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Assistant Manager

Kalamazoo, MI
March 25, 2020

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Chanchal Acharya Kalamazoo, MI



■ Diverse background of Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Bio-assays, Cell Biology, Proteomics, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Veterinary and Agriculture.

■ Experience of working within a multidisciplinary including Molecular Biologists, Geneticist, Biochemists, Microbiologists and Genetic Breeders. This teamwork environment enhances the skill to employ innovative thinking, effectively participate in discussions, and improve analytical and problem-solving skills to generate tangible benefits.

■ Excellent time management skills, resulting in completion of various complex projects with forward planning, organization, and consistent techniques.

■ Ability to effectively handle multiple tasks and learn quickly

■ Contribute ideas and suggestions to improve protocols, processes and approaches

■ Quick learner who values continuing education and able to transfer that knowledge. Effectively trained the basic scientific techniques to the graduate students from other/same background.

■ Effective communications skills and experience working in a team environment, but also enjoy working independently.

Work Experience

In-Vitro Assay Scientist II [Apr 2019-Feb 2020]

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Worked on the client side, the largest global animal health company

■ Executed research strategies that contribute toward the understanding of pathways involved in companion animal diseases (cats, dogs, horses) such as allergy, inflammation and renal to contribute to company’s research efforts, and establishing in-vitro and in-vivo models of disease for research purposes

■ Worked on various mammalian cell lines (feline, canine, equine and rat cell cultures) and primary cells by performing sterile cell culture technique

■ Maintenance, splitting/ passaging, plating for assay, scaling up and cryopreservation for cell banking.

■ Performs duties independently with small guidance from manager

■ Characterize cell growth by Vi-Cell, used Bravo Agilent, Integra and Dragonfly system for dispensing samples and solutions during cell based AlphaLISA Assay beads run

■ Communicate effectively and work efficiently with team members across the R&D team to support product development

■ Highly organized, ability to maintain well documented laboratory protocols and notebooks Teaching Assistant [Jan 2012-Apr 2016]

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

■ Worked as a teaching assistant to guide undergraduate students from various streams of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in molecular biology and biochemistry. o Introduction to Practical Modern Biology (SBP 200) Jan 2012-Dec 2015 (Alternate semester) o Introductory Biology for Engineers (SBL 100) Jan 2016-Apr 2016 (Alternate semester) Research Scholar

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India [Jan 2010-Apr 2016]

■ Extraction of unbiased and universal signatures from three-dimensional structures of naturally occurring soluble proteins.

■ Conversion of three-dimensional structural data into two-dimensional structural data and one-dimensional data using a specific spatial distribution of amino acids on largest possible data set of naturally occurring proteins by using MATLAB.

Senior Research Fellow [Mar 2009 – Oct 2009]

Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Delhi, India

■ Developing micronutrient-enriched Maize through Molecular Breeding.

■ Lab work included kernel micronutrient analysis, DNA isolations, primer design and genotype profiling using SSR markers. Field related activities included maintenance and characterization of germplasm. Senior Research Fellow [Dec 2007 – Mar 2009]

Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute, Jhansi, India Chanchal Acharya

■ Development of SSR markers in berseem (Trifolium alexandrium) and exploitation of marker resources of M.truncatula for germplasm characterization of berseem and for developing high density linkage map of red cover (Trifolium pratense).

■ Developed practical expertise in handling various techniques specially DNA isolation, DNA quantification, PCR based marker (RAPD, SSR), DNA cloning in bacterial cells, primer designing and SSR marker development.

Master Research Scholar [Jun 2006 – Aug 2007]

G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, India

■ Functional Characterization of nif gene(s) from Uttarakhand soil metagenomes.

■ Learned various molecular biology techniques like isolation of plasmid and genomic DNA, RNA to cloning, sequencing and characterization of genes. Learned Bioinformatics tools and techniques such as BLAST, PROSITE, SEAVIEW, CLUSTALW, etc. for analyzing the genomic data in relation to phylogeny and unculturable microbial community analysis.


Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences New Delhi, India

2010-Aug 2017

(8.7/10 CGPA)

Master of Science (Ag.) in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar Uttarakhand, India


(7.8/10 CGPA)

Bachelor of Science (Agriculture)

Jawahar Lal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, India


(8.1/10 CGPA)

Technical Skills

Molecular Biology and Cell Culture


Extraction, Isolation, Purification and

Quantization of Plasmid and

Genomic DNA, RNA (nucleic acid)

Recombinant DNA construct

Isolation of Protein from wheat

seeds, bacterial cells, animal cells,

fungal mycelium & Brassica leaves

Electrophoresis Techniques: Agarose,


Extraction from Gel

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) -

Thermal cycler

Bacterial Transformation (Competent

Cells Preparation and Cloning in


Blotting (Southern, Northern and

Western Blot)

Plant Tissue Culture (Callus culture,

Embryo culture, Endosperm culture)

Maintenance and passaging of

Mammalian Cell Culture

Bacterial Isolation and


BSL-2 lab experience

Microbiological/ Bacteriology


Microbial isolation, purification and

culture maintenance techniques

Staining and biochemical

characterization of microbes

Compound microscopy

Biochemical and Enzyme


Paper chromatography, Thin Layer

chromatography, Size exclusion, Ion

exchange chromatography, Gel

exclusion chromatography, Capillary,


Preparation of buffers and qualitative

and quantitative analysis of proteins,

Immunological Technologies

Immunoblotting, SRID and DRID,

ELISA, Alphalisa assay

Immunization of rabbit with protein

extracted from wheat & serum


Protein labeling

Production of Monoclonal antibodies

Computer Skills

Operates Outlook mails and manage


Algorithm Development and

execution in MATLAB.

Operating Systems – Windows,

Linux (Shell Scripting).

Phylogenetic Analysis- CLUSTALW

Sequence Analysis Tools- BLAST,


Molecular Graphics Tools- VMD,

PyMol, RasMol, Discovery Studio,


Proficient in analyzing DNA and

Protein molecules on ACCELRYS,


Work Bench, Primer 3, Clustal-W,

FASTA, BLAST, Cn3D, Seaview,

Swiss protein database viewer, MOE,

Swiss Prot, Translation tool, Count

codon, Restriction tool, NCBI

Proficient in MS-Office, PC

Application & System Management

MS-DOS, Windows, MS-Word,

Excel, Power Point and Internet


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