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Principal Enterprise Architect

Cergy, Ile-de-France, France
March 27, 2020

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Birol Berkem

Digital Enterprise Architect, TOGAF 9.2, ArchiMate 3 and ISO

**** ****** **** ******* ******* Certified

Ph.D Informatics from CNAM Paris - Almost 30 year experience within Enterprise Architecture projects, Master Data Management, Modelling and Teaching Tel : +33 (0) e-mail : Currently

Business & IT Architect, Coach and Trainer in the domains of Business and System Analysis / Design using TOGAF 9, Archimate 3, Digital Business Models, UAF 1.0 /UPDM 2.1

(DoDAF/MODAF/NAF), COSO, IT4IT, BMM, BPM, BPMN 2, UML 2, SysML, MBSE, ISO 8000 and ISO 15288, Safety Management, MDA, Big Data using Informatica BDE tool and Agile standards (Scrum & Disciplined Agile Delivery)

Interventions since October 2013 using Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, Modeling Languages and Master Data Management Methods :

• May 2016 – Février 2020 : Architecture Center Ltd : Mentoring and Training Sessions to Companies in the Enterprise Architecture domain using TOGAF 9.1, ArchiMate 3 and ISO 8000 Master Data Management Standards,

o PTV : Assistance in generating network requirements based on Capability Needs and Measures of Effectiveness aligned with the Enterprise Goals and Objectives to serve Programs/Project Portfolios using the Unified Architecture Framework (UPDM/NAF). o Albea / Pole Emploi : Training and Mentoring sessions in applying ArchiMate 3 to ensure traceability between the ‘Data Governance Lead’ and the ‘Data Architects’ artifacts in the context of an MDM Project to ensure a ‘Streamlined Flow of Data’, o Viacom : Assistance to the Architecture Review Board in defining ‘Modeling Artifacts’ for the Architecture Development Phases of TOGAF’s ADM in the context of a Capability Based Development

o FactorTrust : Assistance to the CIO/CTO of the credit bureau to provide a High-Level Architecture Documentation of their Business & Information Systems using ArchiMate 3.0,

• June 2016 – December 2016 : European Commission - European Interoperability Reference Architecture : Reviews in assessing the usage of TOGAF, ArchiMate and IT4IT standards to ensure traceability from Interoperability Strategies until IT services according to the Strategic Plan

• October 2015 – December 2015 : Part-time contribution to the European Commission’s public consultations on the "European Interoperability Reference Architecture" EIRA v1.0

• September 2013 – May 2015 : ICMG International

• Elaboration of an Architecture Capability Framework for NATS (an Air Traffic Management Company) to accompany their transformation process into a ‘Service Oriented Institution’ using TOGAF and ITIL Frameworks complemented by the ISO 15288 System & Software Engineering Standards,

• Mentoring on Enterprise Architecture Modeling, IT Alignment on Business Strategies at S&P New York using ArchiMate 2.1

• TOGAF 9.1 Certification Sessions in USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East – cf. Interventions between September 2006 and July 2013 in Interfacing Methodological Frameworks:

• September 2001 – December 2013 : European Commission (Part time) : Training and Mentoring Sessions on a tailored version of the RUP & Agile RUP @EC methodologies applied across the

“Commission Enterprise Architecture Framework”,

• January 2013 – March 2013 : Sogeti : Training and Mentoring Sessions on a customized specification framework to allow traceability from the Business Process Management (BPM) requirements toward System Application Layers using TOGAF as well as the BPMN 2.0 and UML business extensions (Modeling tool: Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect),

• September 2012 – December 2012 : MipiH : Elaboration of a BPMN and UML-based Framework to Manage Business Processes and System Specifications on the basis of Hospital Information System Requirements (Modeling tools: Cameo and MagicDraw),

• March 2012 – July 2012 : Ashtech (ex-Thalès) : A System Specification Framework using the Enterprise Architect (EA) tool from SparxSystems to ensure an enhanced traceability between Marketing Requirements and System Specification Documents,

• March 2010 – December 2011: SNECMA (Part time): Elaboration of a Project Specification Framework followed by mentoring and training sessions using BPM, RUP, UML, SysML standards to ensure better communication between Business Owners and Technical Analysts (partner companies of the SNECMA) using the same Project Plan Practices and deliverables,

• October 2010 – November 2010 : Open : Review and Suggestions for the PMU’s Enterprise Repository System using the Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) modeling tool,

• February 2009 – May 2009 : ST MicroElectronics :Training and Mentoring Services around a System Specification Framework using the Enterprise Architect (EA) tool from SparxSystems Interventions between March 1997 and June 2006 in Methodological Frameworks:

• September 2001 – December 2009 : Orange (Part time): Mentoring and training sessions in the context of the industrialization process of project specification techniques that are utilized in several European projects of the holding. Main interventions have been realized on the efficient usage techniques of the Requirement Engineering and Modeling tools using the IBM’s Requisitepro, RSM and the Enterprise Architect (EA) tool from Sparxsystems.

• September 2006 – November 2007: LCH Clearnet (Part time): Customization of an UML based Specification Framework for helping the banking institution to better communicate with its partners and reduce project costs,

• February 2004 – December 2005 : European Commission FP5/FP6 Projects (Part time): Contribution to the Scientific and Technical Sections of the Request for Proposals in the context of e- Governance and Software and Services Project Calls with a dozen European partners including universities and industrial companies,

• September 1999 – December 2013 : Valtech (Part time): Training sessions in the domains of Business / System Analysis & Design for European Commission (Brussels, Luxembourg), Atos, PSA (Peugeot /Citroën), SNCF, Cartier, Business Objects, GFI, State of Geneva (Switzerland), Airbus

(Toulouse), Thalès Avionics (Bordeaux), European Commission (Brussels and Luxembourg)

• September 1998 – December 1998 : Fortis : Mentoring, training sessions and reviews in order to customize the RUP Methodology in the context of their Project Development Guide.

• October 1997 – April 1998 : Atos / Sema Group : Promotion of the Iteor Methodology (The system development method of the Sema Group) in Paris and Madrid areas and assistance to projects in system analysis and design using UML and object oriented structures,

• March 1997 – June 1997 : Rational : Training sessions in the domains of System Analysis & Design for the promotion of UML using the Rational Software Modeling tool Unisys France 1990 - 1997

Consultant in Information Systems

• April 1996 – December 1996 : French Ministry of Finance : Architecture and Quality Consultancy in an Integration Project with the Oracle development tools (Designer/Developer 2000, Oracle Application) on the Unisys Plateforms,

• March 1994 – February 1996 : BNP : Mentoring and training sessions in the context of the Architecture 2000 Enterprise Architecture Project. Main contribution concerned the preparation of the MDM Glossary based on the existing applications and data bases as well as the change management in the transition process from their existing MAIA approach to the Object-MAIA approach using the Maestro II Enterprise Repositories from Softlab (Software AG) and other Case tools like GraphTalk and Realia interfaced with the MS Word.

• December 1993 – February 1994 : Unisys Mapper Project : Functional and Technical Architect for the Case Tool Design Project using the GraphTalk and Mapper tools to promote the Unisys’s Mapper Application Systems,

• November 1992 – November 1993 : Unisys Projects Survey System Facilitator France : Promotion and Deployment of the Unisys Corporation’s Project Survey System at Unisys France,

• June 1990 – October 1992 : Unisys “A Series” Platform Consultant : Consulting and Training on the Unisys BNA (Network), COMS (Transactional Manager), SIMS/DMS (Object / Hybrid Data Bases Systems) and Algol interfaces, etc…

Beko 1985 - 1990

Chief of the IT Department

• Coaching the Technical Migration and Enhancement Projects of the Material Resource Planning

(MRP) System of the company

Analyst-Programmer, Designer and DBMS Administrator

• Application analysis and development (production management, inventory, cost analysis, human resources,…) using the A Series Mainframe of Unisys - Algol, Cobol, Transaction Manager and DMS

( Unisys Data Base System)


• Ph.D degree in Informatics - from CNAM, Paris

Doctorate Thesis Topic: Patterns and Processes for Increasing Business Reactivity using MDA and UML - Also referenced in “Platform Independent Model-based Framework for Exchanging Information in the US Justice System” through “Goal Driven Development Patterns for Synchronizing IT with your Changing Business Environment”

• Diplôme d’Ingénieur CNAM in Informatics and Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie de l’Université de Montpellier II in Informatics

Contributor to the Open Group and the OMG

Jury Member of the iCMG Architecture Awards 2014/2015 Last references and customer recommendations are available on Industry Related Publications on LinkedIn and

[Berkem – 2019] Goal and Data-Driven Digital Architecture : From Goals to Actionable Insights for an End-to-End Value Delivery :

[Berkem – 2018] Enabling the McKinsey’s ‘Agile Organization Practices’ using the ‘Data-Driven Transformation’

[Berkem – 2018] Powering your Data-Driven Digital Transformation – Strengthening the Decision-Making using ArchiMate 3 & Profiles Summary and pictures available on :

[Berkem – 2017] Data-Driven Digital Transformation – From Disruption to Products and Services in 5 Steps - (one slide summary)

[Berkem – 2016] Sustainable Value Delivery – From Strategies to Implementation -

[Berkem – 2015] Governing ‘Agile’ on the basis of 'Business Values' :

[Berkem – 2015] Value Based IT Alignment using TOGAF (from ITIL to ISO 15288 and Agile Std.)- Part I

• also considered by the European Interoperability Architecture team after public consultation of the "European Interoperability Reference Architecture", version 0.9.0 beta : 0.pdf

[Berkem – 2013] From Business Capabilities to SOA - TOGAF 9.1 and Archimate 2.0 available on (the 2nd link available on the page downloaded more than 1500 times)

[Berkem – 2010] : Agile and Smart Modeling with UML and SysML on Community :

Industry Recommendations available on my LinkedIn Profile :

Mike Russell

Vice President, Principal Enterprise Architect at Viacom Throughout a long career, I’ve encountered several people I would call mentors. Birol is one of those people for me; in TOGAF. His TOGAF knowledge is deep and polished, and he easily applies concepts to real scenarios for context. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing to build TOGAF expertise. Lastly, he’s very kind and has the patience of a saint and still helps me to this day when I need it.

December 14, 2017, Mike was a client of Birol’s

Sezer Akyol

Asset Management Systems Manager at Turk Telekom

I would strongly recommend to work with Mr.Birkem for anyone willing to move forward in Enterprise Architecture certification

(TOGAF) or EA related needs.

The TOGAF workshop I've attended in Istanbul was really valuable. His broad range of expertise combined with his teaching skills, warm attitude and personality definitely lead you or your company to achieve the target. November 5, 2016, Sezer worked with Birol but at different companies Tadeusz Senn

IT Architect at Information Service Center ISCeco EAER Birol a été mon formateur en vue de la certification TOGAF 9.1. En plus de son coaching efficace en vue de la certification, il nous a transmis de nombreux exemples et mises en pratique et a réussi à répondre à nos questions concrètes grâce à sa riche expérience de l'architecture d'entreprise, son pragmatisme et sa passion dans l'application de TOGAF au...more December 18, 2015, Tadeusz was with another company when working with Birol at GooBiz/GooTech Karan Mishra, MS, PMP, CSM

Sr.Associate-Advisory at KPMG US

I attended Birol's TOGAF workshop in New York City, it was one of the best sessions i have attended. Birol has a vast knowledge of enterprise architecture and best practices.The training was suitable for all audiences coming from varied background and domains, and specially was very useful for me in consulting. Birol provided the right amount of detail where applicable and...more

June 29, 2015, Karan was Birol's client

Vincenzo Russo

EMEA Senior Manager at VERISIGN - MBA, PMP, PRINCE2, ITIL, CSM, CSPO I had the pleasure to have Birol as trainer during a TOGAF preparation training in Zurich. I have to say Birol is a great professional, very prepared, sociable, always open to help students and able to communicate complicated topics with lots of examples from his long experience as architect.

Birol continued to encourage me in my study also after the training, showing...more June 12, 2015, Vincenzo was Birol's client

Avi Berliner

Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers

We recently had the opportunity to bring in Birol to lead an iCMG TOGAF training session in New York for our architecture group. Birol's expertise, thought leadership and experience in all facets of architecture and project management provided tremendous value to the class. His thorough knowledge of TOGAF, Archimate, Agile, and UML, tools and techniques allowed us to not...more

January 16, 2015, Avi was Birol's client

Larry Skelly

Principal Consultant Senior Enterprise Architect at Online Business Systems Birol was my teacher for TOGAF 9.1 (LinkedIn didn't offer that option when I created this endorsement) and I think he did a superb job, not just in teaching the prescribed curriculum, but in relating it to real life as a practising architect. I'm not a rookie, I have been consulting for more than 30 years and doing various levels of architecture work for most of it, and I...more December 5, 2014, Larry studied with Birol at GooBiz/GooTech Magnus Aycox

Partner, IT Architect and Senior Developer at XLENT Consulting Group I recently attended an iCMG TOGAF session delivered by Birol in Stockholm. Birol has a lot of experience in and is a true expert in the TOGAF, Enterprise Architecture and ArchiMate domains. He has a very motivating and engaging teaching style with a lot of heart and dedication. The lectures are filled with examples from his professional experience and, although on a...more

December 1, 2014, Magnus was Birol's client

Sun Ying

Sr.BizTalk Developer / Architect

Birol is an true expert in his field and presents with a style that’s well thought-out, meaningful to hold ones attention by also bringing his real-world experience!. I highly recommend Birol's course if you want to learn architecture. November 28, 2014, Sun was Birol's client

October 15, 2014, Ryan worked directly with Birol at GooBiz/GooTech Margo Cronin

Head of Technology Architecture at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd Birol is a very experienced Enterprise Architect. I recently had the pleasure to interact with him, he has a deep understanding of Systems, Architectures and Methodologies. He communicates clearly and succintly. I found him excellent to work with. I would also recommend anyone embarking on Togaf to reach out Birol, he brings together the concepts very neatly and pulls on...more August 30, 2014, Margo was with another company when working with Birol at GooBiz/GooTech John Ricci

Enterprise Architect and Compliance Specialist at Knights of Columbus Birol is a fantastic Architect and instructor. He was hired to complete TOGAF training and consult with some architecture solutions. By the end of the training, everyone in the class grasped many difficult concepts and had answers to all our questions. There are very few times that you meet people that can 'do' and 'teach.' Birol is one of them. August 19, 2014, John was Birol's client

Daniel Koller

Executive Director bei UBS

I recently attended an intense 4-days Enterprise Architecture course that Birol presented. Birol demonstrated a deep knowledge of the subject matter which resonated throughout the course. The course was very interactive and Birol augmented the theoretical content with real-life examples from his consulting experience. He has also extended himself beyond a presenter and has...more May 1, 2014, Daniel was Birol's client


Praticien énergétique. Méditation et réflexion. Formateur, animateur et conférencier. Birol est intervenu dans le cadre d'une formation approfondie d'UML. Très bon pédagogue, maîtrisant parfaitement son sujet, et donnant des exemples concrets.

July 1, 2014, Pascal was Birol's client

Roque Caballero

Head of IT at BBVA Suiza

I recently had the good fortune to meet Birol in an Enterprise Architecture TOGAF course. The concepts that I had on such a subject were vague and disconnected. Birol, thanks to his extensive experience in this field, was able to explain in a simple way the fundamental pillars of EA and demonstrated through real examples (which I personally find very interesting and...more April 23, 2014, Roque was Birol's client

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