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Data Project

Landbeach, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9FT, United Kingdom
April 07, 2020

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MD:Philip Hancey

** **** ******,


Cambridge, CB25 9FT


Office: 012**-******

Mobile: 077**-******


Microsoft Certified (MCAD)

Over 20 years RDBMS and Application solution design, development and tuning

SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008/2014, Oracle 7/8/9/10g, Access


jQuery, Knockout, Javascript, React, Redux, Router, Nodejs, Express, JWT, Git, Jest, Enzyme, Webpack, Firebase,

Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform


Agile, Scrum



MS Office, VB, VBA, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Office Automation


ASP Migration, Data Migration

Uniface 6/7/8


2 Bytes offers value for money by identifying issues early in the SDL. Before they get to test and have to rerun the loop of development and code review. This can be done because of the 20+ years experience in the industry and specialist personnel who have experienced all areas of SDL, design, develop, test and release and know where and why bugs occur. If bugs get through to Production or even test, this represents extra cost in the repetition of earlier steps. Many clients have benefitted from our experience and companies have asked us to do more work for them repeatedly – IBM, Land Securities, Arm, MyIP to name a few.

We have experience in largeand small projects. We have worked alongside large teams and also in isolation. We have experience of many permutations of front-end and back-end tools and have broad project experience ranging from Property to Banking, Telecomms to Public Sector among others.

We are flexible, reliable, conscientious and thorough. We pride ourselves on a higher than average work rate. We believe delivering work fast and efficiently is ultimately advantageous for a small business not disadvantageous as some would see it. Delivering solutions to a business ahead of schedule only encourages the business to spend more money on solutions and is ultimately beneficial.

We have also invested when necessary – training on new skills – and gaining industry relevant qualifications. All work is overseen and guaranteed by our Managing Director Philip Hancey.

All relevant insurances – Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employers Liability – are in place.

Other Skills

COM, ActiveX, ADO, DAO


DCOM, COM+, .NET Remoting, OOD, OOP

Agile Methodologies and Test Driven Development

Analysis, Data Modelling and Design

Management skills and experience

QA and Integration testing



Jun 2018 – present

Reactjs, Git, Jenkins, Mulesoft, Azure, Azure Search, Typescript, Jest, Enzyme, GraphQL


Ongoing since Sept 2009 – adhoc work

SQL Server, T-SQL, MS-Access, .NET, MVC, jQuery, SSIS, AJAX, AWS, ElasticSearch

HSBC (Global Banking & Markets)

3 years 3 months

SQL Server, T-SQL, MS-Access, .NET, MVC, Knockout, jQuery, SSIS, AJAX, LDAP


2 years


Lloyds TSB

2 years 6 months

SQL Server, T-SQL, C#, VB.NET, XML, ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX.NET, MS-Access, Excel, SVN


3 months

SQL Server, T-SQL, C#, VB.NET, XML, ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX.NET, SVN, CruiseControl, TDD

Land Securities

4 years 8 months (in total – over 5 separate periods)

SQL Server, T-SQL, Uniface, C#, VB, XSLT, XML, ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX.NET, VBA, Oracle 10g, TDD, Access, Uniface, VBScript, Javascript, COM, PL SQL, PISCES, Analysis, Datamodelling.


2 years 9 months (in total over 3 separate periods)

Uniface, XML, Informix, Java, SQL


1 year 3 months

C#, ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server, Oracle, DTS, Replication, T-SQL

Portman Building Society

4 months

VB.Net, SQL Server 2000, DTS, ASP, VB6, XML, XSLT, Access, Javascript, OOP, CSS, MS Reporting Services, Oracle


Jun18 - Now


Greenfield React project. This is a customer facing internet application for customers to view their contracts and products as well as allowing public access to their free catalogue. We wrote the main search utility. It includes copying data from the SAP database to an Azure Search index, maintaining that index using Rabbit MQ messages from SAP in the back-end. Also a React SPA allowing the customer to search using a “google” style search, with faceting, paging etc. REST APIs written in Mulesoft.


myIP, TherapyAudit, training courses

See myIP below – we have done a few weeks work for them. Also did a couple of weeks for TherapyAudit, a previous client, getting their app ready for Chinese localization.

Completed a React JS + Redux + Router training course using Node.js, Firebase and Google cloud functions.

Progress is here - an SPA.

At the same time getting up to speed on PWA, service workers etc

Sep09 – Now (Ongoing)


On a number of occasions we have done some work for myIP helping them to create a SQL Server/.Net based version of their already successful Access application. This includes migration scripts, rewriting and tuning some very complex nested Access queries into simpler T-SQL procs. Various other small pieces including SSIS, an email extraction tool, ajax enabled web pages, an AWS Elastic search function. In Oct 2017 we designed and developed a row-level permissions system for simpler application development.

Jun14 – Oct17

HSBC (Global Banking & Markets)

Alongside the MI team for Global Banking we were asked to write a small intranet app to replace some spreadsheets for easier capture of Funds information globally. This was so successful that we were then asked to write numerous other small apps as, not being a formal development team, we were able to produce them much quicker than the usual IT routes.

We ended up writing a number of these apps(solely) - the last one being a major project to track customer Exits, that now has almost 1000 users and is credited with saving the bank many millions of pounds.

These were all based around SQL Server and .NET technologies and used Knockout JS and AJAX. They included Active Directory authentication, the ability to import and export data via Excel spreadsheets, a complex permissions system restricting content appropriately, a messaging system that allowed messages to be broadcast to all or specific users of the system, automated Powerpoint MI packs producing MI at the click of a button, a bespoke Workflow logic that ensured a work item progressed through to the correct teams at the correct time, as well as standard functions like logging so that all errors were logged and could be monitored and acted upon accordingly.

The projects required us to act as Analyst/Developer/Tester/Release Manager. The SQL code was set up as VS SQL projects and releases were done using config and deployment files.

Experience of Philip Hancey more than 5 years ago

Mar12 – Mar14


Using Agile methodology with Scrum I utilized the ASP.NET Web API to implement a RESTful Web Service for a cataloguing repository. I architected it using Dependency Injection and with IOC. I wrote Unit Tests and the project is part of a continuous integration and automated build suite under TFS. I have implemented multiple authentication solutions including CAS.

I have been responsible for database design and improvement of legacy systems. The database is large (200GB+) and datasets are skewed leading to difficulties with cached plans, one of the many problems that have to be overcome. The searches available are wide and varied so optimization has to be done carefully. This is further complicated by a legacy design where datatypes have not been picked correctly and tables are up to 70 columns wide. Adding to tables that are extremely wide I also designed a dynamic field solution where fields can be added without a lot of extra coding.

Sep09 – Mar12

Lloyds TSB

Working in the bank’s Risk department for the Business Support Unit, I began by re-engineering an Access database to new business requirements. This was followed by a rather complex automated Excel spreadsheet linked to a SQL Server database and with various security features.

I was then put in charge of designing a new SQL Server database based on an existing database but one that would keep a full audit of all changes to records and a db that was “fed” by various other core banking systems. The full history of changes required efficient indexing and partitioning to ensure the db did not slow down dramatically over time. The “feeding” of the data required an intelligent approach that was resilient to failures or missing data. This db application functions well today and is currently going through a further phase of requirement gathering as it has had a significant impact on the way that the department works and provides useful MI for improved analysis. The database is used to analyze impairment allowances, asset liabilities and risk/exposure for the bank.

Mar09 – Jun 09


Recruited for a short spell to help polish a “one-man project” ASP.NET product before a major marketing push. My role was to make the product more scalable, more robust, to improve performance, introduce some new functionality and introduce better business practices like proper version control and continuous build integration. To improve scalability I separated the project from all code being in one project to an n-tier project with a business layer, a data layer and a UI. Performance was improved in some key areas by the use of AJAX and also by database tuning. The project was prepared for automated testing. I also introduced charts and graphs for added value. As the company achieves increased sales I expect to be called back for more work on occasions.

Oct 06 – Feb 07

& Oct 07 – Feb 09

Land Securities (4th and 5th contract with them)

3 days per week: Designing, developing various modifications to existing systems around new business requirements.

Then 5 days per week: Designing and developing an intranet helpdesk application including front-end, middle tier and full database design and coding. Followed by work on a team project which involved full design and development of a complex Excel Template application, coding of all tiers in an n-tier .NET application and coding/design of Oracle data migration solution.

Jun 06 – Sep 07


3 days per week: Sole responsibility to re-architect their product database design into an Enterprise Database system capable of supporting more varied products. Writing of Web Service as middle tier for access to their quite complex database and redesigning of their database protocols.

Feb 06 – Jul 06

Portman Building Society

Sole responsibility for migrating an existing VB6/ASP/Access application up to .NET/SQL Server 2000 solution. Contract extended to enhance the application/major rewrite as existing app design not reviewed for 10 years.

Oct 05 – Dec 05

Training Microsoft Certified Application Developer

Sep 04 – Sep 05

Land Securities

The 3rd time I have worked for this client. I worked on interfaces between their main Property database and PeopleSoft using C#, Uniface and SQL (SQL Server and Oracle). Amongst other things I created a dynamic web service application able to call any webservice from the command line. I have also done a lot of SQL performance tuning, worked on small one-man projects (writing OCX, new Uniface screens and changed some of the VAT accounting sql in preparation for company changes). I created an intranet report that accessed an Oracle database and a SQL Server database asynchronously via 2 web services (and on a separate thread), then reported on the differences in the data using an XML SQL Server 2000 stored procedure.

Mar 03 – Sep 04


This is the 3rd time I have worked for IBM on their LITS project for the RAF. I was involved with analysis and design of small enhancements (contracts of around £1 million) to their main RAF management program including some prototype Java application.

Feb 03 – Mar 03


At Hays I worked on small components (design and development) written in VB to interface with their main Guardian application written to manage police force systems. I was also heavily involved in the Uniface 8 programming of the main application.

Nov 02 – Feb 03

New development/training work

Design and develop a web-based database application to run a regular 5-a-side game. This includes secure areas only accessible to people who have logged in, keeping track of who has paid what and who has played which game. The fees owed are calculated automatically by knowing who has played which game then looking through a fee history table which says for example that the fee has changed to £1.50 from 8/1/03. The data is updateable by anyone with the correct user-defined permissions via the web including roles and permissions themselves. It uses an Access database suitable for a small application. It has been designed as modular using user-controls which are easily maintainable.

Also developed investment club website using PHP, Javascript and VBScript

May 02 – Nov 02

Land Securities

Recalled for short term project, then extended for a further term

Design and develop an application to extract data in XML form conforming to the PISCES standards (a property industry standard). The application had to be as generic as possible. Using VB as the wrapper, this used a data driven list of stored procedures to generate lists of records which were then written to an XML document. The main functionality was in a dll which was put on an application server inside a COM+ application for better performance.

Mar 02 – May 02

Cambridge Enterprise Agency

Design and develop an application to maintain client details and print letters.

Jul 00 – Dec 01

Land Securities

Initial 6 month contract extended twice.

Investigating and making the changes required for Visual Basic projects on Windows2000.

Designing and developing DCOM components for report usage by remote users.

Tuning SQL stored procedures/triggers (reduced running time of one batch process from 5 hours to 5 minutes).

Designing and developing a reporting tool in MS Access.

Maintaining and developing Uniface forms, procedures.

Analysing and specifying a login management system that uses Windows NT Groups and Application Roles for SQL Server permissions thereby cutting down on the huge overhead of maintaining database logins for every database and every server that is created/recreated.

DTS/XML/VB project to transfer data from one database to another.

Designing and developing a document generation system using VB and Word templates/Mail merge.

Managing releases.

Oct 98 – Feb 00


Initial 6 month contract extended twice and with a break of 1 month (recalled to project under separate contract).

Designing and developing metadictionary utilities for project team.

Designing and developing a Release Management Tool for the 40+ man project.

Tuning SQL stored procedures.

Maintaining and developing Uniface forms and procedures.

Mar 95 – Oct 98

Ionica (and Generic Technology)

My last employed position was as a Team Leader of Application Development team.

Designing and developing Uniface forms and procedures. Developing and maintaining Oracle SQL, PL/SQL.

Analysis of new business requirements (hunt groups, business lines etc)

Managing multiple releases, negotiating rates of pay for contractors, people management.

Integration testing of Geneva Billing with Service Management application. Task distribution, managing team of 10 developers. Liaising with third party suppliers. Managing data team, co-ordinating database changes, data changes and migration issues.

Systems Consultant

I had an idea for a business in 1991 and invested money into its formation in Jan 1992. I computerised the business using Microsoft Excel and its macro language. After leaving the insurance industry, I acted as consultant to that business and others, undertaking general accounts work, computing and giving business advice in order to pay for my studies. I later replaced this Excel solution with an application that I designed and programmed in MS Access using Access Basic.

Financial Consultant

A mixture of employed and self-employed work.

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