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Chemical Engineering Assistant

Baltimore, MD
March 22, 2020

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Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, M.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering May 2019

- Fully funded master's research in cancer and immunology in Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff's lab BITS Pilani, Dubai, UAE, Double B.E. (Hons.) in Biotechnology & Chemical Engineering Jun 2017

- One year bachelor's thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA WORK EXPERIENCE

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Aug 2019-present

Research Technologist, Cellular Senescence in Tumor Microenvironment (TME)

- Developed in vitro models by co-culturing primary senescent fibroblasts and cancer cells to study senescence in cancer

- Established accelerated tumor growth in syngeneic mouse models co-implanted with senescent and cancer cells

- Successfully built a 4 color opal immunohistochemistry panel to locate immune, endothelial and senescent cells in tumors

- Optimized a senolytic delivery method to kill senescent cells in TME by assessing the IP, oral, IV and SQ delivery routes

- Bred and validated a transgenic mouse model for gene expression and function using qRT-PCR and bioluminescent imaging

- Supervised new lab members on mammalian and cancer cell culture, FFPE, IHC, flow cytometry and qRT-PCR

- Outputs: 1 accepted manuscript (Science Translational Medicine, manuscript no. aax3799), 2 conference presentations RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

Johns Hopkins Translational Tissue Engineering Center Aug 2017-May 2019 Graduate Research Assistant, Translational Cancer and Biomaterials Research PI: Dr. Jennifer H. Elisseeff

- Established the efficacy of an FDA cleared biomaterial (MatriStem UBM™ Particulate) in delaying tumor growth and potentiating checkpoint blockade immunotherapy in preclinical mice models

- Developed an antibody titer ELISA assay to test for B cell memory response against UBM™ for cancer vaccine development

- Assessed antigenic specificity of UBM™ immune responses by T cell activation assays and in vivo tumor resection models

- Worked in a multidisciplinary team to investigate immuno-modulatory drugs in tumor and wound healing environments using volumetric muscle loss model in collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb

- Routinely conducted 12+ color flow cytometry experiments using Attune NxT and Aurora and analyzed data using FlowJo

- Managed teams to set up a workflow for flow cytometry including tissue harvesting, enzymatic digestion and percoll gradient

- Outputs: 1 publication (Science Translational Medicine, doi:10.1126/scitranslmed.aat7973), 3 conference presentations Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT Aug 2016-Jul 2017 Visiting Undergraduate Student, Antibody Engineering and Vaccine Development PI: Dr. R. Sasisekharan

- Enhanced the purification of Respiratory Syncytial virus (Rsv) nanoparticles for vaccine development in babies

- Produced 12 recombinant antibodies by plasmid isolation using midi prep, transient transfection of plasmid into HEK293 cells, protein A batch purification and protein detection using SDS-PAGE and western blotting

- Designed and validated an ELISA assay to screen the antibodies with an optimal binding affinity with Rsv

- Developed a rapid and cost-effective bacterial expression system for large-scale production of the (fab)1 domain of a monoclonal antibody (mAb) to study its checkpoint blockade characteristics using microbiology and cloning techniques HONORS AND AWARDS

GRO Travel Grant by Johns Hopkins University May 2019 BITS Pilani Merit Scholarship throughout the undergraduate degree program 2012-2017 ChESA Award for initiatives in research, teaching and event organization at BITS Pilani, Dubai May 2016 Best Oral Presentation at 'Current Trends in Biotechnology, Dubai' among 30 participants Mar 2015 SURGE Fellowship to conduct summer research at IIT Kanpur May 2015 SUMMER INTERNSHIPS

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Paper Diagnostics for Point-of-Care Devices Jul-Aug 2017 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Bio-desulfurization of Diesel oil Jun-Aug 2015 L & T Hydrocarbons, Sharjah, P&ID Design for Oman Oil and Gas Processing units Jun-Aug 2014 SKILLS

Molecular Biology: qRT-PCR, cloning, bacterial and mammalian cell culture, western blot, multicolor flow cytometry Biochemistry: recombinant protein production, affinity chromatography for protein purification, ELISA In vivo: mice breeding and handling, injections (IP, SQ, IV, oral gavage, peri-tumoral), dissection and organ harvesting, bioluminescent imaging (IVIS), transgenic mouse model validation, VML surgery Histology: FFPE, sectioning, H&E staining, light and fluorescent microscopy with apotome, multiplex IHC, immunofluorescence Analytical: UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Nanodrop, FlowJo, GraphPad, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, ImageJ (Fiji) Radhika Narain

116 W University Pkwy, Baltimore, MD 21210; 410-***-**** -

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