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Engineer Electrical

Greenwich, Greater London, United Kingdom
March 24, 2020

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• A result oriented professional in Power & Energy industry as power system engineer with 8 years of experience providing thorough and skillful.

• Hands on experience on project delivery from design to installation and maintenance.

• Deep experience on AC-DC power system equipment and feature.

• Advance know-how TCO, OPEX and CAPEX calculation for existing and new facilities.

• Advance know-how on power calculations, designing and installation of backup systems such as diesel generators, UPSs and Batteries for data centers and other critical loads.

• Proven ability to work under pressure to accomplish mission critical operations, root cause analysis and issue troubleshooting in live environment.

• A proactive learner and highly motivated.

• Looking forward to be associated with a progressive organization through a challenging position where my ability and experience will have valuable application.

• An effective communicator and ability to relate well with people at all levels. PROFILE INFORMATION

Date-Place of Birth : 15.06.1987 – TURKEY

Address : Apartment 1407, 8 Walworth Road/London

Mobile : +447*********

E-mail :

LinkedIn Profile : MMuurraatt

EE rrddaall

Power Systems Engineer

Work Experience

Huawei Technologies, Istanbul-TURKEY 06/2018 – 03/2020 Power Systems Engineer

Universal Project Phase 2 — 06-2018/ 03-2020

Description of the project:

Project scope include installation of base stations in rural areas of Turkey for GSM coverage. Over than one thousand village and hamlets will meet first time with GSM first time when project complete. I am responsible all power infrastructure of the project as Power System Engineer. This role requires managing all phases of the power project and delivery activities as first/single contact of customer and subcontractors. I lead site managers (technicians) in this project.

• Providing technical support for all aspects of the project such as managing Electrical Transmission Lines (HV/LV) design, installation, commissioning.

• Site based TCO analysis for cost estimation before investment.

• Reviewing customer orders, plan and coordinate delivery activities and ensuring quality of the customer experience.

• Providing technical support to subcontractors and site managers (technicians) at every stage of the project.

• Making progress payments calculations for subcontractor receivables. Huawei Technologies, Istanbul-TURKEY

Power Systems Engineer

Turkcell 5G Readiness Project — 01-2019 / 09-2019

Description of the project:

Project scope include analysing of power infrastructure of existing GSM sites according to new 5G loads. Researching for new solutions and modify existing AC and DC capacity of traditional GSM sites for huge new 5G loads. I was lead of power systems team.

• Provided technical support to the pre-sale of Turkcell 5G Power Readiness Project.

• AC and DC power infrastructure of existing sites was analyzed in Istanbul for new 5G loads.

• Battery backup duration, cable cross-section selection and voltage drop calculation were made for DC infrastructure of existing sites for new 5G Loads.

• Voltage drop, current carry capacity and short circuit current calculations were made for AC infrastructure of existing sites for new 5G Loads.

• Selected sites were modelled according Huawei 5G power solutions.

• OPEX and CAPEX analysis were performed for comparing traditional solutions and Huawei 5G solutions.

• 10 trial sites power system installed and commissioned according to Huawei 5G power solutions. Huawei Technologies, Istanbul-TURKEY

Power Systems Engineer

Turkcell Grid-Solar Hybrid Project — 05-2019/ 12-2019 Description of the project:

Project scope include transforming pure grid system to grid-solar hybrid power system. Turkcell aims to decrease Opex costs of traditional GSM sites with Huawei Grid-Solar systems.

• Analyzed of traditional GSM sites OPEX and compared with OPEX-CAPEX cost of Hybrid Power System.

• Identifying the optimal sites for the grid-solar hybrid solutions. (Power calculations, existing equipment analysis)

• Designing of grid-solar hybrid system for each site according to power consumption and solar radiation.

• Providing technical support to site teams for installation and commissioning. TEIAS, Istanbul-TURKEY 08/2012 – 06/2018

Operation and Maintenance Engineer

• Taking responsibility of maintenance and system operation of High Voltage (HV) Electrical Transmission System

(Lines, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, DC protection system etc…) at the related region.

• Electrical testing of the power equipment such as conductivity, short circuit, open circuit and oil sparking voltage according to related IEC standards.

• Preparing maintenance schedule and applying.

• Leading and supervising to technical team for maintenance and commissioning of Electrical Transmission System.

• Respond to failure when any outage occur in Electrical Transmission System. Coordinating to team, determining to failure reasons and solving the problem.

• To participate in the design, installation and commissioning of new HV facilities. MEDAS, Konya-TURKEY 9/2011 – 08/2012

Electrical Engineer

• Taking responsibility as maintenance engineer of High Voltage Electricity Distribution System (Lines, transformers, cables) at the related region.

• Preparing maintenance schedule and applying.

• Control and acceptance of newly built facilities on behalf of MEDAS.

• Leading and supervising to technical team for maintenance and commissioning of Electrical Distribution System Work Experience

References available on request

Social Skills and Interests

• Good ability to adapt multicultural environments.

• Travelling, history, swimming, cycling, cinema, reading. English : Advance in Understanding, Speaking and Writing Language Skills

• Hands-on experience on maintenance of HVAC Power equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, cables.

• Advance know-how on designing of DC Power Systems such as UPS, rectifier, battery backup (Design, test and commissioning)

• Advance know-how on TCO, OPEX and CAPEX calculation for new power systems.

• Hands-on experience on fault analysis and testing of power equipment

• Advance know-how on hybrid power system working principles and designing

• Tools and Software: Microsoft MS, AutoCAD, Siemens PSS/E, ABB e-Design Areas of Expertise

10/2013 – Istanbul University, Istanbul-TURKEY

• Sociology, Open Education Faculty (Turkish)

09/2005 – 01/2011, Anadolu University, Eskisehir-TURKEY

• Bachelor Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English) 08/2001 – 06/2004, High School, Konya-TURKEY

• Natural Science Department (Turkish)


Murat Iscen - Director

Huawei Turkey Network Technology Department (CEE&Nordic European Region) Email: GSM: +905*********

Yu Kaijun – Director

Huawei Turkey Programs Management Office (CEE&Nordic European Region) Email: GSM: +905*********

Chen Di – Director

Huawei HQ Strategic Reserve -5G (Corporate Leadership Management Department) Email: GSM: 071************

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