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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
March 26, 2020

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Ibrahem Hassan Zaroug Elmagzoub

Mechanical Engineer

Personal Information

Nationality Sudanese

DOB 24-April-1983

Language Arabic : Mother Tongue

English: Fluent

Available Transferable Qatari Residency permit


Qatari Driving license

Contact Information:-

Permanent Qatar, Barwa, Mesaimeer

Address House # C 14

Contacts +974********


Bachelor Degree in Engineering

City and Guilds of London Institution – Level 5

IVQ Mechanical Engineering, August 2013.

Diploma (Three Years)

Sudan University of Science and Technology, college of Mechanical Engineering, of Award: November 2006 Mini Master in ISO (9001:2015, 22000, 17025, 31000) The London Academy for Training and Education,

Sudan, January 2017.


Total years of Experiences: 11 years

Fields: Power Station Plant – Operation from 29/06/2008 up to 28/02/2016

Mechanical Engineer ( MEP ) from 05/03/2017 up to now Executive Summary

Graduated from City and Guilds

Institute Bachelor Degree in

Mechanical Engineering

Sudan University of Science and

Technology – Mechanical

Engineering Diploma (ThreeYears)

Work Experience

Current Job handling

Mechanical engineer ( MEP )

with ACCO / Doha Qatar .

Demineralization Plant Operation

(Water Treatment) and Firefighting

System with Sudanese Thermal

Power Generating Company in

Garri Combined Cycle Power Plant

550 MW since 29/06/2008 up to 28

February 2017

In addition to water treatment and

firefighting system operation, I

have excellent experience in a

preemptive maintenance at whole

system and testing operation of the

curative maintenance.

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Employment History:-

Position:Water treatment and firefighting system

Company: Sudanese Thermal Power Generating Co. Garri Power Stations Complex 550MW.

Location: Sudan, Khartoum.

Duration: From: 29 June 2008 up to 28 February 2017 Current Job handling: Mechanical Engineer ( MEP ) With ACCO / Doha Qatar. Previous Responsibilities and Duties:-

(MEP) Mechanical

Worked as a Project Site Engineer (MEP) in Mona Gardens ـ Alrayyan (237 Villa)

Job responsibility :

- Mobilization of manpower for execution of the project.

- Prepare the detailed site quantities requirement based on the consultants approved drawings.

- Preparation of workshop drawing and submit to consultant for approval.

- Preparation of material submittal for consultant approval.

- Coordinating with the back office staff and or supplier towards timely delivery of materials on site.

- Supervision of installation of HVAC, Plumbing and Drainage System as per standard norms.

- Participating in site meetings with client / consultant.

- Floating Request for Inspection of installations to consultant and rectifying if any snag works / comments.

- Coordination with all other services like Architectural & Electrical, etc towards successful completion of project.

- Actively participating with third party during Testing and commissioning of Mechanical system.

- Preparing appropriate documents for handing over of the Mechanical Services. CV of Ibrahem Hassan Zaroug Emagzoub Page 2 of 4

Firefighting System:

Main Duties :

- Check the pressure of the system and maintain it in desired value.

- Operation of firefighting joky pumps.

- Operation of firefighting A/C pumps.

- Operation of firefighting Diesel pumps.

- follow the maintenance of the system.

- Isolate the defected parts of the system for maintenance work and checkup the system after the maintenance.

- Inspect firefighting lines for leakage and other defects.

-Monitor using of firefighting extinguisher.

- Control the level of water storage tank.

Demineralization Plant:

Main Duties :

- Operation and Backwash of Mechanical filter.

- Operation and Backwash of Activated carbon filter.

- Operation of Cation fluidized bed exchanger

- Regeneration of Cation fluidized bed with sulphuric acid.

- Operation of Anion fluidized bed exchanger.

- Regeneration of Anion fluidized bed with caustic soda.

- Operation and regeneration of mixed bed exchanger.

- Operation of electro chlorination plant.

- Chemical handling (caustic soda & sulphuric acid).

- Operation of water pumps.

- Operation chemical dosing pump.

- Operation of numatic and manual valves.

- Operation of cooling tower.

- Controlling the below down and make up water valves.

- Control the water level of cooling tower.

- Operation of cooling tower treatment system.

- Operation of wastewater treatment plant.

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Training / Course Title

• General Corporation for Civil aviation (workshop), Sudan, 28 Feb. 2007- 28 March 2008.

• Firefighting systems for modern buildings.Sudan, 2014.

• Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification, (Issued by:RICI Canada ). Sudan 2016.

• Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) Managing Safety, RRC International 2016

• OSHA Compliance in General Industry. Khartoum- Sudan 2015.

• OSHA Compliance in Construction Industry Khartoum- Sudan 2015

• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).Optimum for training and HR. Khartoum, 2016.

• International Computer Driving License (ICDL). University of Khartoum, 2014.

• AutoCAD 2D- 3D. Sudan, 2014

• National Electricity Corporation. Basic Training new comers. Khartoum, 2008.

• The National Examination board in occupational safety and health ( NEBOSH), Training Course in7 vision Training and development. Khartoum, 4-6 Feb 2017.

• Supervision of occupational safety and health, The London academy for training and Education, Feb 2017.

• Quality Management systems,Continual improvement,Quality Assurance (Kaizen Foundation), 7 Vision training and Development. Khartoum, 7-30 Jan 2017.

• ISO10015 Quality of Training, 7 Vision training and Development, 13-14 Feb 2017 CV of Ibrahem Hassan Zaroug Emagzoub Page 4 of 4

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