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Prior Authorization Coordinator/Scheduler

Birmingham, AL
March 22, 2020

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Birmingham, AL *****


Attentive, dedicated, and personable professional bringing over a decade of experience in administrative support and customer service. Strong work history in document management, multi-discipline collaboration, strong organizational and prioritization skills, and customer relations. Commended for cultivating positive work culture through interaction with both staff and customers. Detailed, quick-paced and a true team player. Pursuing a new role where hard work and dedication are highly valued.

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Prior Authorization Coordinator

Alabama Ophthalmology Associates - Birmingham, AL

February 2020 to Present

• Prepared and distributed determination letters and, when pertinent, detailing reasons for denial and possible appeal measures.

• Created and maintained spreadsheets detailing all medical procedures, including applicable denials and approvals.

• Tracked referral submission during facilitation of prior authorization issuance.

• Verified eligibility and compliance with authorization requirements for medication therapies and procedures.

• Fielded telephone inquiries on authorization details from patients, insurance companies, and third parties.

• Obtained and logged accurate patient insurance and demographic information for use by insurance providers and medical personnel.

Staff Nurse

UAB Hosptial - Birmingham, AL

February 2007 to January 2019

• Coordinated with physicians to inform patients on test results, treatment options and recommended procedures

• Managed patient admissions, transfers and discharges while assigning tasks and handling conflicts or issues

• Partnered with attending physician, residents and other members of the healthcare team to create and coordinate plans of care, including imaging, labs, surgery, intensive care and goals of care B


• Assessed need for, ordered, obtained and interpreted appropriate lab tests

• Collaborated across disciplines to give every patient optimal care and support

• Managed files utilizing Cerner software to facilitate operational efficiency

• Promoted core measures in patient safety and satisfaction

• Fostered strong relationships with patients and colleagues, leveraging feedback and identifying opportunities to improve delivery and quality of care

• Developed and implemented best practices in electronic charting, barcode scanning and medication administration

• Copied, logged and scanned supporting documentation and placed all information in client files

• Informed patients and families of effective treatment options and at-home care strategies, enhancing long-term outcomes

• Reported findings to quality departments after conducting routine audits and worked with team to devise corrective actions for deficiencies

• Developed strategy to target nursing and patient satisfaction issues, improve response and patient care quality and suggest actionable improvements to promote hospital-wide quality and safety initiatives

• Audited charts and reviewed clinical documents to verify accuracy

• Provided didactic and clinical instructions to orient new nurses and potential student nurses to achieve training outcomes

• Participated in nursing simulation activities, evidence-based practice project implementation and competency development to further nursing education

Inventory Receiving Clerk

Walmart - Trussville, AL

October 2003 to May 2007

• Maintained strong vendor connections at all stages, including arranging pricing and delivery structures and managing specific shipment or paperwork concerns

• Offered expertise in inventory management and current stock levels to internal teams and customers

• Evaluated supplies and product inventory to check for quality and quantity issues and returned unacceptable materials to vendors to obtain replacements or refunds

• Used hand-held devices, computer terminals and manual entry to track inventory movements

• Assisted customers with prompt and polite support in-person and via telephone

• Actively pursued personal learning and development opportunities

• Regularly reviewed invoices and double-checked orders

• Compared shipping orders and invoices against contents received to verify accuracy

• Coordinated efficient storage areas to optimize materials movements and minimize labor hours

• Boosted inventory and record keeping accuracy by conducting thorough inspections and comparing shipment contents with documentation

• Worked with vendor representatives to resolve damaged shipments and item shortages, protecting company interests and financial targets

• Received incoming calls and messages and addressed or escalated phone requests

• Managed and archived quality documentation and participated in internal and external quality audits Associate in Nursing

Jefferson State Community College - Birmingham, AL January 2004 to May 2007


Customer Service (10+ years)

Data Entry (10+ years)

Documentation (10+ years)

Filing (10+ years)

Inventory Management (4 years)

Medical Terminology (10+ years)

Oracle (10+ years)

Receptionist (10+ years)

Vendor Management (4 years)

Windows (10+ years)

Word (10+ years)

Interpersonal communication (10+ years)

Administrative Assistant

Microsoft Office



Attention to Detail (10+ years)

Clinical Documentation Improvement


Microsoft Word


Time Management

Organizational Skills



EMR Systems

Information Governance

Medical Records


Accounting (3 years)

Administrative Assistant (4 years)

Office Experience (10+ years)

Intake Experience (10+ years)

Computer Skills (10+ years)

Onboarding (1 year)

Communication Skills (10+ years)

Calendar Management (10+ years)

Bookkeeping (3 years)

Administrative Assistant (10+ years)

Medical Terminology — Highly Proficient

April 2019



Understanding and using medical terminology.

Full results: Verbal Communication — Expert

April 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to effectively convey information when speaking. Full results: Basic Computer Skills: PC — Proficient

April 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to perform basic computer operations, navigate a Windows OS, and troubleshoot common computer problems.

Full results: Supervisory Skills: Interpersonal Skills — Proficient April 2019

Maintaining productive team relationships by identifying conflict and settling disputes. Full results: Teamwork: Interpersonal Skills — Highly Proficient April 2019

Resolving disputes, solving team problems, and understanding nonverbal cues. Full results: Medical Billing — Familiar

September 2019

Understanding the procedures and forms used for medical billing. Full results: Attention to Detail — Highly Proficient

September 2019

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information. Full results: 4f6d3df65e66e83caabcb6d52a03cf6aeed53dc074545cb7

Working with MS Word Documents (Basic) — Highly Proficient May 2019

Basic Word techniques, including the use of tools to format or edit text. Full results: 0f81964201680d342eacd870e46f0432eed53dc074545cb7

Verbal Communication — Highly Proficient

June 2019

Speaking clearly, correctly, and concisely.

Full results: a4e014a18a6f1f122aecceeaf93f5ab8eed53dc074545cb7

Reliability — Highly Proficient

June 2019

Tendency to be dependable and come to work.

Full results: 9edba521c900535451c9210b3bc088aceed53dc074545cb7

Personality: Hard-Working — Expert

April 2019

Measures a candidate's tendency to be rule-abiding, well-organized, hard-working, confident, and think before acting. Full results: d2493d5ed8b5cb4707f4dd2c22243034eed53dc074545cb7

Customer Service Skills — Highly Proficient

May 2019

Measures a candidate's skill in evaluating approaches to customer service & satisfaction. Full results: a662233bc2ef39e6f132112a17d207e6eed53dc074545cb7

Legal Skills — Proficient

April 2019

Measures a candidate’s ability to effectively assist practicing attorneys in the preparation for litigation proceedings. Full results: ab5cbff80fcb24a8c0583a534bebbea4eed53dc074545cb7

Cognitive Ability — Expert

March 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to combine pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions. Full results: 8a87129dbb38489983e765ec237ca13eeed53dc074545cb7

Direct Care — Highly Proficient

September 2019

Showing sensitivity and enthusiasm while providing care to patients. Full results: Logic & Verbal Reasoning — Highly Proficient

September 2019

Understanding the meaning of text, and identifying the relationships among words or concepts. Full results: Administrative Assistant — Expert

October 2019

Using basic scheduling, attention to detail, and organizational skills in an office setting. Full results: a2d0425595944559c7cbe8e7b2e5c819eed53dc074545cb7

Scheduling — Highly Proficient

October 2019

Cross-referencing agendas and itineraries to avoid scheduling conflicts. Full results: 3a7661dd02956a19f2e041320d0d8f96eed53dc074545cb7

Medicaid Waiver Case Manager — Expert

September 2019

Measures a candidate's ability to effectively convey information when speaking. Full results: ab86be1f321364729abfb57afa42f689eed53dc074545cb7

Receptionist — Expert

November 2019

Using basic scheduling, attention to detail, and organizational skills in an office setting. Full results: 1e225b2346acbc40fa01abc6b6ddcb8aeed53dc074545cb7

Customer Focus & Orientation — Expert

November 2019

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity. Full results: 4f50b3773af8d10f7e5a783bc5ae9399eed53dc074545cb7

Basic Computer Skills: PC — Proficient

October 2019

Performing basic computer operations, navigating a Windows OS, and troubleshooting common computer problems. Full results: b5a522bef6d10c09ed54bd73c7c282bbeed53dc074545cb7

Electronic Medical Records: Best Practices — Expert November 2019

Knowledge of EMR data, associated privacy regulations, and best practices for EMR use. Full results: 636cc8f6f96b9cf196d3e5f87a73eea2eed53dc074545cb7

Administrative Assistant — Highly Proficient

October 2019

Evaluates the knowledge and skills essential to administrative assistant jobs. Full results: 9db593c24be7c5b09e480c026c2024dbeed53dc074545cb7

Attention to Detail — Highly Proficient

June 2019

Identifying differences in materials, following instructions, and detecting details among distracting information. Full results: 15d4f2852ae573528f730c1b7760543feed53dc074545cb7

Customer Service — Highly Proficient

December 2019

Identifying and resolving common customer issues.

Full results: 6f44158817bba12f5ecb67171e3c927ceed53dc074545cb7

Business Math — Proficient

January 2020

Using basic math to solve problems in a business context. Full results: Customer Focus & Orientation — Highly Proficient

January 2020

Responding to customer situations with sensitivity. Full results: 36c7c7b6f562f260a4ec3c619da41471eed53dc074545cb7

Problem Solving — Expert

January 2020

Measures a candidate's ability to analyze relevant information when solving problems Full results: f684ad985d00901cedc8ae77aa973d34eed53dc074545cb7

Nursing Skills: Clinical Judgment — Expert

April 2019

Assessing a patient's condition and implementing the appropriate medical intervention. Full results: Electronic Medical Records Knowledge — Highly Proficient May 2019

Measures a candidate’s knowledge of EMR data and associated privacy regulations, as well as best practices for EMR use. Full results: e6be33a97b0ed60b850b6ace46b0694deed53dc074545cb7

Nursing Skills: Patient Focus & Orientation — Highly Proficient January 2020

Measures a candidate's ability to address concerns and use sensitivity when responding to needs and feelings of patients. Full results: b78a78f98abdabe578bed557a2f634d2eed53dc074545cb7

Medical Receptionist Skills — Expert

January 2020

Managing physician schedules and maintaining accurate patient records. Full results: 60d3c75f253073a4ba4f8d126a6ce94beed53dc074545cb7

Filing & Organization — Expert

January 2020

Arranging and managing information or materials using a set of rules. Full results: 2cf4d4fc34de38aab951b37af46a45ceeed53dc074545cb7

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