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Developer Manager

Farmington, MI
March 25, 2020

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TA Digital

Sai Ram Yadav Kurumathy


• Over 6+ Years of experience in developing and implementing with Adobe AEM/CQ.

• Developed websites using AEM/CQ, including the creation, configuration and integration of Templates, Components, Dialogs, Widgets, Workflows, and more.

• Design, develop and support CMS components, integration and applications. Experience with Java programming.

• Experience with jQuery/javascript, Coral UI, Solr, Ajax, ExtJS, HTML and CSS. CERTIFICATIONS

• Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.0 Certified Developer.

• JAVA Standard Edition 6 Programmer Certified Professional. TECHNOLOGY STACK

Web Content Management Systems : AEM 5.4/5.6/5.6.1/6/6.1/6.2/6.3/6.4/6.5 Programming Languages : Java

UI : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSTL, AJAX.

IDEs : Eclipse, CRXDE Lite

Search Engine : Solr

Application Servers : Tomcat 5.5

Database Technologies : MySQL

Build Tools : Maven


Project #1: AARP-Caregiving (Sep-2019 to Dec - 2019) Client : AARP

Role : Sr.AEM Developer

Description: AARP, Inc. is a United States-based interest group that focuses on the elderly, especially on how they can continue to live well after retirement. TA Digital


• Fixed component issues which includes coral 2 to coral 3 conversion.

• Worked on issues related to existing components.

• Developed LongTermCostCalulator component which pulls data from third party URL. Technologies: JDK 1.8, AEM 6.4, Eclipse IDE.

Project #2: Capella University (Oct - 2018 to Aug - 2019) Client : Capella

Role : Sr.AEM Developer

Description: This client is an American for-profit institution of higher learning that delivers most of its education online. It offers Bachelor's, Master's (MS and MBA) and Doctoral (PhD, PsyD, and DBA) degrees in business, information technology, education, psychology, public health, public safety and human services.


• Migrated from AEM 6.1 to 6.4.

• Converted AEM touch UI dialogs from coral 2 to coral 3.

• Writing services, servlets, schedulers and OSGi configurations using R6 annotations.

• Developed sling models for different components.

• Created dialog listeners for coral 3 dialogs.

Technologies: JDK 1.8, AEM 6.1/6.4, Eclipse IDE.

Project #3: AARP AEM Upgrade (Aug - 2017 to June - 2018) Client : AARP

Role : AEM Developer

Description : AARP, Inc. is a United States-based interest group that focuses on the elderly, especially on how they can continue to live well after retirement. Responsibilities:

• Converted dialogs from classic to touch UI.

• Fixed component issues related to dialog while converting to touch UI.

• Developed listeners related to touch UI dialogs.

• Default text when a component is drag and dropped on page.

• Did different customizations like rte link field customization and creating custom path field in touch UI.

• Overriding touch UI functionalities based on requirement. Technologies: JDK 1.8, AEM 6.1, Eclipse IDE.

TA Digital

Project #4: Polycom (Apr - 2014 to Jun - 2015 and Jun - 2016 to Mar - 2017) Client : Polycom

Role : AEM Developer

Description: Polycom is the leader in HD video conferencing, voice conferencing & tele-presence enabling open, standards-based video collaboration. Responsibilities:

• Created multiple components, templates, dialogs & custom widgets.

• Service implementation to change DAM asset properties from Excel file.

• Implemented Report Generation to list particular component in all pages.

• Developed Partner Locator component, Sitemap component.

• Developed Social Component.

• Generating excel sheet for show all image renditions.

• Changing code from jsp to slightly.

• Solr Search implementation.

Technologies: CQ5.6.1/AEM 6.1, Maven, CRXDE, JDK 1.6/JDK 1.8 and eclipse IDE. Project #5: Manipal (Aug - 2015 to Apr - 2016)

Client : Manipal

Role : AEM Developer

Description : Manipal University is synonymous with excellence in higher education. Responsibilities:

• Developed RFI (Request Information Form) and OAF (Online Application Form).

• Developed NewsAndEvents, HeroCarousal, ImageGallery, SocialShare components.

• Developed form for SMUDE admissions.

• Used different web services MS dynamics,LMS,Calling SAP rest service for SMUDE form.

• Developed Programs Date change for Indian and International admissions.

• Created Image Upload functionality using jQuery library.

• Fixed different production issues.

Technologies: JDK 1.7, CQ 5.6.1, Eclipse IDE.

Project #6: Whitbread Pension web portal (Feb - 2014 to Apr - 2014) Client : Whitbread Pension web portal

Role : AEM Developer

Description : The Client is a leading hospitality company in UK with multiple well-known brands around the globe. It has a staff of over 40,000 employees who are needed to be informed about the new UK pension legislation and how it will affect them. The client decided on developing an online TA Digital

portal for employees for them to understand the new UK pension legislation, their entitlements and to enroll. The site is fully responsive and supports all the mobile device and browser combinations. Responsibilities:

• Created multiple components, templates, dialogs & custom widgets.

• Implemented master page template, home page template, FAQ page template, interior page template and other specialized page templates.

• Developed Jargonbuster page, associated components and the backend bundle.

• Developed FAQ List Page, search page and FAQ details page. Written OSGi bundle for providing the business logic for providing ordered list of FAQs, search results, pagination & responding to AJAX calls.

• Personalized FAQ list based on applicant’s user information.

• Integrated templates and components with back end services (OSGI bundles). Technologies: JDK 1.7, AEM 5.6.1, jQuery, Ext JS, CRXDE and Eclipse IDE. Project #7: Telcel Apps Website (Nov - 2013 to Jan - 2014) Client : Telcel Apps Website

Role : AEM Developer

Description : Telcel Apps is a website for showing information of the all Mobile Apps created and available for Telcel mobile. Developed a single page application using Angular JS, to show all pages one below the other and to provide authors the flexibility to make all edits at a single place. Responsibilities:

• Developed App details and Available apps components based on the Operating System.

• Developed Multiple Tabs component, Multiple Images component, Dynamic Banners and Contact us form.

• Made necessary changes on different components like Logo, AppCarousel, Menu, Footer. Technologies: Adobe CQ 5.6.1, Maven, jQuery, CRXDE and eclipse IDE. Project #8: TA Tools

Client : TA Digital

Role : AEM Developer

Description : Here I’ve worked on multiple POC’s which can be re-used across different projects. Project #8.1: Solr Connector

Description: We have developed a connector which will connect AEM with Solr and and perform operations like Indexing, Boosting and Synonyms.

TA Digital


• Made customization so that connector can be accessed from Tools section.

• Developed multiple screens which performs below operations. 1. Solr core/collection can be created from the screen itself. 2. We can add multi number of page paths which are to be indexed to Solr core/collection. 3. We can re-index, clear index all the pages.

4. If replication is done on a page index/de-index will be done automatically based on replication(Activate/Deactivate).

5. We can perform boosting (Index and Query).

6. We can delete a core/collection completely.

7. We can add Synonyms as well.

Technologies: JDK 1.8, AEM 6.x, jQuery, CRXDE and Eclipse IDE. Project #8.2: Link Checker

Description : The internal interface of AEM to identify broken links on a page is not of much use to admins and authors. Also keeping LinkChecker Service running on multiple instances of AEM (author, publish) will decrease performance, and it is not advised by AEM. To overcome this business problem, the TA LinkChecker tool will give a mind map view of broken links and the exact location on which page the link is available and vice versa. TA Link Checker allows you to fix internal and external links using available Adobe Experience Manager templates, because this tool is integrated into AEM.


• Developed features which are listed below.

1. Allows author/admin view all the broken links in the AEM Instance in a very user-friendly tree structure format.

2. View list of all pages where each broken link is present. 3. For each broken link, it provides a List of all the pages (as links) where the respective broken link has been authored so that the author/admin can directly navigate to that page right from the tool and can edit the links in real-time. 4. Fix broken links from within the tool.

5. For external link author can fix by providing actual link and for internal either author can fix by providing actual URL or he can able to create that page based on selection of template.

6. Export report to excel.

Technologies: JDK 1.8, AEM 6.x, jQuery, CRXDE and Eclipse IDE. TA Digital

Project #8.3: Content Diff Tool

Description : AEM provides a feature, out of the box, to compare the latest version of an AEM page with one of its previous versions. While it serves the purpose, there are scenarios where business authors want more details. We have developed a tool with these features. Our tool’s main purpose is to provide an easy way for author’s to compare any two intermediate versions of a page with clear differentiation.


• Developed features which are listed below.

1. The tool displays the different components that are newly added or modified. 2. The tool can compare two intermediate versions of a page. 3. The tool highlights the component differences clearly with different colors i.e., red, orange and green.

4. The tool also shows the total number of components modified. 5. User is automatically redirected to the tool, unlike in other tools where you have to manually launch the tool.

6. The Search Path is filled automatically by the tool i.e., a user does not have to fill the path of a page manually.

Technologies: JDK 1.8, AEM 6.1/6.3, jQuery, Ext JS, CRXDE and Eclipse IDE. Project #8.4: CMS Bridge

Description : CMS Bridge has been exclusively built for migrating a non-CQ website into CQ website.


• Developed all the page components and templates.

• Developed front end using EXTJS.

• Created pages dynamically in CQ.

• Created json for pages tree dynamically and return as response.

• Added data from EXTJS tree to database using service classes. Technologies: JDK 1.7, AEM 5.6.1, jQuery, Ext JS, CRXDE and Eclipse IDE. EDUCATION

• Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from JNTU Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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