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Ehv Substation Engineer

Muntinlupa, Philippines
March 25, 2020

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Victor Jacob Moraleja

Project Engineer/Site Manager

-380/110/13.8kV Substation Projects

-Telecommunication Projects

Mobile: +63.919-***-****



Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Project Management, Project Coordination, Construction Management, Engineering Management, Cost Control, Quality and Safety Management and has extensive local and international exposure for power transmission, telecommunication and manufacturing projects.



May 2012 to October 30, 2019




Saudi Electricity Company-WOA (Client), Kingdon of Saudi Arabia

• Responsible for management and construction of New 380/230/115/13.8kV BSP, Dynamic Reactive Power Compensator, Expansion of Existing 380kV BSP and supervision of 14 site engineers.

• Oversees the implementation of OH&S and SEC 5-Star Safety standard.

• Manages contractor’s submittal for the review and approval from Substation Eng’g Design, Protection, Communication and Maintenance Departments and issue approve drawings & calculations for construction.

Resolve conflicts pertaining to the PTS, drawings and contract to ensure the projects timely completion.

• Prepare weekly and monthly report for project progress and raise obstacles observed during design and construction.

• Facilitates the clearing of punch list generated during the testing and commissioning and acquire clearance for site energization.

• Conducts constructability assessment of the project with all the trades.

• Coordinates with company control and operations departments for the outage/shutdown schedule for connection to the existing 380kV network.

• Develops/maintains complete project files and evaluate/recommend contractor’s monthly billing.

• Project Involved:

-New Al-Khuzam 380/110/13.8kV BSP (Jeddah, KSA)

-New Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation-600mvar Capacitive & 400MVAR Reactive SVC (Madinah, KSA)

-New Jedddah Central 380/110/13.8KV BSP (Jeddah, KSA)


July 2011 to February 2012


Pfizer Global Engineering (Wyeth Nutrition Plant)

Canlubang, Laguna, Philippines

• Responsible for the management and construction of the electrical scope works for the New Dry Blending Process Plant.

• Review daily work permits and risk assessment, method statements prepared by the contractor as per the approved Loss Prevention Program for safe working condition with compliance to the requirements of OH&S Standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures).

• Review the constructability assessment of the project with all the disciplines for the civil, electrical, delivery of mechanical and process equipment’s.

• Provides technical and administrative recommendation with the project team members for the Tie-Ins to existing facilities to ensure minimal production shutdown.

• Coordination with plant end-users (Process, Utilities, Sanitation, EHS, Security) for technical developments, scheduling, and resolving engineering design and test problems.

• Witness the testing and commissioning of the LV, ELV & auxiliary systems for the Initial Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) & Production Qualification (PQ) of the Plant.

• Develops and maintains complete project files and drawings. Evaluation & approval of contractors billing.


July 2008 to September 2010


Al-Gihaz Co. Ltd.- Energy Construction Division,

Saudi Electricity Company-WOA (Client), Kingdon of Saudi Arabia

• Responsible for the construction of New LSTK Project for multiple 110/13.8kV Substation as per SEC Engineering Standards.

• Implement all OH&S and SEC 5-Star Safety standard.

• Supervision for the preparation of floors and walls openings and cable support for the incoming and outgoing HV and MV cables, cable trays for power and interface cables at the cable basement, switchgear room, control rooms and battery rooms.

• Supervision for installation of 8 Bays-110kV Single Breaker-Double Bus GIS Switchgear, 3-67MVA,110/13.8kV Power Transformer, 2-1.5MVA, 13.8/0.4kV Auxiliary Transformer, 40-13.8kV Switchgear Panels, 110 and 13.8kV voltage level, Feeder/Bus Bar Protection Panels, Control, Indication and Monitoring Panels (GIS-LCC, DFR, SOE, AVC, UF, UV, SCADA, Communication) and modification at the existing remote ends.

• Supervision of cable pulling and termination for HV Cable from GIS to transformer primary and MV Cable from transformer secondary to the 13.8kV Switchgear.

• Supervision for the installation, cable pulling and termination of interface/control and power cables for LCC, switchgear, protection, AC & DC distributions panels.

• Supervision for the installation of equipment/panel/indoor/outdoor structures grounding and shielding system of the station.

• Pre-commissioning for internal and interface wiring of GIS/LCC panels, 13.8kV SWGR, Protection/Control, AC & DC Distribution Panels.

• Supervision for the installation of HVAC, Fire Alarm /Fire Protection.

• Attends weekly coordination meeting with clients for project updates.

• Documentation of scheme modification and as-built plans for final acceptance and handover to Client.

• Project Involved:

-New Al-Haramain 110/13.8 kV Substation (Jeddah, KSA)

-New Al-Nuzla-2 110/13.8 kV Substation (Jeddah, KSA)


March 2007 to February 2008


CZFP-Clough Zuhair Fayez Partnership

Aramco (Client), Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• Design of Electrical Auxiliary Works in compliance to Saudi Aramco Engg Standards & Practices.

• MV/ LV Power/Control Cable Tray & grounding layout for equipment & control panels.

AC and DC cable and conduit schedule preparation.

Low Voltage distribution panel, lighting and small power layout.

Battery and Rectifier/Chargers including DC distribution layout.

• Interface with designer and documentation of Tech Bid Evaluation & Response to Bidders.

As project control, prepared monthly billing of company PMS contract with five major currencies.

Attend weekly coordination meeting and prepare management reports.

Documentation of design package, transmittals and submission as per agreed project timeline.


January 2006 to January 2007


JT Metro JV-Japan Turkey Metro Joint Venture

Dubai-RTA (Client), Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• Lead a group of 5 Engineers with more than 120 technicians for the main station and three sections of the project.

• Liaise with Dubai Municipality for approval of Affection Plan, NOC-No Objection Certificate, DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and ETISALAT for utility requirements of the elevated and underground precast plants, construction offices, employees housing camps.

• Review and approve temporary/emergency electrical plans & specifications for construction of site offices and train stations.

• Safety patrol conducted in all areas with to ensure safe working conditions of personnel and contractors.

• Supervision for the installation of 11kV RMU, Switchgear, underground Cable, distribution transformers and LVSG as per DEWA standard.

• Responsible for the rental of generator sets for the elevated/tunnel construction site offices and providing power and lighting for the augering and concreting activity of civil works group.

• Prepare technical reports/accomplishments to management for on-going and completed works. Evaluation and recommendation contractor’s billings and issuance of certificate of acceptance.


December 1995 to June 2005


Network Services Division

SMART COMMUNICATIONS INC., Makati City, Philippines

• Phase I (1995-1998): Main Station – Backbone Construction

• Engineering & Construction Management of (8) Local Exchange Facility, (12) BSC & (120) Nationwide Transmission Backbone /Greenfield Cell sites.

• Design of electrical scope and preparation of specifications with compliance to the established Smart Communication Standards, latest Philippine Electrical Code and Local Government Regulations.

• Preparation of SLD, electrical loads 230V AC, 48 & 24Vdc battery/charger, service transformer, circuit breakers, cable and generator sizing calculation.

• Management and construction of telecom facilities: Building layout, tower erection, arrangement of telecom equipment, power transformer, generator set, LVSG, battery bank, distribution panels, cable laying, termination, lighting, lightning protection, electrical and equipment grounding system.

• Testing, Acceptance of electrical scope and preparation of As-Built plans for handover to Operation & Maintenance.

• Phase II (1998-2003): Rollout – Nationwide Construction

• Turnover ten (10) energized base station per month for target rollout.

• Liaise with Government Agencies and Contractors for the complete permit requirements of Barangay Clearances, Sangunihan Resolution, Mayor & City Engineering Permits (Civil, Electrical, Occupancy & CFEI).

• Responsible for the project management of cell site works, and initiate measures to facilitate speedier completion

• Developed new procedures and methods for fabrication/erection of towers, installation of electrical/communication panels/antennas and assembly of equipment shelter.

• Attend to weekly meeting with contractors regarding issues/concerns for site acquisition, LGU permit application/approval & application/contract negotiation with Meralco/Cooperative for permanent power connection.

• Responsible for the logistics of company supplied towers, equipment shelters, generators, cellular and transmission equipment delivery as per site requirements.

• Phase III (2003-2005): System Upgrade (ETACS-GSM-GPRS-EDGE-3G)

• Upgrade existing electrical system in parallel to the advancement in telecommunication system.

• Conceptualize and develop programs concerning optimum energy utilization. Installation of capacitor bank at MSC for power factor correction, replacement to energy saving lighting fixtures, TVSS and recommendation for conservation of energy.

• Preparation of company standard for engineering design and maintenance.

• Special Projects handled for rollout requirements:

1.Design, bid, award and fabrication monitoring of 20ft & 12ft Equipment Shelter: 600 units per year (complete with electrical panels, lighting, portholes, equipment grounding and cooling system).

2.Design, bid, award and fabrication of Cell site on Wheels (Trailer Mounted Cell site) for temporary installation, (complete with 10ft Container Van, 25kVA Genset, 1000Li Fuel tank, 100Ft. Guyed Tower).

3.Bidding, Procurement and Acceptance for 500 units (mixed ratings) of Generator Sets complete with ATS (500, 250, 125, 60, 45 and 25) kVA.

4.Engineering, procurement, installation and acceptance for the upgrading of 2Hp Window Type AC to 3TR Split Type AC.


June 1994 to December 1995


ISLA COMMUNICATIONS CO. INC., Makati City, Philippines

• Responsible for the preparation of electrical plans and specification for greenfield and building co-located cell sites.

• Team member for Cellular rollout planning, site selection and acquisition.

• Responsible for the management and construction of Metro Manila Rollout, Liaise with Government Permits and preparation of project technical reports.

• Provide technical assistance to procurement for sourcing of suppliers for self-support/guyed towers, equipment shelters, generators and subcon who will undertake the project implementation.

• Supervise the installation of self-support and guyed towers, equipment’s from Motorola (BTS, cellular antennas, Rectifier, Battery) and Siemens (Transmission Equipment, microwave antennas) in the Telecom Shelter / Room complete with power, lighting fixtures, grounding, Window AC Units.

• Application for permanent power to all facilities and provision of 25kVA back-up generators.

• Evaluate & approve contractor’s invoice & issuance of PAC/FAC certificate

• Completed the first 24 roll-out sites in Metro manila within four (4) months for its product launching in the Philippine Market.


October 1992 to June 1994


Energy Management Department/Metro Manila South Civil Works


• Evaluate electrical plans and specifications of new projects and upgrade of existing exchanges submitted by designer to ensure compliance with existing PLDT Engineering and Construction Standards.

• Designs and upgrade the electrical facility of existing exchanges by installing automatic capacitor banks for power factor correction.

• Responsible for the evaluation, testing and acceptance of 3,5 &10 kVA On-line and Stand-by UPS, emergency lights and appliance/motor protector

• Conducts electrical audit to existing facilities to promote programs concerning optimum energy utilization.

• Evaluate and approve contractor’s proposals for electrical equipment, cable layouts and panel shop drawings for fabrication and installation.

• Conducts field inspection, prepares technical reports and provide technical solutions to construction issues and evaluation/recommendation of contractor billings.

• Involved in 10 PLDT Zero Backlog Program for Metro Manila Subscribers.


March 1992 to October 1992


ACLEM PAPER MILLS, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

• Conduct routine inspection for all electrical equipment and machines (relays, contactors, and breakers) to ensure proper working condition.

• Performs cable splicing and termination, installation of circuit breakers, motors and distribution transformers including testing and commissioning.

• Performs motor rewinding of induction motors for company requirements and utilization (2Hp to 25Hp).


• Registered Electrical Engineer, REE-20280 (Issued Aug 5, 1991/Valid-Jul 28, 2021)

Professional Regulations Commission, Manila Philippines


• IIEE-Manila (Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers - NCR Manila, Phil.)

LIFE MEMBER – Since July 2002

• IIEE-ERCSA (Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers-Eastern Region

Chapter, Al-Khobar, KSA) LIFE MEMBER – June 2007

• SCE-E (Saudi Council of Engineers-Electrical) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Member# 98749–Since May 2012 (Valid until June 17,2019)

• IIEE-WRCSA (Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers-Western Region

Chapter, Jeddah, KSA) LIFE MEMBER – June 2015





Feb 12-16, 1996

Power Supply: Rectifier & Battery, ERICSSON COMP AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Feb 19-20, 1996


Ornskoldsvik, Sweden

Sep 21 to Oct 26, 2002

Mobile Technology Professional Program, Informatics

Certificate # I-185227

Ericsson Ortigas, Manila

Nov 18, 2005

AutoCAD 2006 w/Color Rendering Level I & II,

Autodesk No. 09360,

SM Manila

Nov.27 to Dec. 1, 2006

Cisco Certified Network Associate Program,

Global PH No 06-640*********

Phil. Tektite, Ortigas Manila

Dec 11-21, 2006

PC Networking and Administration, TESDA Accreditation

CAV NCR#07-01161

Pasay Manila

May 10-19, 2015

DocRev Training-SAS (Substation Automation System),

Siemens Power Academy-SEC-Western Projects

InterCon Jeddah. KSA

Nov 21-22,2016

FACTS-Flexible AC Transmission System,

Siemens Power Academy-SEC-Western Projects

InterCon Jeddah. KSA

Feb 26 to Mar 2, 2017

DocRev Training-SAS (Substation Automation System),

ABB -SEC-Western Projects

Crown Plaza, Jeddah KSA

Oct 15-19, 2017

Medium Voltage(13.8kV) SWGR NES-H Training,

AlFanar -SEC-Western Projects

Jeddah, KSA

Mar 18-22, 2018

Substation Teleprotection-NSD 570 (Oper & Maint) Training,

ABB -SEC-Western Projects

Crown Plaza, Jeddah KSA

Apr 15-19, 2018

Digital Fault Recorder-IDM User Course,

Adwan -SEC-Western Projects

Jeddah, KSA





May 10, 1995

Total Critical System Support (DCDC/LIEBERT Corp.)

Century Park Sheraton, Manila

Sep 23, 1995

12th IIEE-Metro Manila Technical Meeting

Sulu Hotel, QC, Manila

Nov14-17, 1995

20th IIEE-NCR Annual National Convention

PICC, Manila

May 3, 1996

Power & Communication Equipment Protection (IECEP)

Manila Midtown Hotel, Manila

Nov 10,1997

Lightning Protection System (Lightning Master-USA)

Dusit Hotel Nikko, Makati City

May 25,1998

Power Solutions (Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs)

Shangri-La Hotel, Makati City

Jun 24-26, 1998

23rd IIEE-NCR Mid-Year General Membership Meeting

PICC, Manila

Sep 25, 1998

GEL/AGM, VRLA Batteries (SEC IND. Battery. Co. Ltd)

Shangri-La Hotel, Makati City

Nov 23-26, 1998

23rd IIEE-NCR Annual National Convention

PICC, Manila

May 4, 1999

Transient Voltage Surge Supp. Sys (DCDC/Liebert Corp.),

New World Hotel, Makati City

Oct 21-24, 1999

24th IIEE-NCR Annual National Convention

PICC, Manila

Nov 19-22, 2001

Supervisory Development Program (SMART Com. Inc.)

Smart Tower, Makati City

Oct 10-11, 2002

Construction Safety (Safety Org. of the Philippines, Inc.)

Smart Tower, Makati City

Jul 16-17, 2003

Defensive Driving & Road Safety (Green Ads Aerocheck)

Westin Phil Plaza Hotel, Manila

May 27-28, 2004

Repeater Systems Training (SMART Com. Inc.),

Smart Sta. Ana WH, Makati City

Nov 22, 2004

Data Comm & IP Technology (SMART Comm. Inc./PLDT

PLDT-Dansalan, Manila

Jun 15, 2007

2007 IIEE-ERCSA-Mid-Year General Membership Meeting

Le Gulf Meridien Hotel, Al-Khobar, KSA

Sep 7, 2007

IIEE-ERCSA-HV Outdoor Switchyard Design-II

Al Bustan Hotel, Al-Khobar, KSA

Nov 12, 2012

17th IIEE-ERCSA-Annual Chapter Convention

Le Gulf Meridien Hotel, Al-Khobar, KSA

Jun 12, 2015

Voltage Drop, Dry Trafo & Central Battery (IIEE-WRCSA)

Trident Hotel, Jeddah, KSA

Jan 15, 2016

Design & Installation-Generator Sets (IIEE-WRCSA)

La Parilla Restaurant, Jeddah, KSA

Apr 8, 2016

NEC Article 110-Electrical Installation (IIEE-WRCSA)

La Parilla Restaurant, Jeddah, KSA

Jun 15, 2016

2016 IIEE-WRCSA-Mid-Year General Membership Meeting

Trident Hotel, Jeddah, KSA

Nov 11, 2016

2016 IIEE-WRCSA-Annual Convention

Trident Hotel, Jeddah, KSA

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