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Engineering Office

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
March 26, 2020

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Hashim Sabe' Al-Rawashdeh

Mobile(Jordan): +*** - 79-7001104

Education :


Royal Jordanian Geographic Center

Amman, Jordan

Surveying Sciences - Diploma- The first on the college - 81.48 %

Comprehensive exam – 84.4 %


High School - Al-Mazar Al-Jonobi, Karak, jordan

Science Stream.

Percentage average: 61.3 %.

Experience :

1.Royal Jordanian Geographic Center (2016 – July,2018)

Through the study at the Royal Geographical Center, there is a practical aspect that carries out continuous training.

Description of the course : -

This specialization aims at:

• Study the shape of the public land and determine its internal details and limits.

• Calculate land areas of different types for the purpose of exploiting them in agricultural production or dividing them using the laws of the area, and to perform the sorting and land division and the calculation of the quantities of dirt.

• Know the heights and decreases of different points on the Earth's surface, both for some or for any known horizontal level. This process is called the budget and is used in land settlement processes to be reclaimed.

• Conducting surveying works and setting up engineering projects for roads, construction, water projects such as wells and drainage, tunnels and bridges, and other engineering installations according to land slopes and various levels.

• The use of modern cadastral tools and devices in all their forms in engineering projects.

• The signing of projects, which is the opposite of the mapping process, ie the implementation of drawings of projects on paper on nature.

This specialization is concerned with the following aspects:

• The importance of coordinate system in the work of different area.

• Coordinates are assigned in different ways.

• Calculate coordinates in different ways.

• Calculate the trends and lengths of the different points of their coordinates.

• Methods of representation and presentation of terrain on maps and maps.

• The use of different cadastral devices in raising the details.

• Surface elevation using the Global Signing System (GPS).

• The use of modern techniques in the representation of spatial elevation such as Geographic Information System (GIS).

Computer Skills :

Microsoft Office including: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Proficient – ATOCAD, GIS Arc-MAP programs .

Good knowledge in internet

Personal :

Marital Status: single

Date of Birth: 28/11/1982

Nationality: Jordanian.

Languages: Arabic (mother language)

English – Moderate Reading,Speaking, Writing

Extensive Language skills course in the English Language, American Language Center, 2013


*Odai Al-Saket: Lecturer - Master of Engineering - Royal Geographical Center– Phone No.: 077*******

*Saleh Al-Khrysat: Lecturer - Master of Engineering - Royal Geographical Center– Phone No.: 078*******

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