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Software Developer Python

Buffalo, NY
March 23, 2020

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State University of New York - Buffalo August 2018 - February 2020 Masters in Computer Science. CGPA : 3.43

Thakur College of Engineering and Technology July 2014 - June 2018 Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology. CGPA : 3.40 WORK EXPERIENCE

InteractiveX, Inc. May 2019 - August 2019

Software Developer (Data )intern

● Illustrated student data obtained by querying using SQL in the form of charts and graphs using D3.js leading to better understanding of trends in the data.

● Developed the front-end framework enabling students to dynamically add,delete,modify individual assignments using React, JavaScript, HTML.

● Implemented the Django REST API to handle the various CRUD operations and update the database accordingly. Fixed existing bugs and performed tests on the existing system culminating in a faster and more reliable system.


Text classification using Natural Language processing

● Using Facebook’s fastText and the dataset from yelp (4+ million reviews) and Python a text classification model was developed, which tagged each "review" given in a range from 1-5 stars.

● The model took 3-5 minutes to train with 580 million words and produced an accuracy of 72.8%. Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Networks

● Implemented the Generator and discriminator of the network for CIFAR10 dataset.Further, applying spectral normalization and self-attention module the wasserstein loss was calculated along with FID which was used as a metric for evaluation of the network. Sports Data Analytics

● Collected data using Twitter and NYTimes api, which was processed using Hadoop MapReduce (Python) in order to find out the trending sports lingual.

● The data was then fed into Tableau leading to better understanding and visualization of data. Stock Market predictor

● Developed using Python and scikit-learn,the stock price predictor was able to achieve 65% accuracy. Web server log analysis

● Delivered a tool for detecting intrusive activities on a network using the networks log les and pattern matching. Carried out the storing and Parsing of Data using MySQL and Java.

● Over 140 types of patterns of web attacks were explored and were fed into the tool. SKILLS

Programming Languages Java; Python;C:C++;Spring Boot;JavaScript;SQL;Node.js; React; HTML; CSS Software & Tools Linux; Git; Tensorflow; Keras; PyTorch; NumPy; Pandas; sklearns;AWS;JIRA Seaborn;Matplotlib;Agile; Hadoop; GraphQl; GCP;Azure;Confluence ACHIEVEMENTS

● Winner Hackathon 2019 at University at Buffalo.

● Winner GlobalSecurityIQ Innovation Sprint 2019 at University at buffalo.

● Winner ACM Hackathon 2018 at University at Buffalo.

● Senator at Graduate Indian students Association ( catering to 600+ students On Campus).

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