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Mechanical Engineer Manager

Ploiesti, Prahova County, Romania
March 22, 2020

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Dan E. Popa

Ploiesti, Romania ******

+407******** ••

Welding Project Manager

Strong ability to build and lead teams that meet and exceed designated Registered, certified professional with extensive experience as consultant and on-staff leader in global manufacturing environments including chemical and petroleum refineries and onshore pipelines. goals and expectations. Highly adept at guiding tasks from concept to completion ensuring on-time, on-budget, and on-target results. Multilingual in English, Romanian, and French.

Core Competencies:

Team Building and Leadership

Staff Training and Development

Full Life Cycle Project Management

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Sales, Service, and Customer Support

Quality Assurance and Testing

Budgeting and Estimating

Process Improvements

Issue Resolution / Troubleshooting

Regulatory Compliance

Professional Experience

Habau PPS Pipeline System, Ploiesti, Romania

Welding Manager, 2018-present

Served as site manager and welding manager for Section 87, 88, and 89 on Lot 3 BRUA pipeline creating PQR, WPS, WQR for all sites. Assessed daily welding progress. Supervised 50 operators, pipefitters, welders and mechanical operators.

Key Achievements:

Tracked and reduced defective rate up to 1%

Achieved 25 welds of 32” per day with 6 operators.

Gulf Specialized Work, Jubayl, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Welding Engineer, 2019

Oversee 100 welders and 7 foreman handling daily activities in Pressure Equipment Division. Prepare and execute procedures, qualification records, and welding procedure specification monitor to reduce work order defect rate up to maximum 2%.

Key Achievements:

Implementing ISO welding qualification in Pressure Equipment Division

Develop LEAN manufacture for a 110 Pressure vessel order.

SAIPEM, Ploiesti, Romania

Welding Engineer, 2018

Worked on welding engineering team addressing qualification process for Barzan pipeline and ZOHR RUP.

Key Achievement:

Deliver in time welding technology for the projects.

Standardkessel Baumgarte Service GmbH A/JFE Engineering Group, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Construction and Welding Manager, 2016-2018

Led team of construction supervisor, four foremen, 75 welders, and 25 pipefitters on rehabilitation of 5 boilers and equipment at Shoaiba Plant. Worked with project manager to design welding specifications. Estimated welding time estimation for construction project; Followed up on weld quality. Served as deputy site manager and head of electrostatic precipitator in updating from Unit 1 to 5 SWCC Saline Water Conversion Corporation.

Key Achievement:

Completed projects on time and within budget.

Decrease construction time with 40%.

LINDE GAS, Timisoara, Romania

Application Metallurgy Engineer, 2016

Suggested solution to increase thermal efficiency of metallurgical application. Arranged DFI solution in ArcelorMittal Galati for galvanized sheet to improve process speed and reduce gas consumption.

Key Achievement:

Commissioning DFI solution in time with expected improvements.

SC Lufkin Industries SRL, Aricestii Rahtivani, Romania

Chief Welding Engineer/Fabrication Deputy Leader, 2011-2015

Served on Greenfield team producing operating processes and work instruction for welding related activities. Helped secure API license. Coordinated all fabrication shop activities aided by two foremen, 24 welders, and 30 fitters. Oversaw shop floor production planning, predicted investment and budget administration. Designed and executed strategy for each work centre. Co-facilitated shift start-up meetings. Worked with process engineers to initiate and implement process issue solutions. Troubleshot and resolved or escalated problems. Managed WIP area parts inventory.

Key Achievement:

Designed and updated records for PQR, WPS, and WPQR.

Employed Lean methods to improve productivity, reduce fabrication time, and suggest new welding solutions to engineering team.

SC Beta Heurtey SA, Buzau, Romania

Chief Welding Engineer, 2010-2011

Reviewed all welding tasks to ensure projects followed specifications and quality standards. Maintained accuracy of all welding documentation. Assessed welding/material related non-conformances, defects, repairs and corrective actions. Aided engineering disciplines and construction with welding and non-destructive examinations. Trained and supervised three welding engineers and about 80 welders. Managed subcontractors executing nondestructive and destructive test and quality of welding jobs. Estimated product welding times. Determined, certified, and sustained welder qualification records. Set procedures for carbon steel, Cr-MO steels (P11, P22, P5, P9, and P91), stainless steel (normal and high carbon), and Ni base alloys.

Key Achievements:

Reduced non-conformities from 9% up to 2.5%.

Designed and enhanced quality system procedures for welded production.

Helped obtain ASME certification.

Ogneupor, Yaroslavl, Russian Federation

Welding Inspector/Site Manager, 2011

Analyzed technical documents prepared by subcontractors to deliver HP Russia project. Investigated and addressed welding quality related issues and recommended improvement options. Coordinated team of seven welders, three pipefitters, two quality control inspectors, and one crane operator working on welding pipes for convection unit. Procured welding equipment and consumables, and prepared WPS for site welding. Delivered all welding for convection unit and radiation welds. Initiated all welding activities.

Key Achievements:

Completed 1,680 welds of 3-inch pipe with less than 1% defective rate, within 5 weeks.

SC Contech SRL, Ploiesti, Romania

Technical Manager, 1999-2010

Guided team of five application engineers, five set-up specialists, e and three service experts handling welding tasks on diverse array of projects. Worked on multiple hard facing projects involving tram tracks, cement mill components, valve bodies, and seats.

Key Achievements:

Introduced new process for pipeline welding at PSV Company decreasing welding expense and number of operators while preserving acceptable quality.

Changed root welding from SMAW to GMAW STT transfer fill pass from SMAW to mechanized FCAW.

Employed Miicroplasma welding for nuclear power program and PAW for stainless steel sheet metals fabricator in Romania.

Refurnished spiral pipe welding in two pipe mills Introducing narrow gap welding in SAW process.

Executed new welding process for cylindrical tank for petrochemical refinery.

Recommended new welding process FCAW self-shielded, and mechanization of welding process.

Helped negotiate agreement with petrochemical refinery from welding consumables point of view for major annual repair and revision.

Prior experience as Chief Welding Engineer for SC Universal, Ploiesti, Romania; Welding Engineer for SC Contech SRL, Ploiesti, Romania; and Mechanical Engineer for SC IMGB SA Bucharest, Romania

Education and Credentials

Master Engineer in Mechanical Engineering

University Politehnica, Bucharest, Romania

Degree in Mechanical engineering with Specialty in Welding

University Polithnica, Bucharest, Romania

Professional Development (Complete list available upon request)

AWO Lean, Lean, 6-Sigma, Flow Chart, Lufkin Industries, 2014

Pumping Unit Training Program, Lufkin Industries, 2012

Assessor for Professional Competence, CNFPA, 2005

Assessor Training Program for Gas Welders, Association of Canadian Community Colleges and National Adult Training Board, 2004

International Training Course in Stick, MIG/MAG & TIG Processes, Flux Cored Wires, Plasma Process, Cost Reduction Concept by Lincoln and SACIT Products, Lincoln Electric, Bester, Poland, 2004

International Training Course in Metrode Products Range of Consumables, Metrode Products, United Kingdom, 2004

Training for Mechanization of Welding Processes, Gullco, UK, 2004

Training in Gas Cutting and Welding with Harris Products, Harris-Calorific, Italy, 2003

Service Training for New Inverter Range, Lincoln Electric, Italy, 2003

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