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Support Computer Operator

Durham, NC
30.00 an hour
March 26, 2020

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Douglas D. McClary

*** ********* *****

Durham,NC 27703



Strong experience in; Ghost imagery and full installs, SAP, Active Directory, Outlook, LAN /WAN/Router configurations debugging and trouble-shooting.

Complete hardware/software installation, Adobe Acrobat, Reader and Norton, Mcafee, Avast, Avg, Trend Micro Anti-virus configurations, testing COTS applications.

Helpdesk, IP voice address designations and email, System/Network monitoring, Internet accessibility

Experience in troubleshooting Cisco, Nortel, and DSU Cable, Modem Routers

Duties and responsibilities included relocation of Tivoli test labs, hardware configurations, Windows NT Server, Linux, Unix, Aix, software installations, networks (Ethernet and token ring), hubs, firewalls, switch boxes, TCP/IP, DHCP, Oracle Client, Novell Netware, Client32

Tested software on Unix, Aix, Linux, Vista, Win XP, Win 2000, 98, 95, NT and Lotus Notes.

Provided Help Desk support, firewall security, and reset passwords. Provided Lotus Notes support, desk side/network support, remote installs of AT&T AGNS and Cisco, and Nortel VPN, T1, and router resets


North Carolina University, NC

Information technology- 2 years of College

ITT Technical University, NC – Network Support Technology


Hardware Support: 386/ 486, Pentium 4, Video Cards, Network Cards, Routers, USB Cards, Modems, Sound Cards, CDRW, DVD Roms, Scanners, Printers, Memory, Hard Drives, Digital Cameras

Software Support: Dos, Win Servers,Windows: 3.0- XP,Vista,Win 7, 10, Win Beta Tester, NCID, OS2 Warp, Citrix, Tivoli Tee Aim, EADS, Outlook, Framework, Unix, Seo, COTS applications, Aix, Microsoft Office - 2007, 2010,2016 Frontpage, Ghost, Html, Anti-virus, Webpages, Winbatch, Groupwise6,Track-it, Heat and Remedy Ticketing Systems

Network Support, NOC, Microsoft Server, Novell Netware, Client 32, ATM, Frame Relay, LAN & WAN Support, ftp, telnet, TCP/IP, DHCP, DSL, ISDN, Cisco Routers Troubleshooting, Cisco Switches, netbios, netbui, cmvc., Lotus Notes, ADSL/DSL

Computer Operations: Perform daily, weekly, monthly & yearly backups, tape room environment (Batch job scheduling) monitor & printjobs,) TSO, IBM system OS 390,CICS, Helpdesk Support, Performed helpdesk duties and used Webtrax ticketing process. Netview, mainframe, JCL, VS1, VS2, JES2, JES3, VMS, MVS, (AS400system startup and shutdown, system backup), AIX


Over 25 years of Hands- On – Computer/Network Support 1987 to present

Interact with customers to help troubleshoot and resolve complex product problems or issues. Diagnose and resolve customer questions or problems over the telephone/Internet in the areas of system configurations/network issues, product functionality, and bugs/enhancements.

Track and document inbound support requests and ensure proper notation of customer problems.

Independent Contractor : (Desktop/Network Support _ RTP, NC)

Systel Inc. - ( HCL) - It Analyst - Cary,NC June 13 - July 13

Teksystems – Broadcom – (Migration Tech Support – Morrisville,NC)

Tekelec –Network Monitoring Support Specialist – Cary,NC – Cisco router and data circuit troubleshooting, General TCP/IP knowledge and network connectivity

NCCU – Help Desk Analyst – Technical Support Specialist –(Durham,NC) NCID

IBM- Computer System Consultant, 2nd Level Network Support, System Console Monitor, Database Administrator, 3rd shift Computer Operator

Cisco – Computer/Network Consultant

Professional Experience:

Independent Contractor: Doug’s Computing - Sept’07- Present

Churches-Kings Kingdom International Church, Jemison Group(LLC)-non-profit, Faith Christian Center, Home Health Care(LLC), Tankard Group - non-profit,

New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Ecclesia House of Prayer, Mt Zion Christian Church (Individual Homes), wireless networks, hardware, software desktop/laptop support

Desktop / Network Support


System hardware/software installs and upgrades. Frame Relay, T1, Firewall, SAP, Data migration, wireless internet. Hardware and software system repair, network printers, patches and documentations.

Anti-virus support, Data recovery and system tune-ups.

Teksystems, Broadcom, Morrisville, NC

Aug 07 - Sept 07

Migration Tech. Support Specialist


System migration, Frame Relay Support, T1,Citrix, Application installs, pst file backups, tcp/ip addressing, Cisco Vpn, Ghost imagery, Anti-virus and firewall installs, Outlook synchronization Robocopy,

RCM Technologies-Solectron, Durham, NC

Feb’07 - May ‘07

Laptop Technician


Diagnosed Compaq and Hewlett Packard systems for repair.

Independent Contractor, Doug’s Computing - RTP, NC

Apex Systems-Tekelec- Cary, NC

Network Monitoring Support Specialist


System script monitoring using SS7 and report capture for telecom connections.

Cingular Wireless Software Application - Monitoring and Technical Support


Nov ‘05 to Jan ‘ 06

Network Monitoring Support Specialist


Server monitoring and 2nd level helpdesk

Created PR ticketing reviews and performed helpdesk duties and reported escalations of outages.

Cisco router and data Circuit troubleshooting.

System startup and shutdown, system backup, system maintenance, restores, system upgrades.

AS400, Jes2, VMS, batch processing, print jobs, report generations.

Apex Systems - Raleigh, NC

Sep ‘05 to Dec ‘05

Technical Support Specialist


Setup and install of systems, software and network connectivity.

Ghost imagery, Application installs, backup files, password setups and all other requirements for system and network connectivity.

General TCP/IP knowledge.

Software technical support and setup.

Independent Contractor, Durham, NC

Jan‘05 to Dec’05

North Carolina Central University

April ’04 to Dec ‘04

Help Desk Analyst


Utilized Track-It call center application.

Remote access using Zenworks, network connectivity and PC troubleshooting.

Responsible for helping end users with Windows 2000, XP, Office XP and 2003 Outlook software.

Experience in troubleshooting Cisco, Nortel, and DSU Cable Modem Routers .

Ability to troubleshoot laptop and desktop hardware as needed.

Knowledge in Windows NT and Active Directory management.

PC skills using industry standard software.

Software reconfigurations - Navigate Windows file structure.

Acquired ability to manipulate Novell network configuration.

Corporation of remote management, T1, fire wall s, DSL, Cisco VPN, re-set routers, software installs using Wise Installer,

Groupwise - Novell - Setup user accounts and ids, password resets.

Configure and support Wordperfect 10 and Microsoft Office.


Nov 03 to April 04

Help Desk Analyst


Provided Help Desk support (only agent on weekend account), firewall security, and reset passwords. Provided Lotus Notes support, desk side/network support, remote installs of AT&T AGNS and Cisco, and Nortel VPN, T1, and router resets.

Created PR tickets and escalations.

Citrix support- Connectivity and remote access using Active Directory and CMVC.

Responsibilities included software troubleshooting for Windows and Linux, Unix systems, Citrix, People Soft, Cognos, SABA, JD Edwards, Great plains, AS400, CICS and, Winbatch, RACF resets, and sessions.

LAN monitoring and technical support.

Cisco Systems, RTP, NC

Aug ‘02 to Oct’ 02

Computer Systems Consultant


Break down and set-up networks and desktop systems, T1, Cisco VPN, reset Cisco routing protocols(BGP,

EIGRP, (OSPF),Voice IP addressing systems and phones, and relocated in new offices an d buildings.

General TC P/IP knowledge, Worked "On-call" on an as needed basis


Jan 98 to Sep 01

Second Level Network Support Specialist


Served as System support (12 hour, 2nd shift) using Tivoli Netview and Tivoli Framework, monitoring customer networks and servers, pinging file servers for connectivity, tracing system link s and routing, TSO, OS/390 monitoring

Lotus notes for PR tracking, and AIX for system severity tickets.

Responsibilities also included system reboots, LAN troubleshooting and configurations, Windows NT Server, Linux, Unix, Aix, software installations, networks (Ethernet and token ring), hubs, firewalls, switchboxes, TCP/IP, DHCP, Novell Netware, Client32. Tested software on Unix, Aix, Linux, Win 2000, 98, 95, NT and Lotus Notes.

Computer Analyst/PC Tester- COTS applications combined with hardware configurations.

Installed Win NT 3.51 and 4.0, 95\98 Beta 3 Win 2000. Configured test cases of hard ware peripherals on personal computer market, and Local area networking configurations (netbui, netbios, TCP/IP, DHCP, ISDN).

AS400 batch processing, report generation, print jobs- Server connectivity.

Installed Win NT, Novell, and OS2 Warp for network configuration and operability.

LAN administration used TCP/IP addressing, Raid, DHCP, netbios, and netbui.

Tested system integrity and software/hardware capabilities and test case analysis.

VA/National Center for Health Durham, NC

Oct’96 to May’97

Computer Specialist


Configured, installed hardware and software provided desktop support and problem analysis.

Also provided LAN setup to include TCP/IP and DHCP addressing, network support, modem cards and Ethernet installation and analysis.

Migration and installation of Microsoft NT 4.0, network printers and desktop/file preservation.

Durham Convention Center, Durham, NC

Apr’96 to July’96

Database Administrator


Utilized Dbase IV in-house system, transferred to MS ACCESS software, configured and troubleshoot for compatibility to Pitney Bowes mailing system software.

Classic Food Service, Durham, NC

Apr’93 to Nov’95

Computer Operator - 3rd shift


Responsibilities included DEC AS/400, daily processing of data, inventory tracking, data entry, vending report generation, billing statements, an d inventory updates,

Weekly and month-end closings .system startup and shutdown, system backup, system maintenance, restores, system upgrades.

Batch jobs processing, print jobs, VMS, jes2, System backups, report generations

IBM Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC

Jan 90 to April 92

System Console Monitor


Responsibilities included System 34/36, tape and print room monitoring and job printing, tapes and reels, 60,000 tape libraries.

Duke Medical Center, Durham, NC

Apr’78 to Oct’87

Materials Control Super visor


Audited all materials through receiving and corrected discrepancies.

Procurement/Purchasing Assistant - Reviewed daily reports and purchased medical supplies to insure quality, developed defective product system, resulting in credit being issued back to departments.

Senior Data Processing Technician - Performed variety of duties.

Provided purchasing assistants with necessary data to accurately control inventory, included generation of daily reports, purchase orders, monthly billing statements, balance monthly and yearly inventory reports.

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