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Los Angeles, CA
March 23, 2020

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Donte’ Nall Los Angeles, CA


Strong:Javascript (ES6+), React, React Native, Electron, Node.js/Express, HTML/CSS3, Webpack, Material UI, Git, Sass Experienced:Redux, PostgreSQL, OAuth, WebSockets, Python, Jest, REST, Bcrypt, GraphQL, Vis.js,, MongoDB, TypeScript, Cypress, Detox, Auth0, Elixir, Storybook Experience

Sense Software Engineer Decentralized/Private messaging application April 2019-Present

● Developed React Native Application with a monolithic approach, incorporating Blockchain technology such as to communicate and pull data from the EOS blockchain for both Android and iOS users.

● Integrated E2E testing for both mobile and web using Cypress and Detox for functional and Integration testing.

● Used Typescript to provide static type-checking for an efficient debugging workflow.

● Architected a React application with Redux for state management that centralized the data/state to provide global access throughout the entire React architecture.

● Enhanced code readability, shortened code length, and future-proof codebase via implementation of React Hooks.

● Designed complex algorithms in order to structure the token data from EOS Blockchain properly in the server so that if can be easily utilized on the client-side.

● Employed Redux Saga to configure and dispatch API calls to the backend that would add new tokens from the blockchain to better represent the token economy.

● Utilized Rundeck, which is a Web API that deploys updates to the applications in real-time.

● Used third-party services such as Amazon S3 buckets and scalar, a unified observable and log management platform, into our application for visualizing logs from apis to identify problems present in the server.

● Parsed through Elixir back-end codebase to debug issues from EOS chain due to corruption in data. GraphnomiQL Software Engineer GraphQL Schema Visualization tool Feb 2018-Jan 2019

● Used a variant of the Node.js runtime to develop a desktop application using Electron, providing access to the user’s local file system for exportation of edited GraphQL introspection results into readily available JSON files that can be parsed into a new GraphQL schema

● Designed the initial React component hierarchy and architecture of the application, ensuring modularity and scalability for painless addition of upcoming features

● Recursively traversed the GraphQL query resolution tree using a diffing algorithm that transforms user-edited GraphQL introspection results into exportable schema files

● Engineered core algorithms to parse GraphQL introspection, transforming the deeply nested introspection query results in order to extract the necessary component data to dynamically generate React components. Purveyour Inc Software Engineer Shopping mobile application for boutiques Jul 2014-Sep 2017

● Developed React Native application from the ground up, incorporating Google’s geolocation API to retrieve nearby fashion boutiques for both Android and iOS users on a single codebase.

● Architected React Native component hierarchy to allow fluid data flow throughout the application

● Integrated Facebook’s OAuth2.0 to provide a trusted and secure login for users negating the inherent security risks of storing user passwords or password hashes on a single platform

● Handled back-end data fetching asynchronously Designed SQL databases for custom back-end data manipulation for clients to simplistically update data in real-time Open-Source Projects

Kira Platform for sharing fashion trends in your town

● Used React Router to implement client-side routing, mimicking delivery of multiple pages in React single page application and wrote custom functional components to pass properties through route components

● Implemented a geolocation API to obtain and track user coordinates via user IP addresses coupled with integrated Node.js middleware specifications to display isolated database information pertaining to the coordinates Skippr Native application allowing users to place orders to local coffee shop

● Setup an Express server to provide multiple mobile devices API access to the hosted database increasing security by abstracting the database layer from the client.

● Incorporated the Twilio API into the app to allow coffee shops the ability to trigger SMS notifications to users Education

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Economics B.A Management & Society B.A, 2011 Interests

Working out, fitness coaching, watching anime(Naruto), gaming(COD), playing fantasy football, being vegan

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