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Engineer Manager

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
March 24, 2020

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Core Network Operation /Core Network Planning

●A “Performance Driven Professional” bringing in rare level business acumen and record of achievements developed in over 20 years.

●Sufficient experience in managing entire process operations with an aim to accomplish goals successfully.

●Used instincts, insight, judgment, and timing to succeed on tough deal.

●Operations Management focusing on maximizing outcome of task, process compliance, etc.

●Process improvement initiatives to achieve maximum efficiency in various operations.

●Abilities in coordinating with internal customers/external partners for running successful tasks and experience of implementing procedures and service.

●Adroit in ensuring delivery of high quality services to support business needs & achieving high customer satisfaction from operational services.

●Prudent, disciplined & self-motivated with excellent interpersonal, communication & organizational skills with proven abilities in team management and customer relationship management.

●Framing direction and plan for the MS partner to perform a operational/planning task

●Setting up targets, SLA, setting and maintaining CTQ (Critical to Quality) / CTP (Critical to Process) targets

●Responsible for planning, ordering as well involved in execution of new node by providing precise data

●Transitioning network systems to upgraded versions to achieve efficiency in operations, spearheading process improvement initiatives

●Conducting internal process reviews for ensuring strict adherence to the process parameters/systems by MS partners

●Highlighted spare management requirement while in planning and maintaining same during operational period

●Active involvement in modernization of core nodes both in planning and implementation

●Able to teach students from 7-th standard in Mathematics

Since Jan’19: Elevator Consulting Limited, Burundi

Growth Path:

Senior Telecom Engineer in Management Level-3 Jan’19 – Feb 2020

Since Mar’13: Bharti Airtel Limited, Chennai

Growth Path:

Senior Manager Networks, Central Planning Jun’16 – Jan’18

Senior Manager Networks, Core Operations Aug’15 – Jun’16

Senior Manager Networks, Core Planning Mar’13 – Aug’15

Since Mar’04: Ericsson India Pvt. Limited, Coimbatore/Chennai

Growth Path:

Specialist, Design and Planning, Core –Chennai Jul’07 – Mar’13

Senior Engineer, Switch Engineer –Coimbatore Mar’04 – Jul’07

Since Oct’01: Bharti Airtel Limited, Coimbatore

Growth Path:

Engineer, Switch Engineer Oct’01 – Mar’04

Since Feb’99: Aircel Limited, Coimbatore

Growth Path:

GET, Switch Engineer Mar’99 – Jul’99

Engineer, Switch Engineer Jul’99 – Mar’01

Senior Engineer, Switch Engineer Mar’01 – Sep’01

Aircel Limited

●Switch in-charge while in Aircel handling CM, PM teams.

●SMS configuration first Aircel VAS launch done with offline support from Switch Vendor.

●Weekly review with CEO on international and national roaming operator testing/launch with marketing coordinator.

●First level support handling core related issue without escalation.

●Prime interface to Vendor for any upgrade, hardware changes with proper validation of the MOP.

●Provided monthly reconciliation to finance on the customer base.

●Had been considered for handling IN system when introduced in the network.

Bharti Airtel Limited

●Involved in the Vendor swap of Chennai Airtel network from Nokia to Ericsson switch

●Instrumental member of starting up of new MSC in Coimbatore Airtel.

●Two in one product configuration feature allowing postpaid non ISD user to call ISD using prepaid balance launched.

●BSNL POI AT completed for 17 locations.

●Supported roll out of BSC/RBSC integration.

●BSC/RBSC migration done flawlessly.

●Roaming testing both national and international done. Able to launch more than 100 international operators within short span.

●Excellent support provided for making roll-out of new towns in Tiruppur, Trichy, Madurai and Pondy.

Ericsson India Pvt. Limited

Switch Engineer role

●Integration of new MSC done within a span of 15 days and BSC migration completed in Airtel –TN network

●Worked for Airtel –Shillong start up/testing/launch as per Regional Manager recommendation.

●PoI AT issue with BSNL to make connectivity for testing solved within thirty minutes critical for launch next day.

●Deputed for new MSC location at Madurai for seven months. Handled solely during this period till permanent resource appointed.

Design and Planning role

●OJT for MSS design taken at Gurgoan for one month before moving to planning as recommended by regional manager.

●Released designs for new MSS roll-out scattering Chennai, Tamilnadu and Kerala. The same design was done by national team for other circles.

●Ordering of core nodes ran nodes, bts done effectively studying the changes in hardware.

●Attended workshop for improvement of products like media gateway and MSS.

●Involved in standardization of new products to operators.

●National team contacts for product package for pricing calculation.

●GboIP traffic handling introduced using NWiE card.

●Sigtran enabled in HLR with STP.

●Made core nodes readiness for MNP rollout.

●Combo working of new E-GEM in old hardware node carried out successfully.

●Moved MSC-S from one location to another without outage so customer able to vacate one MSC location.

●Introduced new TRHB, new transcoder cards in old RAN nodes (thereby removed old hardware in these nodes).

●Carried out ABIS optimization feature trial in node which later customer ordered in network for bandwidth saving.

●Expansion of node to support data growth carried out effectively and appreciated.

●Effectively planned integration of other vendor RNC with Ericsson node.

Bharti Airtel Limited

Circle planning role

●Prime person in ordering, planning migration of vacating one MSC location in Kerala.

●Drafted plans for node approval and engaged MS partners on the way migration needs to be planned.

●Note for approval done for new MSC location, expansion which enabled infra team to calculate capex requirement.

●First circle to implement the roaming migration from monolithic node to STP pair.

●Welcome SMS migration done from passive mode to active mode and rest of circles followed implementing same.

●Antispam MO SMS implementation carried out in TN network within TRAI timeline.

●Modernization of old node is ordered and plans drafted for handling the traffic.

●Operator side responsible for implementation of CSFB and MTRF. This enabled to launch of 4G in TN.

●MIP done in Chennai network within the timeframe to handle traffic growth.

●Integration of new Vendor mcBSC to MSS/BC in Kerala network done.

●STP expansion carried out to enhance interface requirement for new nodes.

●Fixed line swap ordering carried out as part of modernization.

●Keen member for ICR testing and launch with Vodafone, Aircel operator in TN.

●Identified old BSC nodes for swap with new EVOBSC.

●Chennai network modernization done to remove old monolithic nodes in V-layer.

●Kerala network modernization done to handle the 2G swap.

Circle Operation role

●Streamlined the process of CR approval.

●Audit with external and internal authorities ensured compliance in line with organization rule.

●MSC visit carried out to ensure hygiene.

●Service Assurance signed with MS partner on monthly basis.

●RCA shared by MS partner for unplanned outages being validated.

●Major network upgrade validated and approved for implementation.

●Handled the New Year traffic with measured control mechanism.

●Emergency ICR implementation carried out during Chennai Cyclone and Vardha in short span of time.

●Annual BG inputs shared to finance for BSNL payment.

●SMS MT Antispam carried out as per TRAI direction.

●One MSC location traffic migration completed in Kerala.

●Dismantling of old MSC post traffic migration done to install one new GMSS executed successfully.

Central Planning role

●Seven GMSC made live within one month of taking charge of planning clearing pending points.

●GMSC modernization done and 87% traffic migration completed in Chennai and Tamilnadu. Activity will remove 11 GMSC from network.

●Engaged with MS team on a regular basis to ensure routing optimization is done as and when PoI migration done.

●Taken up with vendor when hardware like HRE board utilization increased with less traffic. Issue addressed with codec changed in routing.

●Direct PoI connectivity established with all PLMN to route calls pertaining to circle.

●New node deployment for additional capacity done within given time frame and traffic loaded.

●SMSC signaling migration done to sigtran.

●HSS swap inputs shared and followed with Vendor for integration.

●IMS inputs shared for node deployment.

●Old node traffic migrated and node dismantled in network. This provided infra for new BSP.

●STP expansion to support HSS swap and IMS carried out effectively.

●Lost calls is monitored and action taken with routing optimization, augmentation and traffic migration.

●Node KPI is kept within limit by monitoring statistic reports.

●Swap RAN node integration supported by providing required inputs and appropriate core node details.

●RAN vendor swap integration supported on time to make site migration happen for four towns.

●PPL increase in a node addressed with proper RCA.

●Utilization in the network addressed with proper corrective measures.

●Network hardware expansion related to capacity handled smoothly to capitalize same for immediate and future readiness.

●CMN and SIP connectivity established for IP traffic between PLMN and VAS nodes respectively.

Elevator Consulting Limited

●Setup of ITS international Carrier to take ILD traffic from all local operator in Burundi.

●Equipments shifting in the data center carried out without any outages.

●Involved in cross functional discussions to solve network concerns.

●Handled new project of ELK in the network with the vendor.

The following trainings improvised to enhance personally and professionally:

●Communication Skill

●Win - Win

●Manager Holistic dialogue to his subordinates

●MSC-S workshop

●On Job Training in Ericsson

●Ordering improvement workshop

●Huawei GMSC customized training for Bharti

BE (EIE) from Bharathiar University in 1998. University 5th rank holder






Tamil Nadu College of Engineering


University rank holder


Stanes Higher Secondary School



Stanes Higher Secondary School


Teaching preference Mathematics

Date of Birth: 27th March, 1977

Contact Address: No-7, Srinivasa Nagar, Nallampalayam, Coimbatorei -641006

Languages known: English Tamil and Malayalam





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