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Torrance, CA
March 25, 2020

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To who it might concern,

I have years of IT experience with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, PMP certification, and credentials to tutor PMP candidates:

Strong experience in defining project charters with stakeholders, developing project plan, budget, scope, cost, risk, scheduling, retrospective processing, and project overall integration management to adhere company standards and tools with both domestic and global resource teams including great vendor management.

Communicating effectively and collaborate with all related parties across the organization on the regular basis specific on the scope control, verification, cost, scheduling, issue escalation, approvals, milestones, critical path monitoring, earned value management, deliverables traceability, vendor management, and project metrics.

Mastering Agile and Scrum empirical process control to be effective at managing project timelines and prioritizing allocated resources to perform up to optimal levels.

Managing and controlling project quality and risk assessments specific in quality planning and risk assessment/mitigation plan for the project including HR/payroll system, and financial accounting applications.

Presenting great leadership, motivating and mentoring staff/project teams at both in-house and outside vendors; possessing a strong attention with diligence to detail and exerting an excellent relationship management skill to collaboratively facilitate work with technical, business departments, vendors and contractors.

Possessing a strong goal drive to successfully complete all phases of the software development life cycle with emphasis on project planning, requirements gathering and definition, resolution, data dictionary, business processes flow, architectural diagram design, problem-solving, development, QA testing, UAT, deployment and coordinating tasks involving dependencies on cross-functional teams and departments, and retrospective lesson learned cross-department processes post the project implementation.

Focusing on applications with quantitative processes, automatic evaluation systems, automatic checking system to secure data protection, regulatory and compliance enforcement, machine learning and artificial intelligence development in various industries including financial accounting, financial investment, and Fast Food industry.

After reviewing the enclosed resume, I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to arrange an interview for a more in-depth discussion on your openings. Please feel free to contact me at 310-***-**** if you have any questions or require additional information.


Steven Hsiao

Certified PMP

Instructor for PMP candidates



9/14 – now Project Management Officer - Global Development Concept, Torrance, CA

Leading the quantitative projects with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capacity for automatic daily stock buy sell selection based on fundamental and technical data in BIG DATA system for institutional investors and banks and ensure data security with regulatory and compliance requirements., service information is delivered through a Java/WEB-enabled application,

Leading the educational SAT project to develop an automatic business intelligent evaluation system running through data science in depth, to help students understand their strengths and weaknesses for improvement.

Using Agile and Scrum empirical process control to empower team member self-organization, collaboration, value-based prioritization, and iterative development for changes,

Proving ability to identify new business opportunities through business intelligence.

Achieving maximum business value of project, articulating customer requirements, maintaining business justification and respectful relationships with all vendors/business partners and users.

Adopting quantitative evaluation for decision-making, optimization algorithm through Multiple Simulation Iteration processes to seek the best outperforming results with frequently monitoring results to learn lessons for future growth.

Possessing an enterprising conception with creative solution and strong financial sensitivity.

Coaching project managers, assembling multiple medium to large projects, establishing and implementing project management protocols for IT community.

Supporting sales activities to present system architectures, technical aspects, fundamental and technical configuration, running real-time simulation with clients input during presentation, and system integration with post-sale support.

11/04 – 9/14 Sr. Tech. Project Manager in the IT department Carl Karcher Enterprise, Inc., Anaheim, CA

Project managing across multiple IT groups to develop/deploy/support for restaurants Point of Sales and Back Office System including Food Cost Application, HR Personnel Change Application, Staff Scheduling Application, HRIS HRMS Payroll finance under Oracle for over 24000 employees, Credit/Gift Card Systems with data security and regulatory compliance, Food Order Systems, POS/Point of Sell, Microsoft XP sunset project for over two thousand stores, and other Daily/Weekly Financial Sales for all Hardee’s and Carl’s company and franchise stores.

Project managing IT Developing Group to develop/deploy/support for corporate applications including Cash Accounting, Financial Auditing, Food Cost Financial Management, Taxing, Credit/Gift Card Settlement, Banking, PII/PCI Data Security/Compliance Governance, real estate management and Payroll Systems.

Managed and prioritized the resources including the consultants and vendors for production issues, change requests, Earned Value Management, and projects by adopting different management tools and formats to achieve efficient management.

Applied PMP standard to focus on the scope, time and cost constraints with collaborative communication and risk management to deliver the projects on schedule with expected quality.

Ensured the group follow SDLC procedures to comply with IT auditing requirements including requirements gathering, resource prioritization, development, QA lab testing, pilot stores testing to general release and vendor management.

3/01 – 11/04 Enterprise Project Manager in the IT department of ING Advisor Networks, Torrance, CA

Successfully in consolidating Back Office Systems of six broker dealers of over 12,000 financial representatives across the country with a project budget of ten million dollars over three years.

Managed perception of stakeholders by communicating the IT challenges, solving the conflicts of business and technical demands, prioritizing project schedules to meet with business timelines, and successfully marketing projects within the organization.

Developed project plan/issue tracking system/check-list, analyzed risks involved with the plan, evaluated impacts of risks, developed contingency plan to reduce the risks, and built confidence in the plan.

Managed IT, research personnel, and business stakeholders to turn sensitive secure financial data into graphically user-friendly reports and ensure regulatory and compliance requests.

Managed business analysts to develop system requirements by working with eighteen departments in the Torrance Home Office and five broker dealers to assess the functional requirements of all legacy systems, regulatory requirements, compliance rules, commission pay processes, user and system interfaces, and reporting.

Managed business analysts to create vendor selection criteria from surveys of over thirty developing vendors comparing their industry knowledge, technology, company’s financial health, customer support, suitability, cost, references, and project management skills.

Involved in contract negotiations based on functional requirements, vendor surveys and management, budget constraints, project scope management, and project schedule.

Managed system engineers and architects in designing and implementing zero down time hardware systems for development, QA and production machines with high performance, scalability, reliability, and availability.

Managed the complete software developing cycle including feasibility, cost and functional requirement analysis’, development, quality assurance, production support, operational procedures, user documentation, system configuration controls, and on-going enhancements.

Managed vendors and mentored the IT team including business analyst, database administrators and programmers based on fair, open-minded, and clear communication styles for different members including the hardware engineers, database administrators, programmers, and business analysts to complete the software development cycles for system implementation.

Technical areas including VB development under MS operating systems with Oracle Parallel System, Java for WEB-enabled applications to deliver the commission statements, public communications, and regulatory activities to all the independent financial nation-wide representatives.

8/96 – 3/01 IT Tech. Project Leader in the programming department of First Quadrant, Pasadena, CA

Solved difficult systemic problems by analyzing and developing systems to attack the problems, negotiated compromises in solving differences and interest conflicts among departments; and utilized diplomacy to resolve conflicts among middle managers and to seek a workable solution.

Responsible for company’s Global Tactical Asset Allocation system to determine daily buy/sell transactions for stocks/bond/currency forward/options/futures across forty countries for over 17 billion dollars. Languages required were Advent proprietary language, Perl, C++ and scripts.

Responsible for company’s portfolio management system – Axys 3.1 for over 30 users crossing several departments including the London office for international investments of over 29 billion dollars. Languages required were Advent proprietary language, Perl, C++ and scripts.

Responsible for Data Warehouse/Oracle development starting with the accounting and portfolio engineering departments to develop multi-dimensional Data Mart systems. System and languages required were MS SQL 7, VB, Crystal reports and SQL development.

Developed a pre-compliance checked quantitative portfolio engineering system to produce trading recommendations crossing forty countries’ stock, bond and currency by taking research signals, portfolio constraints, current market positions and overlay portfolios into account by using C, C++, Java programming with Sybase database. The new re-written system was designed and implemented under Java Modeling and Object-Oriented Design with UML notation.

Developed a performance analysis system to realize the performance over multiple investment strategies including Equity, Futures, Options and Currency Forward. The system realizes performance based on each individual strategy as well as overlay performance. System and languages required were MS SQL 7, VB, Crystal reports and SQL development.

EDUCATION: M.S. in Computer Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

REFERENCES: Furnished upon request.

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