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Software Engineer Engineering

Dublin, CA
March 27, 2020

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Asem Noufal 757-***-**** Email Linkedin Github San Francisco / Bay Area

Skills: [ JavaScript, React.js, Redux.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, Spring Framework, HTML5, CSS3, Git, SQL, jQuery, DevOps, Docker, Linux system administration, Bash scripting, Penetration testing, Network security, x86 reverse engineering ] Projects

Feedback (React / Redux/ Rails, PostgreSQL, Actioncable, sockets) view online

A full-stack pixel perfect single-page clone of Slack

● Built workspace/Email Invitation functionality to allow users to create their own workspaces and invite users to it.

● Implemented a favoriting, pinning, liking functionality so users can access it later quickly.

● Created a search functionality to allow users to search by text/channel/author.

● Utilized ActionCable to allow users to build live messaging/commenting functionality.

● Implemented an online presence functionality so users can know who is online.

● Built a notifications functionality to allow users to know if they have unread threads. CodeRank (React, Node.js, MongoDB, Sharedb, CodeMirror, view online

A MERN stack web app offering programmers a platform to learn and share coding experiences

● Integrated CodeMirror library to create text editor feature resulting in a clean intuitive text editing experience with syntax highlighting.

● Created custom Jasmine/Rspec reports to abstract the test results and generate a unified JSON format.

● Integrated OT.js & Sharedb & CodeMirror to build a shared code editor where users can write code that is shared in real-time with other users.

● Utilized both & HTML5 Canvas to build a shared whiteboard where users can draw and share that real-time with other users.

● Utilized both WebRTC & PeerJS to allow real-time multi-user video conferencing / audio calling capabilities.

BomberMan (HTML, Javascript, Canvas, CSS) view


A clone of the classic Bomberman game

● Utilized Canvas and the browser’s requestAnimationFrame to animate the game.

● Built a custom game engine using JavaScript that manages the movement mechanics of the player, enemies, and other moving objects.

● Implemented movements, and object collision functions to provide a physics engine that allows objects in the game to intuitively interact with each other.

● Generated levels dynamically and varied the speed and difficulty of the game as the game continues.


SawaComp (Egypt) (Feb 2014 - June 2019)


● Founded high-speed internet company in Egypt while I was in college providing 20 MB/S compared to standard 2 MB/S in my town.

● Grew company from zero customers to 150 monthly paying customers, mostly by word of mouth.

● Handled IT support, sales, customer support, and administrative work.

● Gained real world experience with network administration and network security. Nisum (Jan 2019 - Current)

Full Stack Software Engineer


App Academy (June 2019 - Nov 2019)

University of Tanta (Jun 2012 - Sep 2017) Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

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