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Manager Engineer

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
March 23, 2020

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To enhance my professional skills, capabilities and knowledge in an organization which recognizes the value of hard work and trusts me with responsibilities and challenges. EXPERIENCE

Cybele Industries Ltd

Manager - Production

Undertaking and controlling the Cable Production Plant and the Compounding Production Plant.

* Managing the Production team to work towards attaining the target and achieving beyond it every month.

* Working in a Pattern to meet the needs of both the Operators and the management.

* Making important decisions on change of Plan to achieve Production at the Target Date.

* Prioritising the orders for the month based on customer requirement and make the delivery within the delivery period.

* Monitoring that the system is strictly working under the ISO QMS and files are being updated everyday.

* Timely discussion with the management regarding the Production status and Schedule and achievements of targets.

* Strictly maintain the System and discipline in the Shopfloor.

* Determine and Design the Standard Charts for each Process.

* Working with Technical team to devise and design Job Card for a New Product along with the Standard Chart in each area.

* Work with Maintenance team to allocate machines for Preventive maintenance and advise for any improvements.

* Working with Planning Team to plan the machines, method and manpower to achieve the targeted output on Monthly, weekly and Daily basis and approving it.

* Monitor everyday Production output reports for each Machine and each stage and analyse the reason for any output lag.

* Working in coordination with the Quality control team ensure a Qualitative Output.

* Having knowledge in Product Standards and Specs and ISO System standards inorder to follow it and educate the team.


F1, Mayur Complex, 3rd Lane, K K

Road, Venkatapuram, Ambattur,

Chennai - 600053

05/2018 -


Cybele Industries Ltd

Asst. Manager - Production

Undertaking the Cable Production Plant.

Manage a Team of 3 Supervisors and 3 Process Controllers and 90 Employees working under them.

1. ISO QUALITY SYSTEMS : Strictly adhere in implementing the ISO 9001 : 2015 systems in the Production department.

2. WEEKLY REPORT : Providing to the Executive Director on every Monday, the Weekly production details, Planned Vs achieved in the production, Copper conversion for the week, Scrap generation, Machine utilisation, Labour utilisation, Overtime given, and Workmen assessment for the week .

3. TRAINING : Training workers using a Training Programme which helps in reducing all production related problems, in Co-ordination with the Personnel department. 4. COST REDUCTION : Frequently suggesting suitable process procedures and other factors that can have a very good Cost saving and contributing even a tiny saving to the Company.


Giving full attention for reduction of Scrap in the plant and taking due care in restricting the generation of scrap and non-standard length to zero percent. Analysing problems that can cause wastage and scrap and giving a positive solution. 6. SAFETY WORKING : Practicing safety methods in the shop floor bearing in mind, Employee safety is important than anything else.

7. MAINTENANCE : Having interaction with the Electrical/Mechanical/Civil Engineers to maintain all the machineries of the plant in good working condition. Reviewing the maintenance pending jobs and its reason everyday. 8. Power consumption:- Taking initiative to run the plant in a planned manner by minimum utilisation power and avoiding unwanted consumption of power in any area in interaction with all the department HODs.


Being alert to see that the Factory's activities and situations confirm to statutory requirements. ENSURING THAT SAFETY METHODS, STANDARDS, NORMS PRESCRIBED BY LAW ARE STRICTLY MAINTAINED.

09/2015 -


05/2015 -


Cybele Industries Ltd

Production Planner

Planning all the 4Ms. Men, Machine, Material & Man Power To Plan & Execute the Orders Received to bring an Optimum Output. Attain targets to achieve Monthly Plan.

Analysing Daily Output and Comparing Plan Vs. Actual. Plan the Best way to overcome Lags and complete the Targets within the given Schedule.

Generating Reports for the Management using the Details from Production Department. 1. Receive Orders from Marketing team and prepare the production plan and shift schedule in co ordination with Technical Manager and forwarding the same to Executive Director to ensure that proper planning for procurement of raw materials, consumables, packing material & other items so that production commitments can be met. 2. Preparing the tentative monthly plan for the next month at the end of the previous month and manpower, maintenance and process requirement planning well in advance to achieve the targeted sales.

3. Taking responsibility to continuously upgrade the systems and procedures followed by the company for production planning, issue of materials to production, accountability of work in progress material and other production and quality activities. 4. Ensure that all procedures followed are part of the ISO system. 5. Taking direct responsibility for planning and productivity in Wire and cable section. Cybele Industries Ltd

Production Supervisor

Execute the daily plan and taking responsibility of a shift to achieve the planned output. Follow and Execute the Plans given by the Planning Engineer. Effectively Handling the available Manpower owing to no stoppage of any Machines. Control and Monitor all shop floor activities. Update Daily Production

Output Details.

1. MANPOWER UTILISATION : Allocating the available manpower according to the requirement of the shift and ensuring no person should be under utilised. 2. SCHEDULE : Strictly adhering Weekly Production schedule prepared by Engineer [PP] and following the process card to move the material from one process to another process. Ensure that there is no stagnation of material in any process. 3. DISCIPLINE : Taking responsibilty for utmost Shop floor discipline and keep Men and machines occupied effectively. Avoid Production loss due to unnecessary movement of workmen.

4. BREAKDOWN : Ensuring capacity utilisation of the machines to the maximum. Discussing any maintenance issue occurring in shift with the Maintenance Engineer and solving it within that shift.

5. STANDARD OUTPUT : Achieving Standard output in each shift with the help of the shift engineers and Operators. If any Output shortfall is attributed to any workmen, advising and warning them at the same shift.

6. Maintaining PERFORMANCE REGISTER in the shop floor and checking daily. 7. HOUSE-KEEPING : Keeping the Shopfloor clean reflecting the quality of the people working inside the plant.






Madras University

M. B. A. Operations Management

Apollo Engineering College

B. E. Mechanical Engineering

6.9 GPA

Bhakthavatsalam Vidhyashram Hr. Sec. School


79.8 %

Jaya Matric Hr. Sec. School


85.4 %


Team Building

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Achieving the Target


Solid works

Catia V5


Design & Fabrication of Dressing Fixture for ROPS

Adjustable Fixture using Hydraulic System to get the Dimension of the ROPS (ROLL OVER PROTECTION STRUCTURE - TUBULAR FRAME OF THE DRIVER CABIN IN TRACTORS)

Analysing the Change in Dimensions during the Hydraulic Pressing and attaining into exact Dimension

Pedal Powered Hacksaw

An Hacksaw is fixed to the connecting rod which is attached to the Pedal of a Cycle. The Job is placed at the front of the cycle above the front tyre. While rotating the pedal, the Hacksaw moves in accordance with the Pedal and cuts the Job. ACHIEVEMENTS & AWARDS

Certified Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 - 2015

Handled ISO 9001 - 2008 to 2015 Switchover Audit as an MR in July 2018 Captian of School Football Team





Hindi - Moderate






Member of Rotaract Club - To work for a Social Cause ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

KAIZEN Implementations

* Modified Machines to Minimise the Production time, Manpower usage and to increase the Output.

- Changed the Existing Rod Breakdown Machine Output size from 8.00mm to 2.50mm series to 8.00mm to 2.192mm

* Modified the Bunching machine to accomodate a Die for each size, before the Capstan to get a evenly round surface of the conductor.

* Introduced a seperate process and entry Checking process of Insulation compounds and Bunched Copper before the Extrusion Process inorder to prevent rejection at the final Insulation stage.

* Knowledge in Cable Testing and Lab. Have incorporated followed National and International Standards and Specifications.

* Have Handled RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organization) and RITES Inspections of Cables.

* Have Knowledge in Formulation & Compounding of Poly Vinyl Chloride.

* Organization of 5S principles and Setup. Given training to Employees to follow 5S. HOBBIES

Reading about Latest Technological innovations, Space science, Life Origination Football

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