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United States
March 25, 2020

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Dennis Woods

*** ***** ******* ***.

Campbellsville, KY




Titan Contracting & Leasing — Owensboro, KY — Oct-March 2019-2020 Built a clarifier, hung and fit plate steel (1/4-inch to 1-inch thick stainless), fit 2-inch thick stiffener ring, fit and laid out nozzles, inlets, and man-ways, fit and hung cat-walk, installed motors, drive shaft, and rake arms, signaled crane, and ran plasma.

McKinney Drilling — Clarksville, TN — 2018–2019

Welder, fabricator, equipment operator, rebuilt drilling equipment, welded on drill rigs, booms, and pipe, miscellaneous mechanical work, traveled when necessary. Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. — Plainfield, IL — 2011–2017 Nuclear powerhouse work (3 years) - assistant boss, welder, signal man, safety committee, fitter: fit modules (carbon and stainless) 1.5-3/4-inch thickness, 70-feet tall verts, 1/16- inch tolerances, layout, torch work, plasma work, beveling, pro-heat, fit containment vessel (3 inches thick plate, 1/16-inch tolerance), fit crane girder (3-inch thick, 1/16-inch tolerance), signaled crane, fit shield wall (3/4-inch thick, 1/4-inch tolerance, double-wall plate), layout, torch, gouge, fit floor (3/4-inch plate, stainless), layout, inbed plates, leak chases, fit angles, roof cap (6 inches thick), torching. Refinery work (2.5 years) - fit and welded 3-inch plates, signaled cranes, hung metal elevated, member of maintenance crew and did maintenance work on all pipelines and exchangers; fresh air, hole watch, and wrenching, torch. Steel mill work (6 months) - built a blast unit that consisted of 3-6 inch thick metal; fitter, welder, signaled over a 1,000,000 pound lift, signaled crane, built scaffolds, fit verts and round seams, torch work, pulled the old BOF out and installed a new one.

Fisher Tank Co. — Baltimore, MD — 2010–2012

Assistant boss, certified welder and fitter, hung steel, hung and fit plate steel (1.5-inch to 1/4-inch thick), fit verts and round seams, floors, hung and fit roofs and roof structures, and installed staircases, built pebble lime tanks (180 feet tall), torch work, arc gouging.

ENERFAB — Cincinnati, OH — 2011–2012

Powerhouse worker, certified welder and fitter, hung steel, built 200-feet tall tanks, hung and fit plate and structures, verts and round seams, layouts, inlets, man-ways, hung and fit bag house.

Caldwell Tanks — Louisville, KY — 2000–2008

Assistant boss, certified welder and fitter, certified crane operator, built many different types of tanks (flat bottoms, deposits, leg tanks, hydropillars), worked with dereks and cranes, fit plate and structures (many different thicknesses and sizes), verts and round seams.


OSHA 10, OSHA 30, Fresh Air, Hole Watch, Safety Climbing Courses, Stick 7018, MIG, Flux Core, Pulsed MIG, Submerged Arc.

Previously held certifications in other areas of welding - carbon, stainless, duplex, able to weld 60-10, 80-10, 110-18, and Inconel.


Arc gouging and torching, skilled at fitting thick and thin metal, extensive knowledge of key plates, come-alongs, porta powers, and dogs.


Bobby Woolery - Russell Springs, KY - 270-***-**** Tommy Passmore - Liberty, KY - 606-***-****

Jason Kramm - Mount Vernon, IL - 618-***-****

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