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LTE Wireless Professional

Albuquerque, NM
March 23, 2020

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David Romero

Albuquerque, New Mexico M: 251-***-****

Field Wireless Professional


Carrier summary:

A growth-oriented and highly talented Wireless Engineer with a strong background in integration/commissioning, operations and maintenance, disaster recovery, triage, root-cause analysis, and experience in leading team members. I have 22 years of experience in this domain as well as excellent communication, analytical and leadership skills.

Job Skills:

An Experienced team player with the ability to initiate/manage cross-functional teams and multi-disciplinary projects, and to deliver network readiness and availability.

Network and system performance, analytical thinking, decision making, problem solving skills and very strong microwave background.

Component level configuration, optimization, AC/DC power systems, and troubleshooting.

Project management skills: Influencing, leading, negotiating and delegating responsibilities

Network management, local and, remote monitoring and restoration of Market wide UMTS/GSM/CDMA/LTE network. Experience with Link watch and Solar Winds, XCAL and GNET Track Pro.

Adaptability and tolerant to stressed, time sensitive situations.

Creative thinking and organizational skills

Effective listening skills

Decision making and negotiating skills

Very strong knowledge of UMTS/GSM/CDMA/LTE network architecture, components, topology, and air interface theory.

Professional Experience


Integration/Commissioning Engineer

Installation and configuration of Ericsson CDMA and LTE equipment (DUS, DUL, XMU, DBA, BB5216 BB6630) in 6102 series cabinets..

Firmware updates, power upgrades and troubleshooting BTS issues to deliver new 800 MHz,1900 MHz, and 2.5 GHz carrier adds.

On site and remote trouble shooting with market tower crews to resolve end to end system capabilities.

Extensive Drive Testing performing LATP (Gnet Pro) FATP (XCAL) and closeout packages.

E-911 testing, phase 2 verification and direct coordination with West Safety Services to resolve any discrepancies between actual results and current 911 TVW

Responsible for sites in the entire state of New Mexico as well as El Paso Texas.

HTP SOLUTIONS MAR, 2017-Jan, 2018

Infrastructure Engineer

Responsible for the installation of Comcast’s core network infrastructure in support of RESI 2.0 platform.

Installation and integration of Arista Routers, open gear controllers, all optical fiber, layer one connectivity, termination and testing.

Installation of 4/0 and 350 DC power cabling and BDFB termination during hot-cut maintenance window.

Responsible for detailed documentation for closeout package submission

PLATEAU WIRELESS Feb 15 – Dec, 2016

Field Technician

Support make ready of site acceptance/handover to AT&T.

Deploy, configure and integrate routers, switches, and layer one infrastructure.

Assist with daily operations and maintenance on 177 existing cell sites.

Participate in on-call rotation, responsible for these sites covering 25% of New Mexico State.

Deploy numerous microwave backhaul solutions in order to deliver additional bandwidth to select sites throughout the region as per AT&T's requirements.




Managed the market build from Base Station to Macro build of Albuquerque’s Wireless deployment.

Installation and configuration of all core network equipment at Base Station

AC/DC conversion installation and integration

Plotting of Macro site azimuths, frequency planning, configuration, installation and optimization.

Performed comprehensive LOS surveys within market.

Performed extensive network optimization with multi-disciplinary groups.

The Wireless Workforce Dec, 2013-June, 2015

Construction Manager

National Deployment Team: Managed field teams, materials and schedule during microwave backhaul and 850Mhz RXAIT deployments.

Completed microwave Installation and integration project to completion covering four states.

Managed full lifecycle AT&T 850 MHz UMTS deployment.

Managed crew schedules and material acquisition between Ohio and Indiana simultaneously.

Blue Telecom Jan, 2013-Dec,2013

I&C Field Engineer

Puerto Rico Integration and Commissioning: Installed, commissioned and inserted equipment in support of Sprint’s Samsung platform 3G/4G deployment. Migrated legacy network to new carrier class platform in various phases. Coordinated with numerous escalation groups to ensure proper functionality and minimized customer impact while migrating. Utilized pseudo wire device to convert existing T-1 backhaul to native ethernet in order to transport via new packet based microwave. Worked closely with EMS to resolve legacy issues while building new clusters.

Became proficient with Samsung’s 3G AND 4G DU MMBS solution.

Configured and integrated Cisco ASR901 series CSR.

Inserted, configured and troubleshot Dragonwave Quantum and Compact microwave systems.

Participated in migration process from pre install, M1 thru M2, microwave insertion, and antenna consolidation.

Installed and terminated cabling to support UDA alarms thru legacy DSX and 66 blocks.

Performed pre installations, battery inspections and terminated electrical cabling in Samsung Network Vision MMBS.

Clearwire/Ericsson Oct, 2009- Dec, 2012

Field Wireless Engineer

Austin Field Ops/ Central Texas FSO: Participated in Market launch, deploying, configuring, commissioning and optimizing of 3G/4G LTE broadcast sites. Identified and resolved network issues and worked closely with escalation groups to resolve outages and third party vendor issues. Performed drive testing on all site sectors and assisted RF Engineering with optimization process, electrical and mechanical down tilt, preamble and frequency/azimuth adjustments when necessary.

Assisted team in pro actively monitoring market network and resolved identified issues considerably faster, resulting in one of the nation’s best fiscal year MTTR scores.

Specialized in troubleshooting 5.3, 5.8, 11, 18 and 23 GHZ microwave backhaul systems, specifically Dragonwave systems, as well as fiber optic cable troubleshooting, cleaning and testing.

Installed, Configured and maintained Motorola 2.4 GHz LTE systems Market wide.

Airband Communications 2006 - 2009

Field WiMAX Engineer

Central Texas field Operations: Built and supervised builds of market base stations in Austin and San Antonio.

Delivered dedicated VOIP and Data to mid to large scale businesses via point to multipoint, pre-WiMAX microwave systems and terrestrial circuits. Adapted and excelled in an unsupervised, fast-paced, critical response environment spanning two market bases simultaneously. Installed and configured Alvarion, Redline, Cerragon and Axxcelera microwave systems, Cisco 7200 VXR, 2900,and 2700 series routers and switches, Polycom and Cisco voip terminals.

Solely managed entire customer base in San Antonio and Austin Texas from LOS survey, core configuration, install to troubleshooting and service calls.

Excellent customer centric attitude earned numerous service contract renewals.

Independent Contractor

1998 - 2005

Crew leader/Project Manager

Managed Crews installing network cabling infrastructure in Austin, Texas.

Managed large crew of technicians during a year long Department Of Defense project at Applied

Research Laboratories, Austin, Texas. Built out, terminated, and retrofitted Data Center Category 5, 5E,

6, Multimode and Single Mode fiber optic cabling, breakout kits and testing of all infrastructure at Dell

Computer, Austin, Texas. Assisted in design and installation of feeder, cross connect system providing

entire telephone capability at Dell’s Parmer South two and three buildings

Selected Achievements

Certified in terminating and testing numerous vendor fiber optic solutions of the following types: Anaerobic,

Heat Cure, Cam Lock, LC SC, ST, and MTRJ, Multimode and Single mode.

Specialized in Assuming leadership of large scale, complex and, behind schedule projects organizing and,

completing them.

31l-31U 10/20 1992 - 1998

Sgt/E5 United States Army

Responsible for installation of GTE’s Mobile Subscriber Equipment and telephony cabling supporting the

First Armored Division’s headquarter and rear TOC,s. Deployed to Lucavak, Bosnia December 95’ to

December, 96’, provided secure telephone, radio, and fax communication to Fifth Corp’s command

and staff. Deployed UHF/VHF line of sight radio links in a tactical environment. Installed Category 3 and 5,

RG/58, RG/59U, WF 16, WF 1, PCM and 25 Pair cabling enabling trunking between LOS and Node

Center enclosures, J boxes, Time Delay Multiplexers, Digital Non-Secure voice terminals and mobile Digital

Secure Voice Terminals. Utilized NATO Interface Devices and digital multiplexers to expand telecom links

through foreign communication systems and AMC’s Fly Away system (Teleport). Issued and accountable

for Division COMSEC. Maintained Battalion Sincgars radio net. Performed ERF encryption dispersal as wel

l as Retrans duties. Provided Cabling Infrastructure installation, Comsec dispersal and support during

1st Armored Division and 5th Corps Europe Battle simulation exercises.

Selected Achievements

Received numerous awards and commendations from the Department of the Army, NATO, and 1st Armored

Division for excellent Communications support during America’s initial, deployment to Bosnia with IFOR.

Awarded Fifth Corps Army Europe’s Best Cable team during the U.S. Army’s MSE Team Competition two years

in a row.

Education / Certifications

Ericsson Certifications:

Mini-Link SP 210/310 Operation and Maintenance

Mini-Link TN R4 Integration, Operation and maintenance

LTE 10A Air Interface Protocols and Procedures

Core Networks

Ip Routing

Ericsson Mobile Backhaul Solution

Dragonwave Duo/Compact/Quantum

Mini-Link PT Fundamentals

Microwave Transmission Technology

Microwave Networks

Alvarion Transceiver Operations and Maintenance

U.S.Army Signal School

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