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Engineer Engineering

Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 26, 2020

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BENG Mechanical Engineering September 2016 — June 2020 AS & A Level September 2014 — June 2016

Relwin Benson Dsouza


Seeking a position as an engineer where extensive experience will be further developed and utilized. I'm a results oriented person with a background in performing various researches interested in gaining a suitable job with any given company. By obtaining an engineering job, advanced knowledge of analysis, design & manufacturing could be achieved.Positioning myself as an engineer can allow me to explore my various career options in the engineering industry. As a self-motivated, hardworking person, I have completed various projects in my 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Years in Heriot Watt University which are almost relevant to the internship programs completed in the summer and winter holidays. QUALIFICATIONS

1. Computer Maintenance Course completed in July 2013. 2. Expert in Auto Cad Creo Parametric Software learnt in University. 3. Vast Experience and Knowledge in C++ Coding.

4. Expert in MS Office

5. Expert in MS Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint

6. MATLAB Ra2018 Coding

7. ABAQUS Software

8. Autodesk Inventor CAD 2018

9. Witness Horizon

10. NC Coding

11. DIALux Evo 8.2


Heriot Watt University Dubai Campus

The Westminster School


Relwin Benson Dsouza 1

Gates Engineering and Services June 2018 — September 2018 Industry Networks June 2019 — August 2019


June 2018-July 2018:

*Worked in the Hydraulics Department for a period of 1 month and learnt the maintenance and assembly of various hydraulics equipment such as Hydraulic Cylinders, Accumulators, Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Motors, HPUs, Vane Pumps, Gear Pumps and Piston Pumps. Also learnt about hose assembly and maintenance as well as the Opticam-34. July 2018- September 2018:

*Worked in the Engine Maintenance Department for briefly 2 months. Learnt how to maintain and assemble a high pressure guns and also learnt many features of an air cooled and water cooled engines. Also learnt a lot about engine maintenance and its assembly. Additionally, also learnt about temple box assembly and maintenance. Lastly, also gathered knowledge and practical experience with air cooled and water cooled pumps and learnt the maintenance procedures for it. Research Analysis Intern

*Had to analyse the data received from the field team situated in various MENA regions.

*Had to update the construction data and check for any errors involved with any projects on SYNERGY.

*Had to communicate with various companies around the MENA Region and find out the status of the projects in case received data wasn't clear enough.

*Also had to research about various consulting, contracting and real estate companies before adding them on SYNERGY. PROJECTS

1) 2D Frame Project (1st Year) (Group Project)

*Performed numerous calculations and simulations using AutoCAD.

*Had to give a small presentation at first hand to our professors based on the data we had at hand.

*Wrote a Report on how we tested the 2D Frame in Mech Lab and the uncertainties involved with it. 2)Trajectory Simulation Project (2nd Year)

*Used Creo Parametric 3.0 to create a simulation of a ball passing through a certain loop in an allotted time.

*Wrote a report based on the simulation, parts used, cost involved to build it.

*Had a presentation in front of our professor about our costs, parts, simulation and various other ideas used 3)Induction Motor Group Project (Conversion from Mechanical to Electrical Energy) (1st Year)

*Had to present our ideas in front of the designated group of professors.

*Had to use relevant and various equipment available and least of course to avoid extra costs to build the motor design.

*Had to demonstrate the practical uses in front of your professors in the Lab.

*Had to write a Report based on our project analysis, uncertainties, constraints and limitations involved in the project. 4)Robotic Arm Manufacturing (3rd Year)

*Utilized Autodesk Inventor 2018 to design the prototype arm for the project.

*Used MATLAB coding for all necessary calculations for the model.

*Used Additional Equipment such as 3D printer to get the desired pieces and parts for the robotic arm model.

*Had to write a report based on our observations while using different loads on the arm and extra difficulties or uncertainties faced.

5)NC Coding Project (3rd Year) (Group Project)

* Had used various G and N Codes to design a logo.

* Had Operated a CNC Milling Machine to acquire the required logo on a 60.67*17.4 mm wooden base. Relwin Benson Dsouza 2

*Additionally, had used various G Code Simulators to test the G code acquired. 6)Engineering Design Project (Energy Efficient Steering System of a Catamaran) for Sentient Labs UAE

* Used Gazebo Simulator to analyse and simulate the movement & position of the catamaran

*Utilized ROS Melodic to control the catamaran's motion on a low level and application of frequently used functionalities.

*Had to use multiple catamaran files and GUI which was modelled on MATLAB

*Extensive Research and Literature Review were conducted in order to gain information about various Assumptions, Propeller Configurations, Designs and Angle and Thrust Configurations.

*Additionally, a lot of presentations, reports and coursework were done in terms of the manufacturing, marketing and necessity of the catamaran in the real world in the second semester. 7)Final Year Project: Energy Modelling for Lighting Solutions

*Used DIALux Evo 8.2 to simulate and calculate various scenarios with various luminaires and features in lighting respectively for the university's mechanical lab and had to choose the best option in order to save electricity costs.

*Also had meetings with professors to discuss various options. Made reports, journals and presentations accordingly.

*Had to calculate the electricity consumption in the mechanical lab and had to constantly communicate with the respective departments for information.









*Bodybuilding and Weightlifting

*Playing various outdoor sports such as Football, Cricket and Swimming.

*Indoor Sports or activities include Table Tennis and Billiards. DRIVING LICENSE


Valid UAE D/L

Driving License No: 3694427

Date of Issue: 18/09/2016

Date of Expiry: 25/09/2024

Relwin Benson Dsouza 3


Mr Rohit Lewis

Sales Engineer in Manuli Fluconnecto Middle East FZE Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

Mob No: +971*********

Mr. Sajid Rasheed (Global LMS Administrator)

Gates Engineering and Services

MENA Head Quarters


Tel: +971******** (ext.: 543)

Ms. Noopur Challa

Research & Analysis Team Leader (Industry Networks) Email:

Tel: +971********

Relwin Benson Dsouza 4

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