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Customer Electrical

Vasant Nagar, Karnataka, India
5 lakh
March 24, 2020

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Email :

Mobile : +91-988*******

Professional Summary:


Technical Skills:

Test Equipment: Oscilloscopes, Function Generator, Radcal, Ray safe, PTW, Nomex, Multi-Meter, Electrical safety compliance analyser, Insulation Tester, HV tester, Earth leakage test set up, variable AC source, variable dc source, LCR meters

Software Skills:

General Tools:- Microsoft office, SAP

Programming Tools: - RAISONANCE: - R-Flasher,OLIMAX :- CCS uni flash, Code Warriner :- 56800E flash programmer, LPC:- LPCX presso

IDE Tools:-

Cad soft Eagle IDE (Schematic designing & PCB CAD tool) LT SPICE (Simulation of electronics circuits)

MULTISIM (Simulation of electronic circuits)

VBE (Visual basic application development)

ARDUNO IDE ( For Arduino boards)

Academic Chronicle:

Diploma in ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION Engineering from Vidya vikas Polytechnic College, Mysore, in May 2008

Pursuing AMIE (ST) from Institution of Engineers (India). Academic Projects:

In Diploma “switching the electrical appliances using Infrared radiations” Hobbyist Projects:

Designed “Water level controller for home” to save water in home

Designed “Solar operated 40w CFL Inverter ” to solve power cut

Designed “100Watt Solar operated CCTV project” for friends

Designed “GSM based street light timer along with day light detection” for cousin academic project

Project trainer for “1000v safety analyser” for internship’s academic project

Project trainer for “25w forward converter” for internship’s academic project Experience Summary - 1:

2+ Years of Experience in L&T (Metering & protective systems) as trainee in quality assurance department product quality.

Duration: August 2009 to November 2011

Job Profile Summary 1 :

Product knowledge of electronic energy meters like Trivector meter (TVM), kWh meters, Panel meters, and ABT meters.

Knowledge of all accuracy related tests for Energy meters as per IS 13779, IS 14697, IEC 62053 and CBIP standard.

Testing of energy meters using MTE (Meter testing equipment) Type (PCS-400.3) class-0.02 Made-Germany

Testing setup Manufactured by songyong for single phase energy meters Model-SY8125D class-0.1 Made-china

Testing setup Manufactured by songyong for Trivector meters Model-SY8320D class-0.1 Made-china

Adequate Knowledge in SAP.

Involved in all EMI/EMC/ ESD, related tests as per IEC and IS standard Profession Details:


Sample inspection of ENM & TVM meters as per the customer requirements defined in FORM 4D. Verifying tampers recorded, present voltage, current & Kw, Solderability, Component missing, Markings on the meter. Handling online & offline inspection of all types meters, involved in BIS test

& EMI EMC Tests. Designed jigs for testing Energy meters & TVM Responsibilities:

Visual inspection of ENM & TVM

Functional Testing of all ENM & TVM meters

BIS related tests like Accuracy, High voltage test. DC injection test, Magnetic test like ac & dc magnetic test, tampering device test like surge injection test

Designing & repairing of meter testing jig, dc injection jig

Involved EMI & EMC related tests & product reliability test Experience Summary - 2:

1+Years of Experience in EXCEL PAR ELECTRONICS in inprocess quality & Maintenance department.

Duration: December 2011 to January 2013

Job Profile Summary 2 :

Component level knowledge like inductors, transformers & instrumentation transformers.

Testing of instrumentation transformer like current transformers

Verifying the transformers as per the customer drawings

Inprocess quality check for the transformers

Adequate Knowledge electrical maintenance

Profession Details:


Testing of instrumentation transformers like voltage testing, current testing, turns test, inductance test & HV testing verification of transformers as per the customer drawings, inprocess quality check for transformers


Sample testing for transformers as per the customer drawings

Inprocess control of the transformer in manufacturing line

Implemented jigs & fixtures for testing of transformers

Problem analysis for the failure in production line & testing & fix for the problem

Handling of customer audits

Preventive maintenance of transformers winding machines soldering pots & soldering irons

Electrical maintenance of the plant

Experience Summary - 3:

8 years of Experience in Skanray Technologies Pvt. Ltd., as Senior Technical Officer. Duration: February 2013 to till date.

Skanray Technologies is a leading international medical equipment manufacturing Company based in Mysore, India. Skanray is specialized in High Frequency X-Ray Imaging Systems, Critical Care Devices and Primary Healthcare & Telemedicine compatible device Job Profile Summary-3a in Testing & Customer Servicing:

Unit level & Functional testing of radiology products from 500w to 34kw

Preparing checklists, Functional test report for our products & OEM products

Handling Customer Support – Customer service

Functional test involves X-RAY tube seasoning, Over kv, Calibration, Kv mAs accuracy test Kv ripple, Kv rise time, mA settling time, Line current test,,x-ray leakage, linearity half value layer IEC-60601-1-3, Reproducibility, Beam alignment test’s & Safety tests like Ground bound IEC-60601-1, Hi-pot test IS-7620, Earth leak current test, Hardware Integration and testing as per the IEC-60601-2-54 :2009, DRS & Functional test plan’s

Technical Training and Coordination Service Engineers and Distributor.

Ensure that the overall uptime of the product is more than 90%, and the calls are completed within 48 hours and repeat calls less than 10 % it Ensure Customer satisfaction and over all uptime

Engineer recruitment, Training and managing the work force.

Field failure analysis working closely with engineering team for Corrective & Preventive action.

Report Measure of Performance to Management reviews.

Involved in UL & Internal Auditing

Job Profile Summary-3b in Debugging:

Circuit level analysis of all radiology products from 500w to 26kW for debugging

Debugging & Root cause analysis of all Production NCR’s & field returned electrical parts

Debugging of high voltage x-ray tanks, power electronics circuits like forward converters, fly back converters, push pull converter, H-bridge inverters, Signal processing circuits in control boards, Display boards, handheld consoles, LED driver boards, Motor driver boards,

Visual inspection & Testing of all products PCA’S

Technical Training for on job trainees & internships.

Experienced in unit level debugging of problems.

Experienced in SMD & Through hole components soldering.

Maintaining of RMA, Customer returned, Field returned parts tracker & SAP entry on every customer notification

Working with OEM – Field related issues

Involved in UL, EMI, EMC & ESD related tests

Designing of jigs & fixtures for Testing & Debugging of products

Adequate knowledge of CAPA ECR & ECO process

Adequate knowledge of SAP

Profession Details:


Testing, Servicing & Debugging of radiology products, Functional testing of the radiology products till test report closure, Board level testing & debugging root cause analysis of field returned

& production NCR’s till fix to problem through CAPA & ECR, ECO, involved in EMI EMC & UL related tests, designed jigs for problem identifying & testing, Maintaining of field return parts tracker

& its analysis


Debugging of all PCA within 2 days of problem reported

Taking care for all the upgradations of board as per latest BOM

Root cause analysis of DA & PP with in 7 days after part arrival

Reducing down time by providing repaired parts for service support

Maintaining of Tracker for field returned parts & NCR

Supplier communication for all suppler related problems along with report

Maintaining of ESD at work place

Designing of jigs to test boards & cables to identify problems in vender places and at receiving inspection.

Conducting design reviews for closure of problem through CAPA & ECR-ECO ACHIEVEMENTS:

Designed jig for low voltage testing of all high voltage x-ray tanks Which helped a lot in analysing so many shop floor & Customers returned HV tanks failures

Designed ESD discharge plate for debugging department to discharge statics while handling PCA’s

Visited customer place to analyse serious issues in site & also resolved major issues because of site conditions which makes customer happy

Visited OEM customer place to analyse & resolve the problem

Resolve (mA) not sensing issue in 3.6kW c-arm system concluded PCB track discontinuity issue near filament sec open. Made an conclusion without opening HV tank found same after opening by this more than 35 boards reworked & changed PCB supplier further

Converted C-ARM unit on the test bench for individual parts debugging

Resolved component baking issue by making component baking jig

Resolved 100W Power supply not booting issue by finding root cause in ferrite core transformer’s leakage inductance & proved with experiments Personal information


Father Name : PRBHAKAR MS

Mother Name : KUSUMA S

Date of Birth : 09-04-1990

Marital Status : Unmarried

Languages known : Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil Nationality : Indian

Hobbies : Playing cricket, watching movies, listening to music Watching TV, Swimming, cycling &

Circuit designing.


Possess good leadership abilities.

Hard working in nature.

Technically strong

Keen to learn new things.

Good team coordinating ability

Good communication skills.

Present Address:


Door No. 107, Behind water house

Triveningara, T. Narasipura

Mysore Dist. Karnataka- 571124


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars. Place: Mysuru



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