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Engineer Engineering

Katy, TX
March 24, 2020

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Justin Robert William Treadwell


Petroleum Engineer with 2+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Having worked in a core lab being hands on with the rock and the equipment has allowed me to understand the hands-on technical side. Working on in the office consulting side assisting clients acquiring new acreage, pipeline companies determining production in their area, and monitoring completions and flow back of new wells of various operators. With the experiences that I have been exposed to during my career I have seen various approaches to problems that will assist me in making competent decisions and providing the proper ethical and economical answer. EDUCATION

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX Graduation December 2017

• Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering

• Minor in Business and Finance through Mays Business School Study Abroad: Texas A&M Campus in Doha, Qatar Fall Semester 2015

• Experienced a diverse aspect of Engineering and culture that would not have been obtained anywhere else

• Acted as an ambassador for Texas A&M Engineering Department at the branch campus in Doha, Qatar

• Acted as a delegate for main campus Texas A&M to help the Qatar chapter of the Student Engineering Counsel to grow TECHNICAL SKILLS

• Aries: Forecasting production of wells and reviewed forecasting techniques to generate type curves with corresponding areas to develop a single well economics. Assisting in numerous projects to complete economic scenarios for various asset acquisitions.

• Spotfire: Developed completion charts to assist with understand operator benchmarking along with various vintage plots. These plots were presented to clients to help familiarize them with their current production and how it compared to other operators nearby.

• Petra Software: Familiar with program to determine potential drill sites, mapping, and depth registering logs

• GIT Systems: Determined fluid filled porosities and volumes of fluids within samples to determine wettability of varying samples

• GeoGraphix: Created field wide maps such as thematic maps and using log projection to determine landing zones.

• Techlog: Mapped offshore field in Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela and worked in Gulf of Mexico Deep Offshore Reservoir developing a petrophysical model to determine where the next profitable well should be drilled.

• CMG Reservoir Modeling Software to model deep gas and volatile oil reservoirs.

• IHS Harmony: Utilized software to determine early time bottom hole flowing pressures to estimate pore pressure gradients across client’s acreage and working toward building a map of pore pressure gradients. Created deliverability plots to compare wells with similar completions or production time to better understand how various wells performed.

• Visual Basics Coding within Excel to assist with a number of projects WORK EXPERIENCE

W. D. Von Gonten Consulting, Houston, Texas April 2019 – March 2020 Petroleum Engineer

• Worked in the Midland Basin, Eagleford, Bakken, and Vaca Muerta in Argentina.

• Assisted in multiple full field evaluations within these reservoirs to determine production trends that were used to create type curves and economic evaluations.

• These type curves were used to determine single well economics to give clients and/or investors what their expectations moving forward for acreage development should be.

• Worked to better understand what proper spacing and well configuration layouts should be to better assist clients with full field acreage development strategies.

• Worked with multiple banks to determine an economic evaluation of companies they were looking to invest in using Aries to determine the reserves of Proved Assets.

• Used IHS Harmony to determine wells early time flowback production to monitor choke changes, well deliverability, and bottom hole pressures to better assist clients.

• Worked on a team to develop a class at Texas A&M University to teach graduating seniors what some of the industry challenges and trends that current operators are facing today. W. D. Von Gonten Laboratory, Houston, Texas February 2018 – April 2019 NMR Lead / Lab Scientist

• Used the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machine in the Lab to provide accurate data for clients to help determined fluids in reservoir quality rocks.

• Researched the uses of natural imbibition of tight rock samples in varying fluids to help determine wettability of samples across varying plays.

• Assisted in developing new methods to use automatic pumps to saturate samples under a confining state while running NMR on samples to better track which pores will take which fluids.

• Assisted in developing a work flow model to calculate steady state permeability using liquids.

• With the help of the lab team developing a way to use NMR to monitor saturations while flowing oil and brine to develop Relative Permeability Curves which has not been done on Mud Rock Core.

• Optimized the way data is presented to the clients using various codes to assist clients in understanding the information.

• Used the BET Machine to determine pore sizes and pore size distribution of samples.

• Working on filing the paperwork for review for two patents that will assist the company in future production and research aspects.

• Integrating data across multiple areas of the lab to improve reservoir predictions.

• Determining models and cutoffs to be able to separate varying fluids in shale samples using NMR.

• Using 3D NMR to determine flow of fluids across samples, which will eventually be used to help in assisting liquid permeability across interfaces.

W. D. Von Gonten Consulting, Houston, Texas May 2017 – August 2017 Petroleum Engineering Intern

• Worked in the Delaware Basin, Anadarko Basin, and the Haynesville Shale plays with three teams of engineers

• Researched horizontal spacing tests in the Delaware Basin and determined their parent-child relationships

• Determined what is the normal frac hit degradation that operators are experiencing in the Delaware Basin

• Updated phase lines and forecasting all horizontal wells in the Anadarko Basin; which included the API breakdowns, and GOR trends for the entire Anadarko Basin

• Examined forecasting methods used in the Shelby Trough of the Haynesville Shale

• Forecasting methods such as longer rate constrained wells sections of the Haynesville Shale under high pressure South Texas Reservoir Alliance LLC, Houston, Texas June 2013 – August 2013 Petroleum Engineering Intern

• Reported directly to the Geoscience Manager

• Prepared hundreds of logs for analysis by determining producible depths of hydrocarbons using Petra software

• Analyzed production data and trends to determine new optimal well locations

• Prepared active/inactive status maps for the entire Pierre Basin in Colorado

• Researched wells in the New Albany Basin in Southern Illinois and Indiana for active and inactive status LEADERSHIP

Corps of Cadets: Company A-1 and Squadron 21 August 2013 – May 2017 Financial Officer and Career Readiness Officer

• Developed budgets and oversee fund collection/distribution to support outfit operations, training, and morale events

• Created a book keeping system to track each member’s points awarded for a variety of events they have attended, and this system is now being used by every outfit in the Corps of Cadets Scholastics Sergeant, Public Relations Sergeant and Squad Leader

• Established unit academic policies and tracked academic performance—made sure cadets met academic standards Fire Team Leader, Logistics Corporal, Outfit Clerk

• Revitalized logistics program to be an active and beneficial asset to the outfit—ensured logistic support provided to all outfit activities

Society of Petroleum Engineers Texas A&M Chapter

Chapter Director

• Led the organization of a group of students; established chapter goals and objectives—providing students a forum to learn more about oil and natural gas exploration and production as well as network with oil and gas professionals Chapter Chairman

• Assisted the director with paperwork and reaching out to various companies so that students would have a chance to learn about the oil and gas industry from business professionals in a relaxed environment

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