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Mechanical Engineer (Welding)

Jizan, Saudi Arabia
16000 SR
March 23, 2020

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QA/QC Welding Supervisor

Nationality/ Contact Number


Indian/ +966*********

Date of Birth / Age


** *** **** / ** ****s

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English, Hindi, Urdu & Arabic

Educational Qualification

Degree / Diploma

Institute / Country

Period (From – To)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B-Tech)

Visveswariaha Technical University, Karnataka, INDIA

Graduated in Year 2008

Technical Certification:

CSWIP 3.1 Certified Welding Inspector CERT NO : 66920, TWI-UK

ASNT NDT Level II’s in

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Radiography Testing (RT)

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)

Liquid Penetration Testing (LPT)

Saudi Aramco Approved PID Client representative(Piping/Welding) SAP No. 80001233


Working on Heights and Fall Protection

Safety Induction Orientation

Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness Training

Training of Portable Arc Monitoring System(PAMS) for Welding Procedure.

Brief Profile:

Having more than 11 years of professional experience in the field of Construction(Mechanical) Piping Engineering, Inspection in Welding, structural, NDT, Fabrication & Erection in Mechanical Plant/Construction for Oil & Gas Industry at various Petrochemical and Power Plant Projects in and outside the Kingdom, including planning, organizing, scheduling and implementing strict code of conduct onsite, technical coordination with Client and Consultant achieving targets in line with the Planned Schedules, well developed management skills. Have an excellent communication and interpersonal skill with the ability to interact with individuals at all level. Previous engaged with Multinational / international project such as oil and gas refineries, petro chemical & power/ industrial plant and providing input to the project management, design, site execution, supervision. Quite familiar with international standards and codes applicable for Construction and QA/QC in Piping Installations both A/G&U/G. Carrying out stage inspections as per quality control plans / projects documents control and test pack preparation. Experience of working in piping fabrication shop and on construction projects sites. Handling different types of materials like SS CS ( normal and low temperature materials) and Non-metallic materials like RTR, HDPE,PVC & CPVC for underground pipeline. Experience of working in process piping, pipe line, Tanks and structural fabrication and erection.

Work Experience (Years)


9 Years


2 Years


11 Years

Summary of Work Experience History (From Present to Previous):


Name of Company / Country


National Inspection & Technical Testing Company Ltd. [FAHSS/TUV]



Projects inspection handled :

1.Saudi Aramco Marine Terminal project (From June-2017 to Feb-2018).

2.Jazan Economics City Commercial Port Onshore/Offshore Project (From Feb-2018 to Conti.)

Position Held


QA/QC Engineer Mech’l Piping/Welding (JAPID)

Client Representative

Period (From – To)


June 2017 To continue..

Key Job Responsibilities


Monitor and/or perform quality activities at all stages of project. Assure that work is in compliance with Client requirements, Standards, procedures, Specification, and Schedule Q of the project contract.

Ensuring and implementing the complete Quality Management System throughout the project

Reviewing project related Quality Control Procedure, Method Statements and Special Activity Procedure in compliance of company and international standards.

Monitor performance of the contractor quality system. Review contractor Project Quality Procedure, Inspection procedures for various site activities.

Review project drawings, contractor’s Project quality plan (PQP), Special process procedures (welding, hauling, coatings, NDT procedures etc...)Monitor performance of the contractor quality system.

Review contractor Project Quality Procedure, Inspection procedures for various site activities.

Review WPS, PQR, Welder Qualification documents and issue welder JCCs.

Review NDT and Coating procedures, verify the personnel qualifications.

Review Hydro test packages & layup procedure and witness the testing.

Monitor the welding activities at site by performing surveillance inspections. Witness and approve welding inspections.

Participate in walkthrough prior to handover and issue punch-list to the contractor.

Monitor the site activities and perform log book entries and issue NCRs.

Focus assessment of different ongoing activities and documents. Perform root cause analysis, assessments, and recommend short and/or long-term remedies.

Issuance of Non Conformance Reports (NCR), Standard or code violations and their corrective action follow up until closing.

Reviewing project quality documents, i.e. WPS/PQR, WQT, NDE procedures and method statements.

Managing QA/QC/Inspection interfaces and ensure that Project Quality standards/Procedures codes. Reviewing project quality documents, i.e. WPS/PQR,WQT,NDE procedures and method statements

Reviewing Pressure test packages (Hydro, Pneumatic and service test Inspection of Incoming material (Structural/Piping/Fittings/Welding Consumables) as per Company/ASME/design standards and making inspection reports.

Monitoring welding performance at the projects; analyzing repair statics and proposing corrective and preventive actions, where applicable. Monitoring Welder Continuity log & Witnessing Welder’s Qualification Tests.

Evaluating welder’s performance by reviewing weekly and cumulatively welding rejection rate.

Well familiar with versatile welding processes GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, SAW & GMAW.

Monitoring all fabrication and site activities like welding, fabrication, erection and installation with respect to inspection test plan to ensure the activities are in accordance with approved Drawings, project specifications and codes/standards.

Hands-on experience of NDT methods. Witnessing NDE i.e. MPT, DPT, PMI, Hardness testing activities and reviewing test results/reports.

Ensuring Welding consumable handling, baking, holding, and storage record as per company and manufacturer recommendation.

Line Punch Listing and its verification before/after Pressure testing.

Inspecting Pressure testing, reinstatement and lay-up activities.

Final Mechanical completion punch listing and its verification.

Recording LBEs as proactive, standard violation, general comments and non-compliance.

Drafting focus assessment reports for major quality concerns.

Providing technical guidance upon various project phase issues.

Performing Contractor audits as quality system surveillance.

Contractor’s QCP Review and Approval as per Saudi Aramco Standards

Contractor’s WPS and PQR review as per Saudi Aramco Standards.

Witnessing Contractor PQR and WQT.

Material receiving inspection as per Contractor Offer.

Welding consumable inspection as per Contractor Offer.

Welding Inspection as required codes and standards.

To check all the welding activities being carried out on job site in accordance with approved welding procedure specification (WPS).

Review inspection reports and records (Quality control system documents)

Attending Weekly construction Progress meeting with contractor, Weekly Quality department meeting.

Witness various inspections but not limited to material receiving, installation, reinstatement, RT joint selection etc.

Participate in contractor coating application personnel qualification

Review weekly Weld Repair Rates and monitor the performance of contract welders.

Perform review of Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards, Procedures, General Instructions, manuals etc.


Name of Company / Country


DAELIM Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd.



Saudi Elastomers Project

Position Held


QA/QC Welding Supervisor

Period (From – To)


April 2016 to March 2017

Key Job Responsibilities:

Working as QA/QC Supervisor to monitor and oversee the implementation of the QC inspection procedure.

Effective implementation of the PQP and QC procedure.

Implement corrective action reports based from QA reports.

Submit corrective action reports to the QC manager.

Preparation of 2 week look ahead reports.

Surveillance and monitoring of construction and installation work activities co-ordination with inspector.

Expedite and keep records of completed weld joints, RT reports, Weld map, RFI, SATIP,SAIC and SATR.

Review welder JCC as per required WPS and maintaining the records for renewal.

Keep close monitoring on welders first three performance of production joint as per the requirement of SAEP-324.

Maintain NCR/Surveillance reports Issued Log

Prepare WPS and maintain log

Responsible to arrange Procedure Qualification Test and maintaining PQR

Close monitoring welder performance based on weekly progress & maintain Welder performance log

Follow-up daily NDT activities with site NDT – Coordinator & NDT agencies.

Responsible to arrange Equipment & Tools calibration and maintaining their log.

Maintain project welders log & responsible for arranging WQT.

Daily monitoring inspector’s performance.

Follow-up Client's NCR/LBE for required corrective actions and make sure they are closed.

Conduct Internal Meetings with Inspectors time to time to monitor their performance

Closely monitoring Welding Consumable Room for proper preservation as required by standard procedures.

Review & monitor welding consumable issuance log.

Solve the problems regarding to welding, piping, and pressure vessels with stand up the standard and technical point of view.

Weekly meeting with the owner/client for checking review the inspection problems last week.

Reporting and get alarms for the management for any technical issues not matching with client requirements or standard.

Daily following the subcontractor's inspection activities and give direction instructions /alarms to avoid any technical problems.

Review of Material Test Certificates & random physical verification of material prior to commencement of fabrication activities

Prepare weld repair rate and give guidance for improvement to reduce the repair percentage.


Name of Company / Country


Samsung Engineering Company Ltd, Saudi Arabia.




Position Held


QA/QC Welding Inspector with SAP No. 70018885

Period (From – To)


Jan 2016 to Feb 2016


Name of Company / Country


Samsung Engineering Company Ltd, Saudi Arabia




Position Held


QA/QC Welding Inspector SAP No. 70018885

Period (From – To)


March 2015 to Jan 2016


Name of Company / Country


Samsung Engineering Company Ltd, Saudi Arabia




Position Held


QA/QC Welding Inspector SAP No. 70018885

Period (From – To)


July 2014 to Feb 2016


Name of Company / Country


Samsung Engineering Company Ltd, Saudi Arabia




Position Held


QA/QC Welding Inspector

Period (From – To)


April-2013 to June-2014

Key Job Responsibilities:

Inspection on pipeline, flow line, piping construction and erection activities.

Qualifying the welding procedures and welder to the applicable codes.

Implementing the contract quality plan Inspection test Plan (ITP) and other quality procedure for obtaining quality product.

Inspection carried to verify and compliance with specified WPS, Consumables handling, Post weld visual, Material traceability etc.

Preparing and maintaining all quality records for final test pack.

PQR testing witness. WPS reviewing and submitting to Saudi Aramco. Co-Ordination and conduction of PQR.

Qualifying welders as per approved WPS (WQT)

Inspection of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Materials

Inspection of structural welding of pipe supports for new installed lines. Maintaining the continuity of Welders.

Selection and Witness of RT, MT and PT joints.

Preparation of Daily fit up report and reviewing weld repair rate. Witnessing of Re-calibration of Welding Machines.

Witness Mechanical testing of Production test coupons and chemical testing along with the third party and client.

Daily production weld joints inspection and Preparing weld map as per piping class and Isometric drawing.

Weld visual inspection of steel structural, static and rotary equipment. Preparation of welder performance matrix.

Inspection of welding consumables for CS and SS.

Ensure that the construction materials received are in accordance with Identification, Traceability and Correlation with MTC.

Inspection of Fit up, Welding Techniques, Weaving, Shielding etc. during Welding.

Proper Implementation of WPS before during and after Welding.

Qualifying welders as per approved WPS (WQT).

Review of WPS and PQR as per project specification. Familiar with NDT MT, PT and RT

To follow all quality control procedure, inspection and test plan

Checking joint fit-up & Monitoring and controlling welding consumables.

Familiar with welding inspections that is before, during and after welding activities as per SATIP.

Reviewing filler wires and electrodes of welding procedure specification

Monitoring Qualification and performance of welding personnel.

Supervision and inspection of Welding and Pre-heat of weld.

Development and implementation of inspection checklist and report/format.

Co-ordination of all destructive and Non-destructive testing at various sites for different clients.

Responsible for alloy metal verification (PMI). Maintaining the continuity of Welders. Selection of RT, MT and PT joints. Preparation of Daily fit up report.

Witnessing of Re calibration of Welding Machines.

Reviewing the Inspection Test Procedures, Welding Procedure Specification & Welding Procedure Qualification.

Supervising and reporting the Inspection activities of sub-ordinates.

Assist in achieving the Quality requirements as per Schedule ‘Q’.

Ensures that all inspection activities are performed as per approved Inspection & Test Plans ( ITP)

To check the welding equipment’s and welding consumables welding procedure specification


Name of Company / Country


ANABEEB Services Co. W.L.L, Qatar



Extension Project with Shutdown in Qatar Liquefied Gas Company

Position Held


QC Welding Inspector

Period (From – To)


June-2012 to Feb-2013


Name of Company / Country


Mohd. Faleh Al-Hajri Cont. Est. Saudi Arabia




Position Held


QC Engineer (Piping/Welding)

Period (From – To)


Oct-2009 to Jan-2012

Key Job Responsibilities:

To check the welding equipment’s and welding consumables validate certificate of calibration.

Suggest Technical advice and expertise to the project QA/QC personnel at site.

Analyzing high Weld Repairs and giving guidance to reduce the Repair rate.

Selecting the joints for the random Radiography based on welders quality performance.

Maintaining Backup for welder performance record of two week look ahead schedule.

Incoming material Inspection and Stock material preservations.

To check the internal cleaning of the pipe before fit-up Inspection.

To grind and do applicable NDT if found any defect in the base metals.

To check the fit-up before welding for root gap, root face and bevel preparation as per the WPS.

Responsible for actual measurement of all fabricated spool.

Responsible on checking materials to be used in the fabrication shop.

Check materials and consumable certificates.

Check material traceability inspection by confirming heat numbers of each pieces and fittings as noted on Material Traceability Record (MTR)

Responsible to review and confirm as-built drawing for all fabricated pipes and tanks and submit as-built drawing to engineering for documentation.

Correct level and method of pre-heat applied prior to tack welding.

All tack welding to be monitored and Inspected.

Whether conditions ( Mainly for site work, welding is generally halted when inclement)

Pre-heating values (Heating method, location and control method)

To check the current and voltages are supplied as per the WPS range.

To inspect the travel speed which is to be in the range of WPS?

Welding and/or purging gasses (Type, pressure/flow and control method)

Welding condition for root run / hot pass and all subsequent run and inter-run cleaning.

Minimum or maximum inter-pass temperature (Temperature control method).

To perform post weld visual inspection and make comments if the welding doesn’t meets the requirements of ( ASME 31.3).

Preparation of daily welding reports.

Well familiar with Saudi Aramco Quality Management Information System (QMIS).

To prepare the NDT request as per the applicable code, standard requirement.

Coordinating with Third party Inspection in welding process and testing.

Witnessing the inspection of Ultrasonic, Magnetic particle and Penetrant testing methods according to different codes and standard.

Coordinate with NDT activities and review the NDT reports.

Witnessing of Positive Material Identification (PMI).

Closely involved in the preparation of the Hydro Test packages for the welded and coated pipelines.

Prepare Pre-hydro test punch listing, check welding summary and all other contents of hydro test package & submit to Client for final review.

Witnessing Hydro test activities at site until completion and water draining.

Familiar with codes and standards ( ASME B31.3,B31.4,B31.8, API510, API570, ASME SEC IX, ASME SECV, ASME SECIIC & AWS D1.1).


Name of Company / Country


Process Construction & Technical Services Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai




Position Held


Mechanical Engineer (Inspection)

Period (From – To)


Aug-2008 to Sep-2009

Key Job Responsibilities


Monitor & Implement QA/QC Control & Procedures of the company as well of the client.

Familiar in P&ID diagrams.

Well conversant in Isometric and Engineering drawings.

Studying drawing of Piping and Structural.

Conversant with Carbon steel and Alloy steel.

Monitoring sub-contractor activities and quantity survey / work progress.

Having the sound knowledge of most commonly used welding processes like SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW& SAW.

Knowledge of destructive and Nondestructive testing.

Able to carry out procedure qualification & performance qualification test for welding work.

To check the joint configuration like root gap, bevel angle, root face, groove angle, etc as per the approved WPS.

To check the preheat temperature as per the WPS.

Surveillance inspection during welding includes welding parameter interpass temperature, weaving of electrode, baking holding & potable ovens, control of electrode/filler wire according to WPS.

Trained welders for minimizing weld defects

Ensure the materials traceability, Weld No, Welder No, consumables etc as per the project requirements.

Monitoring the Heat Input randomly for all materials

To study the drawings/ documents received from client for execution at site and clarify ambiguity if noticed in them.

To plan for requirement of materials based on drawings/ documents received from client.

To update the list of drawings received from client and reconcile the ones issued for execution.

To monitor the daily progress to ensure the availability of sufficient manpower, materials to achieve the progress as per schedule.

Monitoring and preparing the progress reports.

Visual checking of pipes and fittings for proper material specs, measurement, alignment, and orientation of spool fabricated.

Inspection of welding activities at Fabrication shop.

Aiding customer and owner representative for final inspection and acceptance.

Co-ordination of Inspection activities with Client.

Carry out weld Repairs by identification from traces of radiography films, Review and maintain the inspection report sand NDT reports.

Witness calibration of pressure gauges and pressure relief valve.

Monitor and witness the Hydro test and check its holding time.

Review the necessary documents for hydro test pipe.

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I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.




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