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Senior scientist Protein Characterization

Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
March 24, 2020

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Carla Emolo, Ph.D.

Phone:+1-773-***-****; Email:;


Enthusiastic and motivated scientist with strong background in biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular genetics. Passionate about protein biochemistry applied to vaccine, therapeutic development and diagnostic platforms. Constantly pursuing the translation of scientific discoveries into real world applications.


Over nine years of research in biochemistry, microbiology and molecular cloning

acquired both in academia and industry environments (Abbott Laboratories, University

of Chicago, Novartis Vaccine and Diagnostics)

Strong analytical skills with proven proficiency in planning and executing experiments


Extensive experience with Good Lab Practices regulations gained both in pharma and academia, understanding of GCP and GMP guidelines.

Strong experience in chemical analytical methodologies like HPLC/FPLC (AKTA and Waters System), UV-VIS, ELISA, IMMUNOASSAY, (q)PCR, CELL CULTURE BASED ASSAY ( BINDING/INHIBITION)

Established responsibility in design and conduct experiments, accomplish established milestones

and summarizes data, results and draws conclusions.

Extensive experience in recognize and resolve technical problem, identify alternatives plans and

drive future directions.

Solid organizational, verbal, and written communication skills demonstrated by successful track

records of ten peer-reviewed journal publications (plus one submitted for reviews), three patents

filings and several conference presentations.

Excellent scientific leadership, supervising multiple research projects and training undergraduate

and graduate students.

Extensive experience in working with multidisciplinary and multinational teams.


Abbott Diagnostics Division

Senior scientist, Bio conjugation process design R&D) Chicago, IL

June 2019- Feb 2020

Process design and characterization of HIV 1 and HIV 2 conjugate peptides, to meet REACH requirements and manufacturing needs (DOE).

Support Reach project and division wide program goals.

Abbott Diagnostics Division

Senior Scientist, Global analytical technical support (GATS) Chicago, IL

July 2018-May 2019

Responsible for the development, characterization and validation of analytical test methods for Abbott high-value reagents (proteins, organics) and incoming materials (proteins, organics, detergents, commodities) like determination of Purity (SDS Page, Size exclusion and reverse phase HPLC, AccQ•Tag Amino Acid Analysis, acetate/citrate residual test) Identity (Dot/western blot).

Mycoplasma test method development in order to replace external to in-house alternative.

Provide technical services to the quality departments new methods, test method improvements, equipment upgrades.

Provide analytical chemistry support to assist in investigation closure and to resolve manufacturing issues.

University of Chicago, Department of Microbiology Chicago, IL

Research professional, Schneewind Lab November 2015 – June 2018

Guided collaboration with Johnson & Johnson (Belgium) to identify the develop a promising S.aureus vaccine pipeline, engaging the main immunogenic coagulases domains and employing molecular, biochemical and blood immunoassays.

Investigated the synergistic efficacy of monoclonal antibodies in ex vivo systems (primary human

blood products, cells) and in vivo murine models as therapeutics during S. aureus infections.

Developed a novel human whole blood assay, to examine how Staphylococcus aureus

manipulates host blood hemostasis to cause disease (OPK in whole blood).

University of Chicago, Department of Microbiology Chicago, IL

Post-doctoral fellow, Schneewind Lab December 2010 - October 2015

Utilized allelic recombination and complementation to engineer single and multi-gene knockout

strains to characterize staphylococcal agglutination and coagulation genes (coa and ClfA).

Generated mosaic antigens whereby the variable portions of Staphylococcus coagulases

proteins, from clinically relevant North American, Asian and European isolates, were genetically

combined to obtain a universal vaccine.

Conducted in vitro and in vivo studies to evaluate the contribution of these novel vaccine

candidates, against S. aureus blood stream infections.

Generated murine monoclonal and recombinant antibodies against coagulation /agglutination

molecules, and employed molecular, biochemical approaches together with murine infection

model approaches to evaluate the protective efficacy of active and passive vaccination.

Columbia University, Department of Medicine New York, NY

Post-doctoral fellow, Harris P. Lab November 2009 – November 2010

Employed genetic, molecular, biochemical techniques to demonstrate the correlation between the

expression of pancreatic molecular transporter (VMAT2) and insulin, in human and mouse

pancreas tissues.

Novartis Vaccine & Diagnostics – Biochemistry Unit Siena, IT

Ph.D in Biology and physiopathology- Biochemistry unit September 2006 – October 2009

Biochemical characterization of RrgA as the major adhesin of S. Pneumoniae and as a

immunogenic against different strains in “in vivo” mouse model of infections protein along

with the mapping of two surface-exposed linear epitopes recognized by protective antisera.

High throughput platform purification and analysis of potential vaccine candidates.

National Research Center of Genetics and Biophysics Naples, IT

Fellowship September 2004 – September 2006

Established expertise in HPLC, FPLC, and mass spectrometry to biochemically characterize

proteins profiles in breast cancer.

High throughput platform for expression, purification and mass spectrometry analysis of potential

breast cancer biomarkers.


University of Siena Siena, Italy

Ph.D. in Biology and Cellular Physiopathology – Biochemistry unit October – 2009

(Studies conducted in Novartis vaccine and diagnostics laboratories- Siena Italy)

University of Naples, Naples Italy

M.S. and B.S in Biology Science (summa cum laude) July - 2004


Biochemistry and Immunology: Recombinant protein expression and cell fractionation, purification by

FPLC, HPLC, Protein chromatography (ion-exchange, hydrophobicity, hydroxyapatite, affinity, size exclusion, reverse phase). Protein A, G and L antibody purification from non-mammalian, mammalian sera and cell culture supernatant, hybridoma cultures, SDS page, western blot, dot blot, slot blot, western blot, flow cytometry. Opsonophagocytic killing assay, ELISA Inhibition/competition binding assays.

Molecular Genetics: Nucleic acid extraction from bacterial and mammalian cells/tissue samples, recombinant DNA cloning, probe/primer design, bacterial allelic replacement and genetic complementation, transposon/chemical/site-directed mutagenesis, phage isolation and transduction, bacterial conjugation, Taq-man quantitative PCR, inverse PCR, cloning with recombinase technology (Gateway system), siRNA/DNA transfections, RNA extraction, RT-PCR, cDNA, sequencing and analysis of monoclonal CDR regions.

Cell Biology: culturing primary and immortalized cell lines, cell adhesion assay, transfection assay, scanning electron/confocal/immune-fluorescent microscopy.


Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, Image J, Bioinformatics analysis (NCBI, Finch TV, 4peaks, Chromas Genious), Empower, GraphPad Prism, Unicorn, Endnote, Imgt/v- quest for antibody sequencing.

Languages: Italian (native language) and English


Compositions and methods related to antibodies Staphylococcal Protein A, University of Chicago

PTC/US 9556281

Composition and methods related to antibodies that neutralize coagulase activity during

Staphylococcus aureus disease, University of Chicago PCT/US2013/031927.

Certificate in fundamental of Clinical research at University of Chicago.


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