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Manager Electrical

Rochester, NY
March 23, 2020

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Pride myself as being a Problem-Solver. Thrive in Challenging Assignments.

585-***-**** cell or 585-***-**** wife cell or

Industrial Instructor:

33+ years of Electrical:, Troubleshooting, Operations, Testing, Installation, Maintenance.

30+ years Mechanical Troubleshooting, Operations, Testing, Installation, Maintenance.

Work Management : CMMS

12 years CMMS Planning, eSoms (Lockout tagging program)

7 years CMMS Scheduling, Resource, Review Management program use.

Procedures: 35 years Use: Start-up, Operations, Shut-down, Maintenance, Fill-Vent, Feedback.

8 years Technical Procedure Writer.

SAFETY: 35 years CPR, Arc Flash, First Aid, MSDS, NaOH, H2SO4, NH4OH, NaHCL, HB2O3

20 years Pro-Active Industrial Safety Member, Auditor, Hazmat Spill Response.

12 years as Industrial Emergency Commander-in-Charge, Confined Space Rescue.

10 years Behavioral Safety Risk Awareness Evaluation and Trainer.


Pinsonneault Family Restaurant: Vermont Steak House: (age 10 to 19)

8 brothers: 4 sisters. All different Career choices.

(2 Tier-1 Production Managers, 2 veterans, 2 Self- employed)

1 Master Welder, 1 Driving Instructor, 1 Chemist, 1 Master Wood-Smith,

1 Regional Label Manager, 6 Master-chefs, 2 College grads,

I have had many Bosses, But only TWO MENTORS.

1.1983-1987, CDR English, CAPTAIN USS Finback SSN-670

2.1999-2012 Doug Gomez, Shift Manager: R.E. Ginna Nuclear station.

GOALS: Improve Team Safety and Department Performance.

Achieve Productivity and Team Growth through Knowledge Sharing.

HABITS: Arrive: Rested, Hydrated, Nourished. Regardless of shift assigned.

Remain Focused to Help Others, Listen, Observe, Then Ask.

Provide unbiased Feedback to Strengthen Team Knowledge.

FUTURE: Continue to learn as time presents those opportunities. Take Notes.

Change for improvement is productive. Make it happen.

Pass on my knowledge using Hands-on mentoring. PowerPoint USBs

585-***-**** cell or 585-***-**** wife cell

Work History: Last 12 Months


Tech Services (Rochester)

@Berry Global, Jan-Mar (Macedon, NY) Contract work Tech Engineering support

@Consolidated Container, Apr-Jun (Rochester, NY) Contract work PMS Engineering support

@Hood, Jul-Sep (Batavia, NY) Contract work Production Testing

@ Satispie Oct-Jan 2020 (Rochester) Contract work Production Testing

- US Navy- Nuclear Prototype: Trainer, Electrical Supervisor, Engineering Supervisor 1981-1993

EM1(SS): Electrician (Mate), E-6, Submarine (Silent-Service) Qualified

Bachelor Level Education (Classified and unclassified)

- R.E Ginna (1999-2012)

Nuclear training program Instructor:

Advanced Physics, Electrical Design,

Mechanical Design, Advanced Chemistry

Material Properties (Charpy v-notch, Brittle fracture Dynamics).

Hydraulics, Air, and Purification design/ operations / maintenance

Steam System Design and Controls

Hands-on Operations, Maintenance

Troubleshooting, and Design Modifications.

Schematics, diagrams, technical manuals,

vibration analysis, and test equipment.

Nuclear Supervisor, Maintenance Leader,

Planner, Procurement, Inventory Management.

Procedure Writer: Operating/Emergency/

Maintenance (Submarine, Cruiser, Carrier).

Root Cause Failure Analysis:



Support Wife’s Career, Children’s Education PT jobs for skill retention.


(match my learning speed and Life Long goals)

ENHANCE PREVIOUS SKILLS of 25 years, Nuclear Operations, Trainer, and Maintenance

Maintenance: Trainer, Planner, Scheduler, Manager, Procedure Writer

Safety Team: Hazmat, Fire Captain, CPR/CFR, Incident Command

Work Center: Logistics, CMMS Lock Out, Outage Supervisor

Production: Efficiency, Priority, Root Cause, Change Management

Leadership: Process Improvement, Mentoring, Team Motivations

Work-Life: Balance, Family, Hobbies, Golf, Grand daughter

Mentoring: OSHA, Electrical /Mechanical (theory and design)

Coping Skills: Shift Worker, Circadian Cycle, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Stress, Health.

-R. E. Ginna Nuclear Power Station 1999-2012

(See Navy 1981-1993)

CMMS Scheduling CMMS Planning. Root Cause Incident Commander

(NRC) exam 92% Fix-it-Now (FIN) Team Procedure Writer Safety Inspector

Report Management, Modification Planning Team Maintenance Instructor Arc-Flash 4160v Chemical Operator Field Operator Plus many other Collateral Assignments

– Detroit Tools (Hansford Automation) (Dayton, OH and Rochester, NY) 1995-1999

Electrical-Mechanical Automated Machine Builder Allen Bradley ladder logic

AC/DC converters Relays, Control panels Variable Speed Motor Controllers

Power supplies Conveyors Emergency shutdown systems.

– Design Electric Co. (Boynton Beach, FL) 1993-1995

Industrial Contractor: 3 phase 450v / 115v /electrical distribution systems, Motors/Controllers

585-***-**** cell or 585-***-**** wife cell

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