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Data Architect

Waxhaw, NC, 28173
March 22, 2020

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David Catherman, **** Stonemill Rd, Waxhaw, NC 28173 704-***-****,


I have been doing 15 years of Information Systems work on SQL Server and .NET, some as a developer and much as a data architect. I have lot of database experience, both creating and improving, for both front end and back end. I have over 10 years of working with SQL Server, C# and other Microsoft technology like WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET. I like database work and am fairly pleased with my performance. I have a lot of experience as listed below, mostly on contract project type work, 1-2 year at each place.

Formal Training

2018 - Used PluralSight as a training tool to take classes like C#, Angular, ASP.NET, SSIS, SSRS, Python, Etcetera.

DotNet Core Angular SF, 2,4,6

2003 – Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in .NET Web and Windows Apps

2001 – ASP.NET Connections conference – New Orleans, LA

1998 – Access/VB Connections conference – Phoenix, AZ

1980-1981 US Navy Flight Training Pensacola, FL

1975-1979 University of Idaho Moscow, ID

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – 3.4 GPA

Work History

Now -03/2019 JAARS (non-profit), Waxhaw, North Carolina Solutions Architect

I have been working as a volunteer for a non-profit near home to help them with a database problem. The database gets corrupted periodically and I had to figure out what was causing the database corruption. This was a complicated situation and took some time to find the problem. Used Access and VB.Net with SQL.

03/2019 – 5/2016 Self Employed Independent consultant projects

I have been in physical rehab for 2 years from a bicycle accident. While doing this, I have been working on some side projects and working with individual and family projects using SQL Server.

I have written a database for a guy that has an email business on the side. I built a database that tracks the people, email addresses, and the topics emailed out. These emails repeat periodically and need to be stored in a database. Now he can edit the info and send an email to his list. I developed the front end using WPF. I have been working with several people and volunteer organizations to help build solutions without going into an office. I have been working with Entity Framework, C#, MVC, JavaScript, IIS, OOP and VB.NET.

I have been doing much training lately on the latest innovations in the world such as Angular (JS-6), JavaScript, Visual Studio 13 & 14, Xamarin, WebSphere, DotNet Core and Azure. Things are changing drastically in the last couple years. Took many classes on Pluralsight to increase my training

01/2015-08/2016 Bank of America, Charlotte, NC Senior Solutions Architect

As member of Banking Center Architecture agile team in ad DevOps environment, provided architectural guidance on current and future projects. I also acted as a Scrum Master for agile development.

I implemented integrated desktop framework using .NET and Java applications exchanging data on the desktop.

Evaluated and implemented database merger to use bank standard. I did much work in C#, SSIS, Entity Framework, ETL, and SSRS with this project on an agile team. I imported many small extra databases into the master database and wrote a code generation program to allow them more imports. The SQL Server to import the data is now generated automatically. I was tech lead and support worker for 6 programmers.

10/2013-12/2014 Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC Technical Leader

Work on the Nuclear Merger agile project as Tech Lead and support for a team of developers in a DevOps environment on a SQL Server database. I also acted as a Scrum Master for agile development.

Analyzed existing systems and helped define requirements for future state combined systems. Worked on front-end tools like WinForms, WebAPI, WPF, ASP.NET, WebSphere, SSIS, SSRS and HTML.

Implemented SQL Server stored procedures and SSIS packages to convert training data. Did some MVC work.

05/2012- 10/2013 Bank of America, Charlotte, NC Senior Data Architect

As member of Banking Center Architecture agile team in a DevOps environment, provided architectural guidance on current and future projects. I also acted as a Scrum Master for agile development.

Implemented integrated desktop framework using .NET and Java applications exchanging data on the desktop.

Designed desktop caching system to share customer data between applications to minimize server requests.

Coordinated infrastructure requirements and implementation for the integrated desktop environment.

Evaluated and approved new technology such as C#, .NET 4.5, Entity Framework, WebAPI, Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Used SSIS and SSRS as tools evaluating the data. I was leader and supporter for several junior developers.

11/2011- 05/2012 Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC Senior Data Architect

Application and data architect for Workflow and Information Technology (WIT) in a DevOps agile environment.

Implemented upgrade to Demand Planning website using ASP.NET, C#, HTML, WPF, WebAPI, Entity Framework, and JavaScript.

Designed dynamic data sourcing hub for ETL in SSIS, reporting (SSRS) and data mining dashboards. I managed and supported several junior developers. Worked on WPF and WCF as data entry and data reporting methods

I have many more years of experience in Access, VB.NET, SSRS, WebSphere, C#, WPF, WCF, SQL Server and other language that there is not room for them here.

Education History

University of Idaho, 1975-1979, BS EE, Computer Science

EAS and achieving their goals. Quickly see patterns in external events and develop long-range explanatory perspectives. When committed, organize a job and carry it through. Skeptical and independent have high standards of competence and performance – for themselves and others."

Business Application Experience

The following is a list of types of applications designed/developed or was leader/architect of a team of developers:

Integrated Bank Records- Helped banks pull together systems from disparate industries

Transportation/Shipping Management software using EDI messaging to receive orders, dispatch loads, define optimum routing, mobile apps to collect progress reports from drivers, financial apps to generate sales order / purchase orders, optimum routing reporting status, and document management.

Integrated Tax Management software for state government including customer management, tax processing, revenue accounting, automated forms processing, correspondence generation, security, reporting.

Service Management software to manage equipment contracts, dispatching technicians on calls, and work order processing, including mobile PDA for technicians to receive and enter data in the field.

Inventory Management for convenience store market including POS interface, inventory accounting, EDI interface with suppliers, multi-store consolidation and strategic reporting.

Warehouse product locator: Lead developer on a major application that encompasses all facets of the .NET Framework including mobile/wireless handheld devices, Web interface, Windows interface, Console/telnet interface, SQL Server stored procedures, and Web Services.

Fund Accounting System: for a multi-national organization featuring distributed database synchronization, multi-currency transaction journals, individual balancing of multiple funds, and banking reconciliation. Uses Microsoft Access/SQL Server distributed database.

Automobile Dealers taxes: Web application to assist the auto industry in calculating the LIFO year end taxes including individual options (ASP.NET with SQL Server backend)

Health Insurance Quote System: Web application to compare health plans offered by various carriers including exact costs for each employee. (ASP.NET with SQL Server backend)

Showroom Inventory System: complete office and warehouse system for a lighting company including sales order, purchase orders, inventory, and accounting with 200,000 items in inventory; Used Just-In-Time ordering system to reduce on-hand inventory by 70% savings thousands of dollars. (Access with migration to SQL Server)

Project Management System: distributed database system for multi-national missionary organization to track progress on thousands of projects around the world; created a unique synchronization based on email engine.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL): system for publisher to transform client text files into format usable by printing systems.

Human Resources Client Database: Complete client profile and medical history for a rehabilitation center.

Trucking Industry Taxes: Complete system for managing a small trucking company including IFTA taxes, order entry, dispatch control, maintenance records, and mileage reports.

Petroleum products: test data managements system for Castrol Oil.

Financial Modeling: database modeling system for company evaluation to predict future performance and show areas that need improvement.

Contact Management: database to manage large list of contacts including contact dates, response donations, mail-merge letters and mailing labels.

Application Development Methodology: implemented standard development methodology for a major corporation.

Cross-Platform Applications: developed a suite of database applications for both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows desktop systems.

Exposure to SSAS: Had some exposure to SQL Server Analysis System and integrated systems (SSIS).


New technology, application design theory, database management, church leadership, family development, building houses, photography, volleyball, racquetball, camping, wind surfing and other outdoor activity.

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