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Civil Engineering Engineer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
March 24, 2020

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José Manuel Martins Mobile: + (351-***-***-*** Email:

José Manuel Morgado Martins

Address: R do. Ferrinho 2, 6300 Guarda, Portugal

Mobile: + (351-***-***-***


Skype: morgado.martins Wa: + (351-***-***-***


Highly dynamic engineering professional, offering 20 years of experience in design and project supervision, site management, field operations, team supervision and leadership, and client liaison in the construction industry. Construction expert with a degree in civil engineering with expertise in a handling a wide range of projects whilst working in challenging environments, ensuring superior quality and efficient service delivery, adding value to the business consistently. Skilled in managing multimillion-euro civil projects utilising client management skills, strategic insights, and sharp planning techniques towards managing contractual requirements whilst completing projects on time and to the desired quality level. Extensive knowledge in FIDIC form of contracts. Visionary thinker, an inspirational leader, and an outstanding team player utilising collaborative approaches in work to translate vision into achievements whilst demonstrating strong analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills with a passion for excellence in quality and construction services.


• Designing, analyzing, and altering plans, prototypes or structures.

• Ensuring building plans, prototypes, and structures are operating safely, efficiently, and reliably.

• Assisting team members with project objectives, budgets, and timelines.

• Establishing project goals.

• Identifying and solving problems in building plans, prototypes, and structures.

• Ensuring building systems are functional, reliable, and safe.

• Participating in site visits.

• Testing and evaluating building systems to find problems and improvements.

• Reading, interpreting, and explaining complex technical documents.

• Consulting with clients on building projects.

• Current knowledge of industry trends, technology, codes, and regulations.

• The ability to diagram designs both manually and with computer-aided drafting.

• Good team working and communication skills.

• Good time management skills.

• An excellent working knowledge of science, mathematics, and engineering principles.

• Strong analytical, critical, and problem-solving skills. KEY SKILLS

Project Development – Involved in the design and development of construction and reconstruction projects, as well as preparing complete engineering packages for projects right from the preliminary design review (PDR) to completion. Instrumental in real-time reporting on project progress and as-built costs.

Material and inventory management – Acting as a engineer storekeeper whilst expertly handling store operations involving quality assurance, optimal resource allocation and control, safe storage, supply logistics, and overhead cost reduction.

Team Building – Inspiring, motivating, and guiding others towards an understood goal. Actively encouraging and facilitating cooperative and collaborative working relationships. Realigning work groups and work roles to foster and develop teamwork and increase staff productivity.

Languages – Proficient in communicating with people from diverse and multicultural backgrounds with fluency in English and French.

José Manuel Martins Mobile: + (351-***-***-*** Email: KEY PROJECTS HANDLED FOR OIL COMPANY

Essential Information

Evaluate and test building systems and construction designs. Engineers may also specialize in a particular field in construction, such as lighting or HVAC systems.

Job Description

Analyze building or system prototypes submitted by architects in order to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and enforce adherence of building codes and compliance issues. Evaluate proposed electrical systems to ensure occupational safety and assess window costs. Office setting reviewing blueprints and travel to a construction site in order to inspect foundations, support systems and layouts. Duties

Begin a project by meeting with architects to discuss structural designs. During this stage, engineers ascertain load, power and structural requirements. Analyze sketches, blueprints and models for environmental, acoustic and safety issues. Engineers may assess HVAC system noise and deem whether it is appropriate for the respective facility. If I find a potential structural issue, they may consult with architects and civil engineers in order to find a solution.

Working experience on EPC Projects for oil company;

- Construction of The Airport Terminal Building at Messla Field.

- Supply and Installation of The New Fuel Facility Storage Tanks and Refuelling Station at Messla Field Airport

- Construction of Fire Fighting Vehicle Shelter at Messla Field.

- Repairs & Maintenance of Centre Hall at Seismic Data Processing Center In Benghazi.

- Construction of Oil Spill Response Centre at Tobruk Terminal.

- Construction of Telecommunication Building At Tobruk Terminal,

- Construction of Main Administration Building at Al-Hariga Harbour, Tobruk,

- Design & Construction of Pile Foundations for Installation of Three (3) New Automatic Manifolds at Messla Gathering Centres Gc-07 & Gc-O8.

- Work & Technical Specification for Trailers Substations & Warehouse Substation at Sarir/ Messla Fields

- Rehabilitation and Upgrading of Sarir Airport,

- Construction of Connecting Bridge Between Main Office and Computer Buildings at AGOCO H/Q El Kish- Benghazi,

- Revamping of Existing Shipping Yard Office Building at Tobruk Terminal,

- Construction of New Offices Building, at Company HQ, El-Kish, Benghazi” - Training Classroom Building,

- Remaining Works For Construction of The Fire Station Building At Majid Field,

- Construction of The Laboratory Building at Sarir Field,

- Construction of Field Accommodation Blocks at Sarir Field,

- Construction of Field Accommodation Blocks at Nafoora Field,

- Construction of Field Accommodation Blocks at Messla Field,

- Construction of Field Accommodation Blocks at Beda Field,

- Construction of Field Accommodation Blocks at Hamada Field,

- Construction of Pipe Racks for Stockpile / Storage of Pipes at Sultan Field,

- Construction of Security Fence for Christmas Tree at Sultan Field,

- Inquiry for Engineering & Consultancy Services; Pavement Inventory and Evaluation at Agoco Oilfields Airports,

- Report Assari Offer Evaluation: For Engineering & Consultancy Services; Pavement Inventory and Evaluation at Beda Oilfield Airport, Benghazi

- Contractor Ferrostaal Submittals - Concrete Mix Design, drawings, calculations and others

- Construction Of “Multi-Storey Car Parking Building at Agoco Headquarter El-Kish Benghazi”

- Rehabilitation & Upgrading of Beda Airport.

- Construction of Petroleum Facilities Guard Building at Beda Field,

- Foundations for Supply and Installation of one (1) Stand-By 1st Stage Compressor and one (1) Stand-By 2nd Stage Compressor at Sarir GTP,

- Foundations For “Installation of The New Imva-4.16kv/208-120 And 250 Kva-4.,16kv/480v-60hz Substation

(Containerized Type) and the Relevant Equipment for Nafoora Field”.

- Foundations for (8) Eight Substations for Sarir and Majid Field. José Manuel Martins Mobile: + (351-***-***-*** Email: KEY DELIVERABLES ACROSS CAREER SPAN

Engineering Management

Serving as a main contact to fulfil all the responsibilities based on procurement, design, and implementation of standards and quality management systems.

Collaborating with suppliers/subcontractors and architects to develop value engineering options for the company or clients.

Participating in the selection of architectural and engineering consultants for capital outlay projects.

Ensured maintenance of cost records to facilitate development of cost estimates for new projects.

Providing consultancy services in several fields of civil engineering for public and private clients.

Supervising research projects, defining incentive schemes, and standardising teams and procedures whilst ensuring necessary working conditions.

Providing executive-level guidance as a senior consultant for projects of ultra large nature.

Ensuring quality work standards and eco-friendly practices in compliance with project goals, objectives, and statutes.

Civil Supervision

Reviewing project requirements and site conditions to verify conformance to shop drawings and details of approved suppliers.

Interfacing with other trades of structural, architectural, and MEP nature whilst ensuring effective coordination between the different suppliers/subcontractors to reduce any variations/claims.

Planning and developing construction drawings and specifications for projects.

Reviewing and making recommendations on project design, plans, and specifications.

Provided continuous guidance and support to internal and external clients on interpretation of and adoption to design standards and blue prints.

Evaluating construction conditions of new buildings and assessing characteristics of existing buildings.

Participating in pre-project planning, preparation of conceptual estimates, alternatives evaluations, risk analysis, and project design and definition.

Ensuring the project team understands the scope of work whilst managing changes in design solutions and constantly updating the team about policy changes through effective communication.

Analysing inspection reports (operational health and safety (OH&S) procedures and building maintenance) and coordinating inspection procedures for rehabilitation projects.

Perform Architectural Drawings; using AutoCAD 2019 and REVIT 2019.

Carry out Structural Calculation; Concrete or Steel, using STAAD Pro Vi6,

Carry out Foundation Calculation; STAAD Foundations Advanced, V4.

Can perform any kind of Scope of Work (SOW) for Oil Company.

Familiar with NOC (GES) General Engineering Specification: building & facilities, civils & foundations, structural steelwork.

Inventory Control

Ensuring appropriate management of productive resources including manpower, materials, and equipment.

Procuring the right materials, coordinating disagreements and inventory losses, and maintaining quality and the right amounts, as well as providing adequate facilities, resources, and distribution needed to drive fast and efficient services.

José Manuel Martins Mobile: + (351-***-***-*** Email: CAREER PROGRESSION

SENIOR CIVIL ENGINEER at Arabian Gulf Oil Company HQ- Libya

Perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities: Work on projects such as flood defence schemes and sewer improvement programmes at all stages, from conception and planning to completion and handover. Typical responsibilities include:

Producing designs, both initial outlines and full plans, of sewerage, water treatment and flood defence structures such as pump systems and pipe networks Managing and maintaining water and sewerage infrastructure operations Presenting project details and technical information to colleagues and clients Writing reports

Managing project budgets

Keeping up to date with changes in regulatory legislation and guidelines Writing and advertising tender documents and managing contracts Liaising with clients, contractors, government agencies, local authorities and suppliers Monitoring flood levels

Supervising staff and site workers

Using a variety of specialist computer applications/simulation software Ensuring that projects keep to budgets and timescales Maintaining an awareness of current environmental issues. Onsite to employ the knowledge of building designs and specifications in directing and monitoring construction project.

Overseeing the structural electrical and mechanical operations in a construction to ensure efficient utilities.

Work with construction professionals such as contractors and engineers to supervise and direct construction operations.

Design solutions to difficulties and problems with a building construction. Study and evaluate construction blueprints and plans to ensure a feasible design. Focus on the structural integrity and safety of a proposed structure as opposed to building aesthetics and style.

Conduct estimates to determine the cost requirements of getting construction materials.

Carry out tests to determine the structural integrity of a building. Select or recommend appropriate raw materials and components required for construction.

Monitor contractor activities to ensure adherence to building codes and procedures. Proffering recommendations on necessary changes and upgrades required for increased efficiency.

Make adjustments on lighting and heating systems to enhance overall safety. Ensure compliance with all federal and local laws on housing and construction. Produce diagrams of building plans by manual hand drafting or with the aid of CAD software.

Conduct research to identify recent trends and developments in architectural engineering.

Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of safe designs, material characteristics and building codes in order to erect an environmentally friendly and stable structure. Aug 2015 – Nov 2019

José Manuel Martins Mobile: + (351-***-***-*** Email: RESIDENT ENGINEER at Ifrne Palace Project - Morocco Under umbrella of Base4, Architcts and Engineers Consultancy USA

Perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities: Team Leader of Inspectors: Architecture, Structural, MEP and Infrastructures (RFI s, Shop Drawings, Contractors Submittals appreciation).

Supervise all activities of project and ensure compliance to all plans and specifications and identify all errors in plans and ensure optimal working of construction personnel.

Manage and maintain accurate field notes and maintain flow of technical information and prepare comprehensive assessment reports for all turbines and generators and associate equipment’s. Perform regular routine maintenance on all turbo generator systems and assist to organize all projects and evaluate all job specifications. Oversee working of all engineering personnel and inspect all materials and assist to resolve all construction process and recommend improvement to all construction activities and ensure compliance to specifications and construction schedule and prepare all progress reports.

Prepare all project documents and design all purchase orders and project schedules and ensure compliance to all health and safety policies and participate in evaluation of all engineer personnel. Evaluate all improvement operations and ensure availability of all resources and coordinate with customer to prepare all outage schedules and provide recommendation for all repair work and ensure compliance to all timeframe.

Perform regular evaluation on all observance trends and prepare all preventative maintenance on all parts and coordinate with customers for all operation groups.

Resolve all customer questions within required timeframe and provide assistance to all customers and monitor all pro active activities and installations of equipment’s.

Dec 2010 – June 2015

MUNICIPAL ENGINEER at Local Gouvernement – Portugal Dec 1998 – Nov 2010 Perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities: Review project specifications and confers with the City Engineer concerning assistance required such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, evaluation of field conditions, design changes, and reports. Prepare civil/site work drawings, structural designs, and water/sewer designs based on existing local utilities and facility load and use.

Create presentable and accurate facility and infrastructure plans, using AutoCAD, for concept and statement of work requirements for project execution.

Assist in the design and development of civil engineering projects. Oversee specialist engineering tasks such as design drafting, estimating and operations control. Survey project sites to obtain and analyze topographical details of sites. Supervise the preparation and review of contract drawings and documents Responsible for inspecting project sites in order to monitor progress and ensure compliance with all safety and government regulations Analyze survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, and other topographical or geologic data to plan projects.

Provides feedback and advice regarding the technical and structural aspects of company projects to management and other project leaders. Supervises the preparation and review of contract drawings and documents.

Inspect construction site to determine conformance of site to design specifications. Assist in the review of private project development plans for compliance with codes, regulations, and standards, adequacy of applications for permits and compliance with approved plans. José Manuel Martins Mobile: + (351-***-***-*** Email: Assist in project management for the construction of municipal public works projects. Respond to public or other inquiries relative to engineering policies and procedures on specific projects and other information. Evaluates issues and options regarding municipal public works and makes recommendations to management.

Producing designs, both initial outlines and full plans, of sewerage, water treatment and flood defense structures such as pump systems and pipe networks. Managing and maintaining water and sewerage infrastructure operations. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS

M.A.Sc. Master Degree (5 years) Civil Engineering; University of Coimbra, Portugal Nov 1984 – Feb 1989 PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS

P. Engineer. ; Chartered Civil Engineer by Ordem dos Engenheiros, License No.23196 P. Architect : Chartered Architect by IMIPC (Instituto dos Mercados Imobiliários e da Construção), License No. 144 Certified Construction Manager Professional, by Training Centre (AICCOPN – Association of Contractors for Public Works, Portugal)


Proficient in Microsoft Office and industry-specific designing applications such as; Microsoft software suite, MS Project, AutoCAD 2019, REVIT 2019 and STAAD Pro 2019, STAAD Foundations Advanced. PERSONAL INFORMATION

Date of Birth: 24th March, 1960 Nationality: Portuguese Marital Status: Married Driving Licence: European

References available on request

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