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Engineer Electrical

Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
March 22, 2020

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Nabeel Haider Zaidi

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Electrical Engineer, graduated in 2009, NUST, Pakistan

Commissioned over 20 GIS & AIS substations, 380-115 kV, in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Received specialized trainings from Siemens, Schneider & GE in fields relating to the Testing & Commissioning of HV Switchgear.

Expertise in HV & MV Switchgear, protections and control systems

Limited exposure to Site and Project Management. Objective

Dedicated professional with 10 years of active electrical engineering experience, mainly in High Voltage Substations, seeking a position as Senior Engineer. I am willing to take up challenges in initiatives, that utilize state-of-the-art expertise in a technology driven organization. Such an organization which will encourage innovative thinking, recognition and career development. Job Experience (Reverse chronological order)

1. Nov 2014 - Aug 2019: SIEMENS Saudi Arabia

Testing and Commissioning Engineer

2. Jan 2013 - Jul 2014: Hyundai Engineering and Construction Pvt. Limited, Pakistan Electrical Commissioning Engineer

3. Feb 2010 - Dec 2012: Siemens Engineering Pakistan Limited Primary Testing and Commissioning Engineer, Site Execution Engineer Professional Experience

o Testing and Commissioning:

Testing and Commissioning of various types of HV & MV Switchgear, Power and Distribution Transformers, Control & Protection Systems and Auxiliary power Systems in EHV/HV/MV/LV substations as per requirements of the client, local authorities and international standards. o Equipment and Design Modification:

Foresee issues in plant operation, and to implement necessary modifications on site. Constant liaison with project engineers to resolve technical issues. Provide marked-up drawings to Design engineers to establish accurate As-Built documentation. o Site Management:

Supervision of the site teams, and coordinate between various disciplines for Safety. Manage activity reports and prepare documentation for invoicing and other contractual requirements. Understand and resolve any technical issues between client & Contractor, including inspection and approval of all and electrical equipment. Manage critical site activities, including un-loading, movement, storage and installation of high-value equipment. o Manage Customer Relations:

Extensive interaction with clients’ representatives, through all phases of the project. Manage client’s satisfaction in handing over the project after thorough testing of the equipment and explanation of the complete documentation. Successful process ends in receiving the job completion certificate.

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Detailed Job Responsibilities

As Testing & Commissioning Engineer

● To test and commission various EHV/HV/MV/LV electrical systems including, Power/Distribution Transformers, 380/220/115/34,5/13.8/11 KV substations as per the local Authorities and IEC Standards.

● Testing is to be witnessed by client with complete Documentation.

● To design and implement necessary modifications on site with the coordination of Design engineers and make them approved from client.

● Handing over the project to the client and taking over of job completion certificate. Major tests performed were:

o Closing activities and Punch list points.

o Trafo AVR relay functional testing includes parallel and independent mode scheme testing. o DC scheme testing.

o DCDB functional testing including earth fault circuit verification. o Fault report investigation for tripping.

o Earth resistance and joint stability test Lighting scheme and illumination testing o Transformer fans and pump functional testing of 500MVA, 125MVA and 50MVA transformer both auto and manual modes.

o CT circuit close loop circuit verifications includes relay pickup and tripping values. o ALS scheme testing on 13.8KV system.

o FCL for the general alarms of DFR/DSM.

o HVAC scheme testing.

o Transformer TTR.

o Transformer Winding Resistance.

o Transformed Oil Dielectric Strength.

o Transformer Insulation Resistance.

o Aux/Protection relays functional checks.

o Magnetization Current.

o Power Factor Measurement.

o Insulation Capacitance and Dissipation Factor of bushing. o Vector Group verification.

o Calibration of Oil and Winding Temperature Gauges. o Short Circuit Impedance.

o Magnetic Balance test

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As Site Execution Engineer

o To supervise the team and tenacity of issues between client & Contractor. o To prepare measurement sheets for invoicing.

o To deal with the client on technical issues including approval of all electrical drawings and electrical equipment.

o To deal with the client on site execution issues. o To maintain proper documentation for the execution of site as per company’s standards. o To lead as Main Testing Engineer for the execution of shutdowns for snags rectifications. o Electrical activities reporting from site to head office o Electrical designing issues trouble shooting

o Equipment installation supervision

o Equipment inspections in factory area

o Client coordination regarding the electrical issues o Substation and Grid station equipment installation and erection. o Protection testing of Differential, over current and distance relays o Testing and Commissioning of EHV and HV, LV equipment in liaise with the client up to its satisfaction and approval for energization.

As Primary Testing Engineer (GIS Specialist)

o Verify the gas leakage through Gas Detector

o Dew Point and Gas Quality measurement of SF6 Gas o First Electrical and Mechanical operations of CBs, Disconnectors, Earth Switches and High- speed Earth switches.

o Timing Test of CB DS and ES through ACTUS AND TM1600 o Resistance measurement of main power circuit

o Polarity verification of CT

o Insulation test of CT and PT

o Interlocking and scheme verification

o Alarms and annunciations verifications

o Lockout verifications

o Partial Discharge measurement in Hi-pot testing

o CT & VT circuit verification

o Gas Density monitors testing

o HV test of GIS

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Type of Main Equipment handled

o Siemens GIS, type 8DQ1-6

380kV GIS Stations in Medina (16 Bays), Alkharj (1 Bay), Hunayan (21 Bays) o Siemens GIS, Type 8DN8-2

132kv GIS Grid Station, Saggian, Lahore, Pakistan (5 Bays) o Hyundai GIS type145SP-1

132 KV GIS GRID Station, Sialkot, Pakistan (5 Bays) o Siemens GIS, Type 8DA10

380/115/34.5 KV GIS Substations in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia o Transformers

o 502MVA(380KV)

o 125MVA(380KV)

o 67MVA(110KV)

o 25MVA(132KV)

o 120MVAR Shunt Reactor(380KV)

Projects Handled

Air Insulated Substations:

o 220/132 KV AIS Grid Station Ludewala Sargodha, Pakistan. o 132/11.5 KV AIS Grid Stations in Pakistan.

Wapda Town Multan, Qasim Bagh Multan, I-16 Islamabad, G-13 Islamabad, Pindibhttian, Hafizabad, Gujrat, Aiwansharif, Phalia and Chianwali. o 380/115/34.5KV SS 10J and 34.5/13.8KV 101SS at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. o 380Kv BSP Al-khulais as Siemens representative for startup testing and commissioning of 2Nos 380KV breakers and 8 Nos 115KV breakers.

o National Petroleum Yanbu on transformer testing to diagnose its fault as reported of high value of Acetylene, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.

o 380/115/34.5KV SS JDC Remote Ends Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. o 132KV SVC Alkharj, Hawtat Bani Tamim, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Gas Insulated Switchgear Substations:

o Siemens GIS Grid Stations as Siemens GIS Basic Certified Specialist o Madinah Central, Medina, Saudi Arabia: Voltage Level 380KV 16 Bays o PP 9028, Alkharj, 380KV, 1 Bay

o Hunayan, Makkah, 380KV, 21 Bays

o Saggian, Pakistan,132KV, 5 Bays

o Hyundai Grid Station Sialkot, Pakistan, 132KV, 5 Bays As Siemens HV Testing Engineer

o Siemens External Project, Client MEEDCO, Hyundai on the GIS make Hyundai, voltage level 380KV, no of diameters 3.

o Siemens External Project, Client Al-Babtain Contracting on the GIS make Hyosung, voltage level 145KV, no of bays 12.

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General Information

Personal Profile

Name Nabeel Haider Zaidi.

Date of Birth 25-02-1987

Passport No BS5974324, Pakistan.

Address 113 Ghouri Block, Bahria Town, Lahore,


Contact +92-333-***-****.


WhatsApp +966-**-***-****

Religion Muslim (Sunni).

Marital Status Married.

Notice Period Immediately Available

Education & Certifications

o BSc in Electrical Engineering (2005 – 2009), National University of Sciences & Technology. o Data Center Associate Certified Engineer by APC Schneider Electric. o Siemens Basic Certified GIS Primary Testing and Commissioning. o Assessed by Siemens Transformer Supervisor for transformer testing. o Siemens Partial Discharge Measurement Training.

o Siemens High Voltage Testing Training.

o GE Training for KELMEN Gas Analysis Machine Testing and Commissioning Computer Proficiency

o Digsy 4.88

o Configuration software’s for GE (Entervista 650), Alstom (Easergy Studio) and ABB


o AutoCAD

o Primavera

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