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Accounting Clerk Manager

Fereej Ibn Dirhem, Qatar
March 26, 2020

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: +974-******** / Email: / Doha Qatar OBJECTIVE

To join a company that matches my idea for growth and development QULIFICATION SUMMARY

Hard work experience attained through shipping exposure has gained the qualities of being a goal-oriented, self-motivated, hardworking, aggressive person; with higher energy level to withstand long hours of work; is able to adapt to new situation and promote teamwork and is very much willing to learn. As a result, can work very well with minimum supervision and even under pressure and is very much dependable.


Name : Johnny Mondia Salveleon

Permanent Address : Aureliana. Patnongon, Antique, Philippines Date of Birth : December 11, 1966

Civil status : Married

Age : 53 Years old

Religion : Roman Catholic

Nationality : Filipino

Sex : Male

Language Spoken : English, Tagalog, llonggo, Cebuano Father’s Name : Ramon Salvaleon

Mother’s Name : Julia Mondia

Passport Number : EC5600050


College : University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philppines

B.S. Commerce Major in Accounting

Year graduated : 1987

Secondary : St. Augustine’s Academy, Patnonognon, Antique, Philippines Year graduated : 1983

Primary : Aureliana Elementary School Aureliana, Patnongon, Antique, Philippines Year graduated : 1979


Company (1) : AL SAFELEYAH REAL ESTATE INVESTEMENT Position : Accountant

Inclusive Date : May 2015 to present

Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities:-

Receive invoices for checking and posting

Posting of all transactions in the system

Maintain various schedules for reporting and monitoring Monitor flat rentals of residential buildings

Preparation of bank transfers and cheques.

Company (2) : BAB ISHTAR GROUP (trading and contracting) Position : Accountant

Inclusive Date : 2008 – 2015

Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities:-

Receive invoices for checking and posting from purchasing department Receive and review progress billings from sub-contractors Posting of journals, cash receipts, payment voucher, etc.. Reconciliation of supplier ledgers

Prepare cheques for payables

Prepare various accounting schedules as needed/ required Company (3) : BAB ISHTAHR GROUP (travels)

Position : Accountant

Inclusive Date :

Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities:-

Receive payments for air ticket, hotel bookings

Posting of all journal entries to the system

Reconciliation of IATA billings against tickets issued Maintaining petty cash

Preparation of cheques, transfer of payment for hotel bookings Company (4) : PHILHARBOR Ferries and Port Services Inc. 7F Mapfre Insular Building, Acacia Avenua, Madrigal Business

Park, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Position : Port Officer

Inclusive Date : 7 April 2006 up to August 05, 2008 Job Description / Duties and Responsibilities

Monitors ticket issuance of every trip and irregularities Approves free passes for certain passenger duly authorized by the Company Audit and analyze ticketing system for improvements Review teller, purser and cashier reports before approval Review all vessel requisitions on local purchases before approval Promotes good and harmonious relationship between Port employees and shipboard personnel Develops and recommend market strategies to increase revenue Coordinates technical and purchasing departments regarding vessel needs and deficiencies Monitors fuel and oil usage of the vessel and request delivery of the same Monitors validity of relevant vessel certifications Company (5) : Bluverde Resources Inc.

Muelle Loney, Iloilo City, Philippines

Position : Assistant to the Operations Manager

Inclusive Date : 1 November 2004- 15 September 2005 Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities:-

Assists in the opening of branch as well as assist in the hiring of new employees for the new branch Supervise branch operations as to Ticket selling, accounting, marketing and vessel operations In charge for the training of newly hired employees in relation to their duties and responsibilities Sees to it that all taxes and government licenses are updated and settled Monitor the validity of all certification and vessel documents Sees to it that all reports are updated and submitted on time Monitors that company policies are implemented and adhered to and followed Position : Accounting Clerk

Inclusive Date : 1 July 2004 - 31 October 2004

Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities:-

In charge for the checking of all sales report

In charge for the preparation of check and petty cash from accounts payable Maintain petty cash fund and inventory of tickets

Company (6) : Negros Navigation Company Inc.

Pier 2, North Harbor, Tondo, Manila, Philippines

Position : Container Yard and Warehouse In-Charge

Inclusive Date : 24 January 1 994-22 May 2001

Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities:

Responsible for the cleanliness and order of the container yard premises and operation Sees to it that logistics are available for the efficient operation of the container yard Coordinates with the Operations Manager, Area Head and Motor Pool Supervisor to ensure efficient operations.

Sees to it that Company's systems and procedures are being followed Supervise physical inventory of containers in the container yard and cargoes Inside the warehouses

Position : Marketing Coordinator

Inclusive Date : 13 September 1 9 9 3- 23 January 1994 Job Description /Duties & Responsibilities:-

Responsible for the booking of cargoes.

Sees to it that cargoes reserved are booked, allocated with containers issued with container seal and received at the container yard.

Position : Manifesting Clerk

Inclusive Date : 1 July 1990 - 12 September 1993

Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities:-

Responsible for the preparation of the cargo costing manifest for every departing vessel. Revised the cargo coasting manifest to ensure that all loaded containers are properly accounted for. Position : Container Yard & Receiving Checker

Inclusive Date : 16 October 1989 - 30 June 1990

Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities:-

Responsible for receiving both incoming and outgoing containerized cargoes Sees to it that all cargoes are covered with supporting documents Sees to it that cargoes receive matched with the items stated in the supporting documents or the container seal is the same and intact.

Prepares reports on all cargoes received and monitors the length of time it is received until it is either released or transferred

Responsible for receiving empty containers and check its condition and classify accordingly Position : Accounting Clerk

Inclusive Date : 16 January 1989-30 June 1990

Jobs Description/Duties & Responsibilities:-

Check the correctness of freight and posts official receipts number on the corgi coasting manifest corresponding to the cargoes marked "prepaid" for outgoing operation and payable destination for incoming operation

Prepares billing invoices for cargoes marked "on account origin" for outgoing operation and "account destination" for incoming operation.

Submits invoices to the collector for collection

Responsible for the preparation of accounts payable every end of the month Assists the disbursement clerk in checking invoices and preparation of check Vouchers Company (7) : SUCREST Trading Corporation Golden field Complex Singcang, Bacolod City, Philippines

Position : Billing Clerk/warehouseman

Inclusive Date : 9 Jun 1987- 31 August 1988

Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities:-

Responsible for checking, receiving and recording materials and supplies received and delivered, for safekeeping and in updating bin card and compute commission due to sales group. Company (8) : University of Negros Occidental - Recoletos Libertad, Bacolod City, Philippines

Position : Working Student- Accounting Office

Inclusive Date : School Year 1983/84 to 1986/87

Job Description/Duties & Responsibilities:-

Assist in updating student's account ledger, assessment of fees and issuance of examination permits. SEMINARS ATTENDED

April 24, 1999

April 20, 1999

April 16, 1999

Main Company Manual-

HRD Negros Navigation

Manila Branch

Freight Business Operations-

HRD Negros Navigation

Manila Branch

ISM Code Awareness-

HRD Negros Navigation

Manila Branch

I hereby certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief

Johnny Mondia Salvaleon


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