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Software Engineer Python

Santa Barbara, CA
March 23, 2020

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• Westmont College Computer Science Major and a Philosophy Minor Dec, 2019 EXPERIENCE

Software Engineer June, 2019 - Dec, 2019

Apeel Sciences, Goleta, CA

• Built an end to end web application via React & Django that allows Apeel chemists run experiments on food

• Mastered the skill of creating stories, tasks, and sub-tasks (agile software development)

• Learned how to work with a team of developers, meet deadlines, and design before implementing a solution

Software Engineer Aug, 2018 - Dec, 2018

Parent Square, Santa Barbara, CA

• Learned the basics of Rails

• Created automated tests for a Rails web application

• Altered frontend code to accommodate for elders with sight and physical disabilities

Software Engineer Aug, 2018 - Dec, 2018

Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

• Implemented a web application that allows computer science professors to grade hundreds of programming assignments, and tests in one click

• Implemented Ajax API calls to create a single webpage application

• Processed electronic payments via Stripe API

• Link to project:

Programming Instructor Aug 2016 to present

Freelance Instructor, Self- Employed

• Launched Udemy & Youtube Channel of Computer Science related tutorials

• My course “Master Tkinter By Building 5 Fully Functioning Apps” is the highest rate course on Udemy for building desktop apps via python

• My course “The Ultimate Python Unit Testing Course” benefited hundreds of students globally

• Youtube channel:

• Udemy channel:

Java Developer Feb 2018 - June 2018

Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA

• Implemented an Evolutionary Algorithm with 10 other Computer Science students

• Designed an algorithm that predicts how many people with healthy genetics need to marry each other in order to produce a population where every one is healthy.

• Link to project: Published Author Feb 2018- June 2016

Writer, Self- Employed

• Published a self help book at the age of 17 titled: 99 Ways to Become a Better Person

• The book is sold in local libraries in Santa Barbara, and on Amazon

• Link to book:*******/

Freelance, Software engineer

Commerce Web Application May, 2018 - Aug, 2018

• Implemented an entire e-commerce web application using Django

• Design a database that best describe the needs of a web application

• Link to project:

Investment Calculator Dec, 2018

• Implemented a real estate investment calculator that allows real estate agents to predict how much money needs to be invested in order to generate a given passive income.

• Turned this calculator to a python library that any developer can benefit from

• Link to project:

Five Desktop Apps May - June 2018

• Implemented the five following desktop apps: a Food Price, a Python IDE, a File Counter, an Email Sender, and a Calculator.

• Link to project:

Indecision Web App Feb - June 2019

• Implemented a web application that allows users to create, delete, view, and update decisions via React.

• Loaded, sent, and parsed data sent from back to front end technologies and vice versa

• Link to project:

Image Recognition March - June 2019

• Implemented a python program that can recognize cars and humans

• Use data to teach a computer how to think for itself

Polynomial Multiplier July, 2016

• Implemented a Python & a Java program that can multiply polynomials

• Link to project that is written in Java: Multiplier-Java

• Link to project that is written in Python: Multiplier


• Fluent in Arabic

• Python, Django, Java, React, HTML, SASS and jQuery


• Linkedin:

• Github:

• Portfolio:

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