, Spring Framework 4.0.5, Spring Integration, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, Spring Batch Admin 1.3.0, DB2, SQL Server, CICS, MTransit, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest

Project 6:

Real Time Decisioning (RTD) Enhancements

Description: Exclude Fields, ACRO Group, Card Number Masking and Dual Control feature for 53 users. Real Time Decisioning allows financial institutions to implement authorization strategies by incorporating a range of risk elements into the approval or denial of authorization requests through Add Card Exclusion, Add Authorization Blocks, Review Card Exclusions, View Current Authorization Blocks, Group Management, View Block History, View Card Exclusion History functions.


Understanding and analyzing business requirements

Enhancement and Development to coding standards

Enhanced RTD application to add new features like Exclude Fields, ACRO Group, Card Number Masking and Dual Control feature for 53 users in web application using JSP, JSTL, JSF, Spring MVC, Spring Core by integrating with backend MTransit soap services

Implemented unit test cases using JUnit and JMock

Used Quality Center for defect tracking and Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest for source control

Preparation, review and execution of UTC and ITC

Preparing project plan and assigning work to team members

Defect review and fixing

Environment: JavaSE, Spring MVC, Spring Security, JSP, JSTL, JSF, JUnit, JMock, SOAP, MTransit, RAD7.5, Quality Center, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, Websphere

Project 7:

Discover eCentralPro

Description: Dispute Case Number search, advanced retrievals and disputes search, Case Notes for a particular dispute case, Type04 Adjustment, Case History and Status History.


Understanding and analyzing business requirements

Involved in designing and analysis of existing system flow and code

Implemented rebranding of Vantiv Direct to support discover network with specific UI and business logic to meet business requirements of discover

Implemented new GUI screens for Retrievals & Disputes using CICS binary messaging interface to communicate with Mainframe Charts system with Java1.7, Swings, Netbeans, AQT

Used tools Quality Center for defect tracking, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest for checking and source code management

Used Microsoft project for project planning with tasks assignments and estimations

Enhancement and Development to coding standards

Involved in performance tuning for chargeback applications

Preparation, review and execution of UTC and ITC

Lead team of 5 members

Defect review and fixing them

Environment: J2SE, AWT, Swings, Web Services (WSDL, XSD), Netbeans, RAD, Quality Center, Rational ClearCase, Rational ClearQuest, Microsoft Project, DB2

Client: Activecubes Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Duration: May 2010 to April 2011

Role: Senior Java Developer

Project: ShopCircle

Description: ShopCircle is an iPhone & Android app to help iPhone & Android users to improve the retail customers shopping experience by searching a product by barcode (SCAN or iPhone& Android Keypad) & display the product details of a corresponding retail store where the user is standing.


Understanding business needs

Feasibility study

Implementing persistence layer using Hibernate

Implementing service layer using REST based web services (Jersey)

Writing, reviewing and executing unit test cases using Jersey client API

Deploying application on Apache Tomcat server

Environment:JavaSE6, JavaEE5, JPA, Hibernate3, Retailigence API, Tomcat7, MySql5, Restful Web Services, Jersey, Eclipse3.6

Employer: Intsoft Technologies

Client: Boehringer Ingelheim, USA

Duration: May 2007 to April 2010

Role: Java and Flex Developer (Offshore)

Project 1:

RDU tool

Description: Report Dependency Utility web application that would capture the OBIEE reports metadata details (report changes), stores in the database, to view the reports metadata information by querying the database and to download the query results to different formats like excel, csv, pdf and image.


Understanding business needs and involved in feasibility study

Creating UI Screens using Adobe Flex and implemented Cairngorm framework (MVC)

Integrating flex with spring using Spring Blazeds Integration

Implementing DAO classes using Hibernate and integrated using Spring ORM

Generating PDF documents using AlivePDF

Preparation of user and deployment guides

Writing, reviewing, executing UT test cases

Deploying application on OC4J server

Environment: Flex3, BlazeDS Integration, hibernate, Flex Builder3, Eclipse, Oracle, OC4J, Java, AlivePDF

Project 2:

Clinical Gantt chart Implementation and Support

Description: Software developed as a plug-in to the OBIEE for Boehringer-Ingelheim (BI).


Understanding the user requirements based on FRD (BRD)

Creating UI using Adobe Flex and implemented Cairngorm framework (MVC)

Creating Technical Design Document i.e.) sequence, class and porches flow diagrams

Consuming OBIEE web services using Apache Axis

Developing and testing of cgc web services using JAX_RPC and SoapUI

Writing servlet using AlivePDF to print Gantt Chart to PDF

Used Flex Templating framework to get the data from OBIEE to SWF

Writing Java class to read, modify, create and delete XML files using JAXP

Writing, reviewing, executing UTC using JUnit

Using JAXB to Marshal and Unmarshal

Updating QTS in VSS for requirement and design queries

Deploying application on OC4J server

Environment: Java, Flex Builder2, XML, Flex2, OBIEE, BlazeDS, JAXB, Webservices (WSDL, XSD), OC4J, Jdeveloper, FXT, AlivePDF, JAXP, Apache Axis

Project 3:

Web Ordering Tool

Description: This web-based ordering tool will be the replacement of the current excel based electronic Order forms, to support collaborative order creation between a customer and owner that can be utilized by internal sales staff, partners and customers directly.


Understanding business requirements

Created action, form bean classes Struts

Creating Java Server Pages

Implementing DAO classes using JDBC

Writing and executing UT test cases

Environment: J2SE, JSP, JavaScript, JDBC, Struts, Oracle, Tomcat, Eclipse

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