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Python Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA
March 27, 2020

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Pratibha Patro



Master of Science in Business Analytics Candidate with over 7 years of experience as Software Engineer and Python engineer


Over five years of python coding experience in Python web application development.

Having four years of experience in writing SQL queries to get the data and analyze the data.

Experienced with full software development life-cycle, architecting scalable platforms, object-oriented programming, database design and agile methodologies.

worked as full stack developer with python.

Working with various Python Integrated Development Environments like IDLE, PyCharm, Atom, and Sublime Text.

Strong experience using Web Services and API’s in python.

Experience in using Design Patterns such as MVC and frameworks such as Django.

Experience object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts using Python, C++, and Java.

Experience in working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud platform.

Experience in creating initial website prototype from Django skeleton and building out Views, Templates using CSS, JavaScript for the whole site following Django MVC architecture.

Deep understanding of HTTP methods, RESTful architecture.

Familiar with UNIX / Linux internals, basic cryptography & security.

Experience in Data Science and Machine learning tools: Python (Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, SciPy), Tableau, R, SAS, MS Excel (Macros, VLOOKUP, Pivot table, Solver, Descriptive Statistics).

Experience in Machine learning algorithms- Customer Churn Prediction, Predictive Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, A/B testing, Principal Component Analysis, Logistic Classifiers, Null Hypothesis, Simulations and Optimizations, Linear &logistic Predictions, Clustering, Time Series Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Forecasting.

Hands-on experience in developing web-based applications using Python, DJANGO, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, along with excellent knowledge on OOPs concepts.

Hands on experience with parallel computing, multithreading, Experience with JSON based REST Web services.

Excellent Programming, debugging, problem-solving, optimization and testing skills.


Apple, Sunnyvale, US

Python Engineer March 2019 – till Present

Worked as a Python engineer in druid platform team of Apple.

Used Software as Anaconda, Spider, PyCharm, SQL Developer, GIT, BBEdit, Unix file system, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Druid.

Writing the python REST API for ingest the segment into druid platform.

Created API’s to consume data from Flask REST endpoints and cleansing the data and store it in druid database from Hadoop deep storage. Worked on configuration from Hadoop deep storage to druid in all properties in Unix environment and integration to all downstream applications.

Using Nginx load balancer for API calls. We are using REST API’s in ETL scripts to get the data from Hadoop to Druid. Developing python scripts in ETL.

Design Rest based API using flask to copy segments form one data center to another data center. Working on Rest based API using flask to GET the segments paths list from druid segments.

Involve end to end integration Testing in all stages like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing by writing test cases and approved by manager and QA manager using unit test framework.

Developing a fully automated continuous integration system using Git and deploy across different environments like dev, test, Production environment.

Develop Python wrapper scripts to clean one datacenter and copy the segments from another data center

Create unit and acceptance tests and co-ordinate with QA/Test team for sign-off and work with Operations and Support staff to troubleshoot software issues as well as implementing bug fixes.

Ran the hive commands in Hadoop application server to explore about the data.

Analyzing the data before on-boarding to app servers, Developing the ETL framework to get the data by enqueueing the batch from upstream. Set up all the required configuration for running the map reduce job into druid and deep storage for dashboard users.

Create docker images for all services of Druid and ran the ingestion by interconnecting among them.

Experience in working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud platform.

Using AWS s3 storage to get the real data into a Kafka platform using Kafka topic. Using Kafka producer to send events to druid to consume data for real time ingestion. Kafka Consumer consumes the message and running the ingestion to ingest the segment into druid.

Analyzing the data and the performance.

Developed the database schemas database using MySQL, SQL Alchemy and written several queries and python API’s to extract data from database

Analyzing the data loading into system and creating the model. Visualize the data and query performance of dashboard using tableau, clarity.

Do all the integration framework from end to end system, from Hadoop to druid. Configuring all name node connectivity and key tab placement and connection.

California College of Arts, San Francisco, US

Python Developer November 2018- February 2019

Involved in the requirement study, design and development. Provided the reports to clients based on their needs.

Designed the Web Application Using Python on Django Web Framework pattern to make it extensible and flexible for California College of Arts web portal and accounts

Used the Model View Controller (MVC) framework to build modular and maintainable applications. Build script and templates using python and Django.

Building reusable code and libraries for future use and Developed scalable applications using Django framework.

Build all database mapping classes using Django models with the help of ORM like SQLAlchemy.

Used data structures like directories, tuples, object-oriented class-based inheritance features for making.

Wrote and executed various MYSQL database queries from python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL dB package. Created database using MySQL, wrote several queries and Django API’s to extract data from the database.

Deployment and Build of various environments including Linux and UNIX

Worked with JSON based REST Web services.

Worked on automation, setup, and administration of build and deployment tools

Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, SQL Server and custom tools developed in Python and Bash.

Debug the issues and provide the solution to customers and business.

Created database using MySQL, wrote several queries and Django API’s to extract data from the database.

Generated various report using Python Report lab and sent to Business users to improve their decision


Cisco, Bangalore, India

Python Developer Apr 2014 – Oct 2016

Provided input into developing and modifying systems to meet client needs and develop business specifications to support these modifications.

Involved in the requirement study, design and development.

Deployment and Build of various environments including Linux and UNIX

Built python module, to extract data from FTP offloads in JSON format.

Developed ETL scripts in Python for SQL query execution and Writing SQL scripts and validating the data. Write unit testing for testing purposes.

Created database using MySQL, wrote several queries and Django API’s to extract data from the database.

Strongly follow PEP-8 coding standard and test a program by running it across test cases to ensure validity and effectiveness of code using PyChecker and PyLint.

Exploratory data analysis and profiling of data using SQL, R, Python.

Assist the team in data transformation and analytical data preparation process for developing a statistical model.

Utilized PyUnit, the Python unit test framework for testing the functionality of the application.

Involved in front-end designing using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

Operated all the user side validation using JavaScript and AJAX.

Profiled python code for optimization and memory management.

Involved on data variable selection process for statistical modeling.

Interpreted raw data using a variety of tools (R, Python, STATA or Excel Data Analysis), algorithms, and statistical/econometric models (including regression techniques, decision trees, etc.) to capture the bigger picture of the business.

Developed SQL queries for visualization and reporting systems. Good experience in visualization tool Tableau.

Aviva Inc, Bangalore, India

Software Engineer ] May-2011 –Feb-2014

Experience in writing Sub Queries, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Cursors, and Functions on

MySQL and PostgreSQL database

Provided input into developing and modifying systems to meet client needs and developed business specifications to support these modifications.

Prepared all required and user manuals, conducting CRP, UAT and user training for implementations.

Used HTML, CSS, jQuery, JSON and JavaScript for front-end applications.

Implemented locking mechanisms using multi-threading functionality.

Designed business system test cases based on the the business process of the Client and tested all business cases in development and test instances.

Worked on SQL and Oracle OBIEE reporting and analytics

Identified and reconciled errors in client data to ensure accurate business requirements.


Saint Mary’s College, Moraga CA

Master of Science in Business Analytics, GPA: 3.9 Sep 2018

Business Analyst Projects:

Built a predictive analytics model for e-commerce by analyzing 23,000 records on women's apparels. Measured the likelihood of a customer to recommend an item to others based on the costumer's age group. Technologies: Excel, SAS, Tableau.

Designed an MYSQL database to determine the performance and behavior of homeless clients. Recommended the funding cutoff value and suggested switching to consultation services after a certain period. Technologies: Excel, SQL

Built predictive model to predict customer’s next move to optimize e-commerce conversion rate of an e-commerce company. Used python for developed a machine learning model.

Technologies: Machine Learning Algorithm using Python, Simulation, Multivariate Testing, Tableau, SQL, MYSQL Database.

Biju Patnaik University of technology, Odisha, India.

Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, GPA 3.58 Jul 2010

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