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Electrical Engineer

Hamilton, ON, Canada
March 25, 2020

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Mr. Tu Tran (***-**)

C: 647-***-****. Email:

OBJECTIVE: Looking for Electrical Electronic HW or SW (in C) engineering roles.

(Partial listing) Skills: 20+ year experiences in Electrical and analog / digital electronics control system designs, PLCs, Microcontrollers, RF, components.

Electrical AutoCAD 2015, ECAD, Visio, ORCAD 16.3, PCB layout, electrical pane layout, wiring design, PLC, C, VB6..

DO_178B, DO_254, DO_160/810, EMC-EMI-ESD (MIL-461E) system testing, verification and troubleshooting.

Success: Automation control machines, alarm system, FSK modem, SVFP test station, Harmonic Ratio analyzer.


Confidential job title (Temp).

Confidential company name, Tonto, ON. Canada (12/2015 – present)

Still looking for electronics / electrical or software (in C) engineer job during this time, but I did a short term part time on two electrical PLC (AB) control projects successfully for another small private firm from electrical wirings, ECAD 2015, HMI, SCADA, communication LAN interface, electrical control designs, panel design and build completely by myself. I did a short term to repair and test GE Avionic electronics military aircraft control generators and created test procedures using MIL_STD 461E for government of defense projects (DOD) aircraft and navy. Came back to work at Transoft Inc. couple times for short term works on the weekends.

Software designer (Contract).

Safran Electronics Canada. Peterborough, ON. Canada (06/2015 - 10/2015)

DO 178B. Developed software test cases, software verification /certification.

C source code review, base line review and updating for the Global Air Craft 78K.

IBM Rational DOORS Ver.9.3, Beyond Compare 2.

Software helper (Temp).

Transoft Inc. Toronto, ON. Canada (P/T 11/2013 – 05/2015)

General help on Data Base software.

Electrical System Test Engineer (Contract).

Bombardier Aerospace. Mirabel, QC, Canada (01/2013 – 08/2013)

Performed test procedures on the CS-series aircraft power systems, RATs, CDCs, TRUs, GCUs, SSPC, APU, SPDS, Avionics. Hydraulic pumps.

Problem analysis and correct actions.

Certified and verified aircraft power systems through aircraft flight simulation software, DAS.

Electrical designer (Contract).

Tyne Engineering Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada (01/2012 - 01/2013)

Developed software PLC S7-400, HMI, SCADA, communication LAN interface for the loop control development test (LCDT) in Atomic Energy.

Electrical AutoCAD 2010 to upgrade electrical designs.

Electrical System Test Engineer (Contract).

GE Transportation. Erie, PA, USA (6/2011 - 10/2011)

Tested and validated iBASED solutions software on the QNX systems for locomotive train.

Verified the incident socket (9018), monitor parameter socket (9020), and TO sockets (9028).

Simulation software such as CMU, CCA, on/off board communication interfaces, Putty, Wireshark.

Performed software troubleshooting in C.

EMC Engineer (Cont – Perm).

MDA. Montreal, QC. Canada (01/2010 – 01/2011)

Researched and developed EMC worst case analysis document to design the space payload AM5 & AM6 satellites systems which are used in space for government of defense (DOD).

Created EMC calculator from EMC equations by using Excel to find near and far fields, induced voltages and induced currents, rejecting voltages and rejecting currents, shielding, grounding, and twisted wires in common mode and differential mode, susceptibility to the victims up to 80GH for these space payload satellite systems.

Performed analysis on shielding, grounding, twisted wires, material, noises, voltage drop, etc. covered all EMI, ESD and applied NASA-STD and MIL-STD on harnesses.

MIL-STD 461E on test plans.

Electrical System Test engineer (Contract).

GE Transportation. Erie, PA, USA (11/2008 – 10/2009)

Do_160. Performed unit (Dynamic Brake System) under environmental tests including EMC, EMI, and ESD for locomotive train.

Performed communication LAN, RS232, CANBUS interfaces of this unit among all other electronics systems on the train using automated test software and manually.

DO_254, troubleshooting products involving Analog, digital, Ethernet, Microcontroller, BIOS, FPGA.

Electrical designer (Contract).

BE Aerospace. Kansas, KS, USA. (09/2007 – 10/2008)

First project to design Boeing 777 PSU harness

Second project to analyze and redesign electronic circuits and verified results base on the customer graphic curves for the Oxygen system for aircraft. Current limit circuit and lightning strike protection circuit designs.

E_CAD ORCAD Cadence 16.3.

Microprocessor M306NA, Can bus AMIS30660, TD62083AF, VND830.

EMC, EMI, ESD, lightning circuit protection tests.

Research and buy components on Digikey and Newark.

Electrical Wiring designer (Contract).

Hamilton Sundstrand. Rockford, IL. USA (10/2006 – 08/2007)

Wiring designs Airplane Power System Integration Facility for newly developing Boeing 787, CANBUS, shielded cables, conduits, bundle wiring, connectors..

ECAD, MS Visio, MS_Xcel, Engineering team Center.

Change drawing request (CDR).

Electrical System test engineer (Contract).

Honeywell Inc. Mississauga, ON, Canada (10/2004 – 10/2005)

DO160/810, Performed SOF environmental test, and functional test on the Airbus A380 Electrical Power Distribution (SEPDS) using simulation UNITY.

Tested AFDX communication, short circuit, Gateway, ground fault interrupt (GFI).

DOORS, MS-tools, digital oscilloscope.

Electronics Technician (Temp).

Cable Serve. Toronto, ON, Canada (11/2003 – 10/2004)

Troubleshoot RF amplifier 50MHz – 860MHz BW for high speed internet systems, and CATV.

Electrical Engineer.

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering. Gloucester, MA, USA (01/1999 – 09/2001)

HARDWARE: designed high power distribution electrical circuits for automation control machines up to 15000 KW, 2KA, 700VAC. DC / AC 3_ph / 1_ph 115Vac - 700Vac power lines diagrams, panel layouts, harness diagrams and BOM for Blown film, bag machines.

Electrical AutoCAD 14-2000.

Servo drive or AC/DC SVFP frequencies motor drivers (1/4Hp, 5Hp, 100Hp, 500Hp, and 1000Hp).

NFPA79, CSA and inter log safety.

Programmed PID, feedback control, open/close loop systems servo drives.

Electrical troubleshooting.

Reviewed and approved engineering designs and documents.

Developed and built machine-testing systems to test motors and motor drivers

Automation Control Technician.

Polytainers Inc., Toronto, On. Canada. (10/1994 – 01/1999)

Electrical troubleshooting, program PLC on the PLC controlled printing machines.

Redesigned electrical systems, build electrical panel, wiring to upgrade printing machines.

Software: PLC such as AB502, Siemens (S5, S7), Texas instrument (TI 205/305/505), Fanuc GE, Mitsubishi FX, human machine interface (HMI), AFE touch screen, and communication protocol (RS 232/422/485). Omron, RSLogix500X, PLC5, APS SLC500, Simatic- S5/S7, Directsoft, Melsec-f-Medoc.

AC/DC motors and servomotor drivers, AC / DC power line up to 20KV.

Upgraded old printing machines, VANDAM / POLYTYPE, with new electrical systems, new PLC, HMI, SCADA, communication LAN, RSxxx interfaces, touch screen to improve quality, quantity, safety, and reduce maintain cost.

Designed and developed electronic alarm system successfully.

Electronic Technologist.

Instrumentation Inc., Toronto, ON. Canada (10/1993 – 10/1994)

ORCAD Electronics Captures, PCB, BOM on the Harmonic Ratio Analyzer project.

Power supply, phase locked oscillator (PLO), phase locked loop (PLL), voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), log ratio converter (LRC), coherent detector, switching detector, low pass filter, opt coupler isolated (TTL), communication protocol (RS_232).


Electrical Electronics Engineer (BE) in Major Electronics Communication. RYERSON UNIVERSITY, ON, Canada 1993.

THESIS and PROJECTS: Designed and developed the full duplex FSK MODEM, and electrical light controller, and frequency shifter using Microcontroller MC6809, ADC/DAC, MC6502, RS232, SCR, OPAM, Frequency Oscillators, PCB and assembly language. Designed power supplies AC to DC and DC to AC up to 1 KW.

Others: Laser, communication protocol, C, VB6, assembly language.


CGP and ITAR authorized in 2015, level 2 and level 3 of NATO in 2010, background and security clearance from 2004-2010 & 2015.

END (Tu Tran Resume).

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