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Engineer Civil Engineering

Greenville, SC
March 25, 2020

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Professional Engineer: North Carolina, South Carolina


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA V8i training in Dynamics and Seismic Analysis- Bentley Institute


Over 30 years experience in design and analysis of a wide range of steel, concrete, masonry and wood support structures for commercial facilities, paper and pulp mills, manufacturing facilities, and chemical, and fossil and nuclear power plants. Code experience includes using IBC, AISC (ASD and LFRD), ACI, AWS, TMS and NDS. Project work includes property condition assessment, building rehabilitation, and code compliance verification.


Modular Pipe Bridges

Retaining Walls

Piles and Sheet Piles

Aluminum Framing

Drilled Caissons

Duct, Cable Tray and Pipe Supports

Equipment Foundations

Structural Steel Equipment Modules

Property Condition Assessment

Elevated Slab Analysis and Design

Building Structural Analysis

Structural Repair of Buildings


Computer Modeling-Risa 3D, RAM, STAAD Pro

EPC Conceptual Design

High Seismic Design

Steel Connection Design

Structural Assessment

Construction Assistance

Finite Element modeling

Cost Estimates


Computer Modeling- Risa 3D, STAAD Pro

CADD – Auto-Cad

Microsoft – Word, Excel, Windows XP, Windows 7

Smart-Plant Foundation

Laser Scan


Jacobs Engineering –Greenville, SC

2016 -present

Structural Engineer IV

Designed 9000 square foot, (2) story 30 Ton crane building. He was also responsible for the majority of elevated slab equipment foundations on a 78,000 square foot paper machine building.

EGS Inc-- Savannah River Remediation - Aiken, SC


Structural Engineer

Responsible engineer for a finite element model of a vertical pump lifting structure, various pipe supports and other miscellaneous supports.

Jacobs Engineering –Greenville, SC


Structural Engineer IV

Technical Structural Lead on mid-sized chemical plant expansion. Provided conceptual design on most new structures. Design for mid to high seismic design categories was required combined with many of the steel structures being modular.

Lead Structural Engineer on Pipe Bridges for a $200 million plus paper and pulp mill expansion. Modular construction was used on approximately half of the twenty-some bridges.

Spectrum LLC - Savannah River Remediation - Aiken, SC


Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer responsible for STAAD model of existing Lab Building using Seismic PC-3 design criteria. Design was made using response spectrum analysis. Also responsible for structural qualification of existing pipe support tee-poles and their foundations for the installation of a 550 ft long pipe installation.

TRS Staffing Solutions – Fluor - Greenville, SC


Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer responsible for pipe, cable-tray and duct steel support (including base plates) and foundation design at a coal-fired plant in Kentucky. This design work included concrete support pier and drilled caisson design for the pipe, cable and duct support foundations.

Structural Engineer responsible for structural steel member connection design at a large iron-ore mining facility in Australia. Steel module connections and temporary steel connections were part of scope. Structural modeling of concrete and steel for both projects was made using Risa-3d computer software

O’NEAL, Inc - Greenville, SC


Senior Engineer


PCS Nitrogen, Augusta, GA

Structural Engineer responsible for analysis of existing elevated floor slab for installing (2) 66,000 lb. centrifuges and analysis and design of steel for installing (2)16 ton monorails. Structural

modeling was made using STAAD computer software.

Bosch-Rexroth, Fountain Inn, SC- 2008

Lead Structural Engineer responsible for foundation design of 137,000 sq. foot plant expansion.

National Gypsum, Anniston, AL

Structural Engineer responsible for conceptual design of 300 ft. long two story paper machine building for a gypsum wall-board paper plant and its foundation. Steel design model was made using the STAAD computer analysis program. The foundation conceptual design used a mix of spread footings and augur-cast piles.

Southern Design Services


Structural Engineer

O’Neal - Greenville - SC

Structural Engineer responsible for STAAD model of concrete foundation, access platform and bridge crane support for (5) Centrifuges at a Nedak Ethanol plant in Atkinson, Nebraska.

Lockwood-Greene Spartanburg, SC-2006

Structural Engineer responsible for STAAD model of (6) story Mill building mat foundation for gypsum wall-board plant .The mat foundation will be approximately 12,000 sq. feet in area.

Weyerhaeuser Charlotte, NC-2005-2006

Structural Engineer responsible for designing various log-line conveyor supports, bark transfer tower building foundations and cable tray supports. Performed cost estimates for various structures including an 800 ton stock chest foundation and stair tower.

MACTEC Engineering & Consulting


Structural Engineer

Walgreen’s Stores, Charlotte, NC-2005

Structural Engineer responsible for analyzing two existing buildings and designing steel modifications due to code insufficiencies.

Porter & Associates - Rock Hill, SC


Structural Engineer

Hydra Platforms, Chester, SC-2004

Structural Engineer responsible for analyzing truck-mounted movable steel bridge inspection platforms. Bridges were modeled using Risa 3d software in different positions used during operation.

Austin Canvas & Awning - Charlotte, NC


Structural Engineer responsible for standardization of aluminum and steel framing for awnings.

PENTA Engineering - Charlotte, NC


Civil/Structural Engineer

Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Charlotte, NC

Structural Engineer responsible for bulk bag enclosure steel design

Chemical Specialties Inc, Harrisburg, NC

Structural Engineer responsible for manufacturing building steel and foundation Design

Alcan Ingot & Recycling Facility, Berea, KY

Structural Engineer responsible for manufacturing building foundation Design

Duke Engineering & Services - Charlotte, NC


Senior Engineer

Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility - Aiken, SC Civil Engineer responsible for preliminary site design

Parsons Infrastructure & Technology - Charlotte, NC


Principal Structural Engineer

BellSouth Company, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, TN 1998 Lead / Supervising Structural Engineer responsible for various telecommunication building

additions and equipment replacements. Work included soil retention using retaining walls and piling.

DOAR & Associates, Charlotte, NC

1988 -1997

Lead Structural Engineer

National Gypsum Company, Pryor, Oklahoma Lead Structural Engineer for Fourdrinier extension (includes basement and paper machine track extension) and Stock Prep building extension. Basement extension work included using caissons for soil retention.

National Gypsum Company, Baltimore, Maryland Lead Structural Engineer responsible for 400 ft. long rock storage area foundation supported on piles. Storage area and rock handling and processing support design were part of gypsum board plant modernization.

National Gypsum Company, Pryor, Oklahoma Lead Structural Engineer responsible for design of pulper pit, machine tracks, platforms, and various equipment and pump foundations.

Siegling America, Huntersville, NC Lead Structural Engineer responsible for originating manufacturing building model, building foundation design, various parts of the structural steel design and/or design checking, and the foundation design for various pieces of equipment including the calendar for $20 million grass roots facility producing lightweight conveyor and power transmission belts.

Arjobex America, Charlotte, NC Lead Structural Engineer responsible for supervision and design of foundations, structural steel, and platforms for stretcher line and miscellaneous equipment, tanks, and pumps for a 3,000-tpy, grass roots, coated plastic sheet mill.

Tennessee River Pulp and Paper, Counce, TN Lead Structural Engineer responsible for design of a motor control center building, dregs filter building, tank foundations, and equipment support and platforms for a causticizing modernization project.

Federal Paper Board, Riegelwood, NC Structural Engineer responsible for design of steel and concrete for No. 2 kiln feedhouse, concrete foundations for hot lime conveyor systems for Nos. 1 and 2 kilns and bypass conveyor; checking design for white liquor filter structure; and various pump pads, underground structures, and pipe supports around the plant.

Hoechst Celanese, Rock Hill, SC Structural Engineer responsible for design of precipitator platforms. Structural Engineer responsible for design of filter receiver supports and screw conveyor supports on top of Nos. 9 and 10 silos.

Duke Power Company - Charlotte, NC


Structural Engineer

Catawba Nuclear Station, Clover, SC Structural Engineer for office floor addition and conversion of warehouse floor to office, designed steel frames to protect pipes from rupturing, analyzed and designed tanks at plant, performed seismic qualifications of electrical instrumentation and other machinery and analyzed steel containment vessel. Computer modeling was made using GTStrudl software.

Cogentrix, Roxboro, NC Structural Engineer responsible for analysis of structural steel on coal car shaker building.

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