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Salesforce Developer

March 22, 2020

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Satish Kumar Nulka is an experienced Salesforce Developer with over 9 months of Professional experience in Salesforce Development which includes Project Setup, Application Development, Code Development, Designing Custom Pages, Testing, Integration, Data Loader and lightning experience. Certifications & Skills


Salesforce Certified PlatformDeveloper-1

SKILLS:, Apex, Visual Force, Triggers, Sharing Rules, Profiles, OWD, IDE, MySQL.

Languages: Apex



HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, Visual force, Lightning Pages, Lightning Design Systems. IDE, Data Loader (CLI) .


Project 1

Project Name: Railway Consumer Service System

Role: Salesforce Developer


Railway Consumer Service System is an application through which a railway consumer can check the availability of trains & stations from his source and destination and also fare prices based on number of passengers. While he tries to book the tickets, he should compulsorily give all the details of passengers and also cannot give the details more than number of passengers he entered, where an email alert will be sent to all passengers based on mail ID’s given in the details with a unique Ticket ID(Auto Field in our object) generated. We have custom objects, one of the object is used by the department people to fix the fare prices from which we retrieve amount between source and destination, multiply that with number of passengers & show as total fare. Another object is used to store all the details of the passengers for future use. SATISH KUMAR NULKA

Salesforce Developer


Place: Hyderabad, India.

Roles and Responsibilities:

●Involved in creating the custom objects, tabs, fields, formulas.

● Developed application using apex controller and visualforce page.

●Workedon how to get values from previous pages and connection between visual force pages, workflow rule

(Email Alert).

●Involved in creating reports and dashboards, writing apex class with different validations.

●Involved in using HTML, CSS.

●InvolvedSLDS for ourproject

●Involved in Using various Standard functionalities of salesforce.

●Involved in writing test classes and got good code coverage Project 2

Project Name : Project Management System

Role: Salesforce Developer


Project Management is a salesforce application which helps a manager or a lead to assign tasks to their team and team to collaborate with each other in various tasks assigned for a particular project..We have different sprints with a limited time period to complete the issues in that particular sprint.If an issue is deleted from a sprint, it will be added to backlogs. We have different tabs like - 1)Issues and filters 2)Active Sprints(Show sprints which are in active and their status) 3)Teams 4)Projects 5)Settings. Roles and Responsibilities:

●Involved in creating the custom objects, tabs, fields, formulas.

●Involved in creating lighnting components using different concepts.

●Involved in creating backlog component where we have sprints with issues and backlogs.

●Workedondifferent functionalities like delete sprint, add an issue from sprint to another, delete asprint.

●Involved in Using various Standard functionalities of salesforce.

●UsedHTML, CSS and SLDS class for our project.

●Workedonsearching functionality and also error messages for our requirement.

●Workedon tracking history of status related to different issue. Relevant Experience

●Administration, Implementation and support experience on Platform.

●WorkedonDesignof Data model using Objects, Tabs, Fields, Relationships, Record types and Viewthrough Page Layouts.

●DesignedCustomFormula Fields, Field Dependencies, Validation Rules, Work Flows and Approval Processes according to requirements.

●CreatedUsers, Roles, Profiles and Permission Sets.

●Implementingsecurityandsharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at different levels of organization

●DevelopedVisualforcepagesusing HTML, CSS.

●Responsible for creating Reports and Dashboards for Business Analysis.

●Havingdeveloping experience on Controllers, and Triggers.

●WorkExperiencewithApexData Loader for Data migration activities.

●Expert knowledge on choosing objects and relationships (Lookup, Master-Detail and Junction).

●Strong implementation experience in managing Salesforce security controls (OWD, Profiles, Objects).

●GatheringandAnalyzing the Requirements according to the Customer Business and explaining the business process.

●WorkedonLightningComponent framework.

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