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Engineer Engineering

Chicago, IL
March 24, 2020

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Sanchuan Jiang

Location: Chicago, IL Phone:

Email: 773-***-****


Recent Graduate with a Master of Science in Computer Science and 4+ years of hands-on experience in sales and processing engineering. Motivated Self-starter focused on designing, developing, and deploying technology solutions to solve real-world problems while maximizing platform and application performance, stability, and uptime. EDUCATION

● Master of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology

● Bachelor of Science in Materials Science, University of Science and Technology Beijing SKILLS

● Engineering: Architecture Design & Coding, Web & Mobile Application, Database Operations, Testing & Code Coverage, Security, Scalability, Performance, Software Quality, Automation, Code Reviews, Documentation

● Programming: Java, JavaScript, ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js, SQL, Python, C++, Java Servlet, JQuery, HTML & CSS, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Yarn

● Leadership: Project Management, Prioritization, Process Improvement, Cross-functional Collaboration SELECT PROJECTS

Job Search & Recommendation Platform

● Designed an interactive web page for users to search for positions and apply online.

● Provided personalized position recommendations based on search history and favorite records.

● Created Java servlets with RESTful APIs to handle HTTP requests and responses, and deployed to Amazon EC2. Hermes: A Spring And Hibernate Based Shopping And Ordering System

● Built a web app for users to search, list, and shop for items online, along with a fulfillment system on AWS.

● Implemented security workflow via in-memory and JDBC authentication provided by Spring Security to enable secure transactions and protect user data.

● Improved database performance by using Hibernate to improve support for processing similar queries. NBA Player Strength Visualization

● Created a dashboard using React, D3 and Ant Design backed by API from to visualize individual player’s shot data, including a shot chart and user profile view.

● Created 4 extra filters and 2 shot themes (hexbin and scatter) to customize visualizations based on user interests.

● Developed an autocomplete player search bar providing a list of players (image and name) in the suggestion list to ensure accurate user selection and improve the user experience. Matrix, an LBS based Android Application for Smart Driving

● Integrated Google Map API to display nearby hot alerts and navigate to avoid traffic and used Google Firebase to store and manage UGC including comments, images, descriptions, title, and geolocations.

● Improved the UI/UX flow with Animation and ToolBar/ActionBar to simplify process flow and improve UX.

● Implemented the event-trigger Firebase Message System with GCP Functions to broadcast notifications to users.

● Built an in-app simple voice control by using Google Speech Recognition to support hand free event reports, streamline use interactions, and increase user safety during vehicle operation. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

Sales Engineer, Li Tong Hi-Tech Corp, China 2013 - 2016

● Designed, developed, and deployed Reverse Supply Chain Management services for a state-certified technology enterprise that researches, manufactures and sells high-tech products for energy and environmental protection.

● Partnered with clients to define engineering plans according to business requirements before entering project bids and managing projects through to completion both on-time and on-budget. Processing Engineer, Ben Gang Group Corp, China 2012 - 2013

● Developed galvanized steel production plans and process flows to meet product process requirements and quality assurance standards while troubleshooting technical problems to maintain production efficiency.

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