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Plant Insurance

Mission Viejo, CA
March 25, 2020

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Coto de Caza, CA 92679

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Over the past 20 years I have been acting as a consultant dealing with chemistry-related issues including plastics, adhesives and other polymer products. I also have experience dealing with insurance companies and attorneys addressing issues involving contamination and product failures while offering a combination of people and technical skills, with hands-on experiences in the collection of information. I am capable of following detailed analytical procedures and accurately reporting the results. My experience involves the use of analytical tools, as necessary, to obtain a proper conclusion.


Extensive laboratory work Plastics and plastic products application Construction products/defects

Comprehension of analytical reports Rubber and rubber products application Chemistry-related issues

Expert witness capabilities Pipe (copper and plastic) Environmental issues

One-on-one presentation skills Coatings Urethane rubber & foams

Deposition and court experience Sealants Machinery design for use with

Capable of product development Adhesives polymer processing &

Analysis of paint Analysis of powder coatings packaging

Microscopic analysis of glass Analysis of surfaces and evidence Evaluation of flooring products

Analysis of garage door failures Automotive component failure analysis

in slip and fall cases


2014-Present: Independent Consultant for manufacturing processes dealing with composites.

Developed a resin to be used in a continuous impregnation machine.

Designed machinery to process fiberglass resin composites.

2010 – 2014 Vollmer-Gray Engineering Laboratories, Signal Hill, CA

Sales/Business Analyst; Chemist

Market expert witness services to the insurance industry, and provide chemistry expertise.

2001 – 2014 Garrett Engineers, Long Beach, CA

New Business Development (in Orange County, as needed)

Marketed qualified experts to attorneys, self-insured, and insurance companies. Provided testimony in cases involving chemistry issues, including plastics and other processed materials.

1997 – 2001 SealScience, Inc., Irvine, CA

Sales of New and Existing Products

Identified and sold gaskets, seals and injection-molded plastics and rubber parts to new and existing customers. Maintained existing levels of business, and identified new projects with all customers.


Bacon Industries of California, Irvine, CA

Responsibilities as R & D Manager included the development of a urethane line to be used in adhesive applications. This line was directed toward medical as well as general industrial applications. Other responsibilities included the

addition of new epoxy products to the existing lines. Additionally, I provided management of quality control and support to technical services.

McGaw Laboratories, Irvine, CA

Chemical testing on I.V. solutions, following FDA procedures and protocol. Provided analysis of I.V. solutions and plastic containers. Prepared and released pilot plant I.V. solutions to plant filling line.

Swedcast Corporation, Florence, Kentucky and Swedlow, Inc., Garden Grove, CA

Responsibilities included the analysis of solvents, monomers and catalysts. Compiled data and ran experiments related to purification of cracking plant monomer. Involved in new product development and polymer research.

Independent Yacht and Ship Maintenance, Newport Beach/Costa Mesa

Boys Club of America, Huntington Beach, CA

Vocational Director

All American Racers, Santa Ana, CA

Indy car development/procurement of materials; Indy car component assembly.


Graduated from Chapman College – B.S. in Chemistry/Biology – concentrated in chemistry.

Real Estate Broker’s License.


1.Plastics and plastic products application

2.Rubber and rubber products application

3.Pipe (copper and plastic)




7.Construction products/defects

8.Chemistry-related issues

9.Environmental issues

10.Urethane rubber and foams


1.Client: Robert Brantner, Esq.

Case: Rouch vs. Rancho Delano

Involving: ABS Pipe Failure

Results: Settled

2.Client: Curtis Aldendifer (Law Office of Brill & Hunt)

Case: Salazar vs. Security Products Corp. (Case #SM44702)

Involving: Pressure sensitive tapes used on trim detail on bank vaults

Results: Unknown

3.Client: Hartford Insurance (Pat Abbott)

Case: Fleetwood vs. American, Inc.

Involving: Rockwood insulation in mobile homes/formaldehyde contamination

Results: Settled

4.Client: Transamerica Insurance (Bob Mority)

Case: Water Resources International

Involving: Water softening and analysis of copper pipe that had failed

Results: Settled in favor of the Plaintiff

5.Client: Ridenour, Swenson, Cleere & Evans (Michael J. Frazelle)

Case: Abu-Moustafa vs. Advanced Systems, Inc. (Case #CIV 85-2- 0-PHX)

Involving: Fatality due to alleged chemical exposure at her place of employment

Results: Not known

6.Client: Law Office of Gelles, Lawrence, Barza (Harold Barza, Esq.)

Case: Worden vs. Los Angeles Chemical

Involving: Exposure to lindane (a fumigant)

Results: Settled

7.Client: Commercial Union Insurance (Rae Reynolds)

Case: Pennzoil Co. vs. Vernon Leather Co.

Involving: Emissions from Vernon Leather

Results: Case settled in favor of Pennzoil

8.Client: Morgan & Ambrister (Ted Ambrister)

Case: Miller vs. Atlas Hotels

Involving: Sulfites used as a preservative on salads

Results: Trial at Federal Court in Los Angeles. Ruled in favor of the Plaintiff, with damages greatly reduced.

9.Client: Garrett, Musick, Peeler (Hal Block, Esq.)

Case: Catholic Church (Hawaiian Gardens) vs. architectural firm

Involving: Improper surface preparation causing adhesive failure to the beams in the sanctuary of the church

Results: Case settled against the contractor who applied the veneers to the beams


10.Client: Law Office of Baker & Associates

Case: Hovanesian, V. (Ferrier)

Involving: Fire damaged paint and paint products

Results: Unknown

11.Client: Skala & Associates (Roland Skala)

Case: Abrams vs. Fuchs

Involving: Cabinet finish failure (improper preparation)

Results: Unknown


Environmental fall-out

Over-spraying problems



Surface preparations

Other technical issues



1. GPC Equipment (Gel Permiation Chromatography)

2. Gas Chromatography

3. Thermoforming Equipment

4. Pre-Polymer Reactor

5. Distillation Column/Cracking Plant

6. Catalysis Evaluations

7. Combustion Studies

8. Crosslink Product Studies (Catalyst, Crosslink Agents)

9. Monomer Studies (various monomer combinations)

McGaw Laboratories/B. Braun

1. Extensive Wet Bench Work (following USP test procedures)

2. Use of AA Equipment

3. Use of Titration Equipment

4. Use of Autoclave

5. Use of Analytical Balance

6. Use of pH Meter Equipment

7. Use of I.R. for I.D.

8. Prepare Chemical Standards

9. Conductivity Measurements

10. Use of Colormetric Analysis Equipment

11. Use of Conductive Measurement Equipment

Bacon Industries

1. Use of Thermoanalysis Equipment

2. Use of Tensile Strength Equipment

3. Use of Ovens

4. Use of Microscopes

5. Use of Heavy Mixing Equipment

6. Use of Electrical-Powered Shop Equipment, Including Small Mixers

7. Use of Machine Shop Power Tools

a) Lathe

b) Mill

c) Grinders

d) Other Electrical and Hand-Operated Equipment


1. Use of Rubber Molding Equipment

2. Use of Computer (Word)

Garrett Engineering & Vollmer Gray

1. Interpretation of FTIR Scans

2. Interpretation of GG/MS Scans

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