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Power Plant Electrical Engineer

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
March 26, 2020

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Name : Ary Sugiharto.

Address : Perum. Rungkut Menanggal Harapan M4, Surabaya, east java, Indonesia.

Date Of Birth : February 25, 1978

Sex : Male.

Religion : Moslem.

Mobile Phone : +974********

Email :,


1993-1996 : SMAN 2 Surabaya.

1997-2003 : Bachelor Degree Of Instrument Physic Airlangga University,

Surabaya. Certificate at 2003 Sept.

1999-2003 : Diploma Degree Of Electronics ITS, Surabaya.


Member of International Society Of Automation (ISA), USA

Member of Society For Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP), USA Member of Institute electrical & electronics engineering (IEEE) USA


2000-2001 : Head Of Instrument Community In Airlangga University.


I have experience in instrument control more than 15 years total. I have

experience from instrument control designer for industry control until instrument

maintenance in modern plant system. Mostly I spent experience in instrument control maintenance field include dcs, plc, scada, esd, f&g system, as well as turbine control system.

October, 2011-Present: Foreman Instrument Control Technician Qatar Petroleum,

Qatar. Daily maintenance of Gas Wellhead Processing &

Treatment Plant, Gas Injection System, Gas Distribution


Carry out daily field instrument control maintenance like calibrate & troubleshoot flow transmitter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, & LT based HART & FF system communication.

Calibrate, troubleshoot, & function service faulty all type control valve & shutdown valve.

Calibrate & service maintenance analyser such as dew point analyzer, CEMS analyzer yokogawa, gas metering system.

PM, troubleshoot & corrective faulty at DCS, ESD, F&G module, & SCADA network of gas plant distribution. Replace fault DCS module & make on line program modification.

Carry out PM, & daily maintenance corrective jobs at turbine compressor GE mark VI control system. Troubleshoot error turbine start up & function check relate turbine safety systems.

Carry out PM, & daily instrument error at wellhead system, &

troubleshoot baker panel hydraulic system of well control.

Daily maintenance of instrument control of gas plant such as. Pneumatic System, PLC, DCS ABB 800xa, Gas Turbine Compressor

GE Control, Air Instrument System, F&G System, ESD System,

Bailey Control, Pneumatic System, Hydraulic System, HART, Fieldbus system, P&ID knowledge, Process system.

Experience upgrade DCS delta V, loops check, commissioning, start up new DCS delta V, online editing logic software, check logic

Experience SAT, commissioning new gas plant on shore.

Experience upgrade GE mark 3 to mark 6 control system & commissioning also start up new control strategy with turbine compressor system.

Daily using sap for maintenance operation such as view, change work order, etc

Commissioning for Yokogawa CEMS analyzer & on site training from vendor

2009-2011 : Instrument Control System Engineer & Back up Electrical Engineer

Petrochemical Plant PT. Petrowidada, Gresik, Indonesia.

Hold Responsibility 3 Plant, Petrochemical Plant, Chemical Plant

& Biodisel Plant. The Petrochemical Plant Is Produce

Plasticized, Resin, Latex, PA, MA, etc.

Supervised all related to instrument control activity, man power assignment, make standart instrument manual repair procedure, make budget, plan every year.

Carry out daily maintenance of FT, PT, TT, analyser, metering system. Troubleshoot faulty of PLC, DCS, & SCADA system. Replace & configure DCS module in run plant.

Carry out maintenance of MCC & breaker lines.

Carry out daily instrument control maintenance of plant. Have Experience DCS Honeywell TDC, Siemens Turbine

Control, PLC Honeywell, DCS LG, E-H Instrument,

Micromotion, etc. Knowlegde Of Electrical System HV, MV, &

LV, GE SCADA System, etc.

Experience PLC migration Honeywell scan 3000 to experion

system & DCS Honeywell GUS system migration to master logic

Experience to carry out brownfield project for methane plant,

instrument selection, SCADA Ifix modification, shutdown

Make budget & plan for Instrument maintenance every year.

2007-2009 : Visiting Lecturer Instrument Department, Airlangga

University, Surabaya

Experience make curriculum design for instrumentation subject

2008-2009 : Lead Electric Instrument Technician LPG Onshore Plant Media

Energy, Gresik.

The LPG Plant Product Are C1 & C2 For Supporting Gresik

Steam Gas Coogeneration Power Plant, LPG & Condensate.

Electrical, Instrument Control Inspector For LPG Plant Project

Media Energy, Gresik.

Carry out instrument jobs since contruction until commissioning

& start up Plant.

Carry out daily maintenance of CI &E LPG plant such as DCS, PLC, gas cromatograph, MCC control, breaker control, gas engine control, 3 phase electric line.

Carry out corrective jobs, & calibrate flow transmitter, PT, LT, & TT. Calibrate & troubleshoot gas flow metering systems

Electric Instrument Specialist LPG Plant.

Carry out corrective job at IA compressor system.

Overhaul Gas Engine System such as Overhaul Electric

Instrument Control Compressor Gas Engine, Gas Engine

Refrigerant System, Generator Gas Engine, Instrument Control

Chromatography Technician, etc.

2005-2007 : Instrument Control Specialist Cilacap Steam Power Plant.

Installation, Set Instrument Control Turbine Overhaul, Generator

Overhaul, DCS Installation At Cilacap Steam Power Plant.

2003-2004 : Electrician Control Instrument Design PT. Weltest, Gresik.

PLC Control Design, SCADA HMI Design, Electrical Design.

Responsible for instrument control design, HMI programming

based VB & database.


A. Heboen : Senior Engineer Qingshan Power Plant, China.

B. Chusnul Ain, ST, MSi : Head Of Instrument Department, Airlangga


C. Drs. Pujiyanto, MSi : Dean Of Faculty Science Airlangga University


2019 : Level 3 TAQA (old A1/A2) Assessor Certificate With British Curriculum

2005-2007 : Instrument Control Special Training at Qingshan

Power Plant, Wuhan, China (Certified).

: SCADA Grid Control for Power Plant (Certified)

: DCS Foxboro (Certified).

: PABX Control.

: Operation & Maintenance Include: Boiler, Turbine,

Electrician, Instrument Control (Certified).

: Simulation Of Steam Power Plant Operation at

Wuhan University Of China.

: Bintal By Dodikjur Rindam V Brawijaya ARMY


2014 : GE Mark 6 controller in class at Qatar petroleum.

: ABB DCS AC800 in class at Qatar petroleum.

: On site training for Yokogawa CEMS


A. Hardware Knowledge

DCS Foxboro (Certified), DCS Honeywel TDC 300, TPS, DCS ABB AC800x, PLC (Siemens S4 & S7, Allan Bradley, Modicon, ABB, OMRON, etc), ESD System Plantguard System, F&G System Plantguard System, Bailey Control

Microcontroller System, Programming Knowledge, SCADA Knowledge,


B. Software Knowledge

Ms. Vb Programming, Delphi Programming, Pascal Programming, C

Programming, Linux Environment, Unix Environment, Assembly

Programing, SCADA Ifix, etc.

C. Power Plant Competence

1. SCADA Control, Electric Grid Control System, Turbine Instrument & Control

System, Boiler Instrument Control System, ETS (Emergency Trip System)

System, TSI System, DCS Control System, Water Treatment Instrument

Control System, Operation System, PLC Control System, BFPT Instrument

Control System, etc.

2. Generator Electric Instrument Control System, Cubicle Control System, PABX

System, Switch Gear Control System, etc.

D. Oil & Gas Competence

1. Gas Metering System, Generator Gas engine System, Feed Gas Compressor

Control System, Refrigerator Gas Engine Control System, etc.

2. Oil & Gas Instrument Control System, Electric System, Refinery Proses

System, Oil & Gas Enviroment.

3. Knowledge Of PetroPhysic System, Knowledge Of Chemical Physic Proses

System, Knowledge Of Oil & Gas Operation, Knowledge Of Proses Engineer,

Knowledge Of Thermodinamic, etc.


1. Prepare, coordinate spare, define major trouble, budget selection, instrument selection, man hour estimate. Carry out instrument shutdown as per schedule, carry out predictive instrument.

That’s my cv that i made truly.


Ary Sugiharto

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