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Quality Project

Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
March 21, 2020

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Seeking assignment from Project Executions, Quality Assurance and Control Engineer & Inspections within reputed an organization, preferably in an On-shore sector in an Oil & Gas Industries.


I hereby apply myself for the above position in your highly esteemed organization. I have total 15 years of rich experience in Project constructions & Execution-Quality control/Assurance function at the stages of Pre fabrication, Fabrications, Erections / Installations, Welding, NDT,Quality control inspections, Coating/painting inspection and testing’s and pre commissioning activities, Project documentation review, Manage TPI, Surveillance, Auditing, Continuous improvement to Assure At EPCI Projects Like -Pipe Line Projects,Oil and Gas Refineries, Subsea projects such as Subsea Systems like flow lines-Double Joints, Pipe in Pipes, Pad eyes, Spools and Jumper, Water Injection Pumping stations, Gas & Oil Separation Plants, LNG Plants, Urea plant piping, Gas Oil Gathering Plants, And Onshore- Oil & Gas Projects as per specification and contractual quality requirement.


My Expertise lies in designing and implementing systems and procedures to facilitate smooth functioning of overall quality operations and enhancing operational efficiency. The outcome has been a steady rate of success in maximizing operational efficiency, reduction of rejection & rework, cost control and customer satisfaction. With trail of professional brilliance, I have solid confidence of using my technical capabilities to handle any critical assignment and contribute to the quality management. My unique approach is to emphasize on restructuring core areas to enhance competency and thereby add value to the business.




CSWIP-3.2.2 Senior Welding Inspector (TWI, UK)

Certification No. 68307/2.


IRCA ISO 9001-2015 TVEQ0109846

ITSILLS: MS Office-Word, Excel & Power Point.


Leads a team of Quality Control Inspectors of various disciplines (Structural/Piping/Mechanical) as applicable to ensure that the design engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning of the facilities are in compliance with the specified design requirements and meets the quality & performance objectives.

Manage the site inspection requirements with regard to the work performed on site (Structural & Piping Welding & NDT etc.).

Expertise in implementing quality management systems across various project process to reduce rejection levels and ensure high quality standards at all the stages of project execution Skilful in different national and international codes and standards such as ASME, BS, AWS, API, ASNT, ISO, IS, IBR, TOTAL, ICHTHYAS etc.

Have a sound knowledge in Mechanical Engineering, WPS/PQR, WPQT witness and reviews, welding processes, particular knowledge of Super Duplex/S.S/C.S,CS Low temp., Alloy and Copper Nickel materials welding with different welding process like-SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, GMAW, and SAW etc Structural and Piping Systems.

Have a sound knowledge in NDT procedures and processes like AUT/UT/RT/PT/MT and Hardness testing and PMI etc their application, review, tracking and reporting controls.

Have a sound knowledge in Coating/painting inspection and testing in onshore.

Knowledge in conducting inspections at raw material, dimensional control, welding process, non-destructive testing, destructive testing, fabrication and erections, Stage wise releasing of completed systems, Hardness testing,PMI, heat treatment, painting, fabrication, Hydro tests, Leak tests and service tests etc.

Monitoring stage wise welding jobs & fixing pre- & post heat treatment of materials during welding.

Conduct stage wise inspections for Onshore Oil & Gas structural and piping Items.

Adequate exposure to Fabrications, Machining, Heat Treatment, Hydrostatic and Pneumatic Tests, Equipment, Identifying welding defects either by visual Inspection or by NDT -RT, RTI, UT, AUT, DPT & MPT & PMI and arranging to rectify them.

Preparing technical reports and quality reports while reviewing destructive and non-destructive test reports.

Ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the Contract requirements and approved procedures.

Ensure that weld history register and associated non-destructive test is properly implemented.

Auditing Welding activities, check qualifications of all Welding & NDT personnel on Site

Review qualifications of all Welding and NDT personnel on Site and calibration certificate for all Welding and NDT equipment.

Maintains/Review/comment the Welding documents, material certificates, consumable certificate, QC dossiers issuedby Contractor.

Review and endorse all Welding and NDT reports linked to Piping and Structure

Witness for Welder Training and Qualification, Procedure Qualification, Production welding, laboratory tests, NDE activities.

Witness and monitor all Welding and NDT activities during Piping and Structure fabrication performed on site.

Be proactive in promoting Quality awareness at all levels within the project team and contractor personnel.

Verify or following ensure that the quality record books are properly documented and maintained by the contractors.

Ensure that all documents on site are the latest revisions of the Engineering office, ensure transmission of documents to all specialists of the site team.

Report to the Project QA/QC Manager on the Inspection activities, of any deviations from quality control procedures and explain the reason, purpose and context of such deviations and validation acceptation or not by Company; and possible problems discovered during or related to the inspection of: material and equipment to be used on site and work performed on site.

Ensure proper reporting, highlighting critical issues to the project management and proposing remedial actions.

Verify the Load Out records as per the lay out drawing weather they are maintained or not at the barge.

Manage the NCR’s ensure the corrective actions and the action to be taken to avoid the re-occurrence of the NC are implemented

Prepare and Submit final Manufacturing Data Book before Sail away.

Ability to identify, analyses and solve problems (related or of a technical nature).

Good interpersonal and communication skills in English and Personnel management experience.

A good Knowledge in technical disciplines such as structural, piping and Mechanical Autonomy & Initiative

Conducting quality, safety tool box meetings and training programs to vender personals to improve quality, execute the worker ability and minimize losses/cost and maintain safe working environments and Report all dangerous activities out-off HSE and rules, emphasizes Safety Program.

A thorough understanding of Quality Management Systems, Technical Integrity.

Maintain the quality standards, ensuring stringent adherence to quality standards, norms & practices.

Developing QAP for procurement of new equipment such as Platforms, heat exchangers, vessels, tanks, Structural’s and Flow Lines & piping systems conducting welder test, making PQR, WPS maintaining quality of fabrication job in site according to code & standards.

Working in close coordination in work groups; for conducting review and approval of quality plans and detailing on quality requirements and finalizing the quality plan.

Making root cause analysis of failure of running equipment, interpreting NDT results (PT, MT & RT); checking physical & chemical property of metals according to test certificate.

Developing failure reports NCR/Surveillances (FIR/FAR), Root cause Analysis Report (RCA), Resource planning for NDT technicians, Notification/Project Management Order Cycle Completion, History Updating, etc.


BP Oman Seconded by BV, Lead Mechanical/Piping/Welding Inspector. 12-2018 to 02-2020.


Main Responsibilities-

Performed Mechanical, static equipment, HVAC, Piping, Valve & Structural installation inspection.

Inspection on installation of equipment such as Pressure Vessel/Tank, Centrifugal Pump/Compressor, Reciprocating Pump/Compressor, Submersible Pump, Heat exchanger/Cooler/Heater, Air Cooler, In line Strainer/Filter, Diesel Engine, Gas Turbine, Gear Box, Skid/Packaged Units, Mixer/Agitator, Coupling Alignment, Overhead Crane, Davits, Elevator, Padeye/Lifting Point, Boiler, Installation Blower/Fan, Catalyst/ filtering/Separation medium fill, Gear operated Valves

Inspection for check Foundation shims, release & chipping on foundation, level foundation.

Inspection for Alignment, levelling, elevation, orientation before & after grouting.

Mechanical Completion/Box up inspection for Vessel & Tanks.

HVAC ducting, dampers, air devices, AHU, ACCU & copper piping installation, testing inspection.

Piping Installation, Welding, Spool installation, line check, hydro-test/Pneumatic test, Punch clearing, Reinstatement, Test Package review at different stages.

Gear operated valve inspection for Tags, name plate, orientation, installation as per drawing, functional & operational accessibility/Ease, Open-close indicators in correct direction & testing.

Structural installation inspection for alignment, orientation, fabrication/welding etc.

Daily reports on inspection status to the management.

Review of documents, reports, records & endorsing those documents.

DNVGL TPI Piping/Pipeline/Structural. 01-2018 to11-2018.


Main Responsibilities-

Receipt of structural steel and inspection of erection of steel structures.

Receipt of Piping & Pipeline inspection.

Piping, pipe fabrication, installation and testing.

Pipeline construction.

Review welding operator qualifications.

Review and comment field weld procedures and NDE procedures.

Review all NDE results and records including ASNT Level II qualified personnel or approved equivalent.

Punch Listing.

FERNAS INSAAT A.S. TURKEY, QA/QC Senior Welding Inspector. 01-2017 To 12-2017


This project Pipelines activities Aboveground and Underground Fabrication and Erection.

Main Responsibilities-

Reviewing the Purchase Order /Contract / Client Technical Specification to execute job with complying the client and code requirements.

Prepare technical Purchase specification to comply Code/ Client / Drawing requirements. Prepare project quality plan in line with Job requirements.

Review ITP & procedures as per the Job Specification/ Client / Code requirements.

Inspection and expediting activities for Shop and Field.

Qualifying WPS & PQR with respect to the contract / Code requirements.

Qualifying the welders and maintaining the welder Logs as per the system and Code requirement.

Control and monitor the shop floor activities.

Maintaining and updating the ISO & ASME Manual and implement the system in shop floor.

Organizing internal Audits in line with Audit Schedule / Internal Audit procedure.

Conduct Management Review Meeting based on Audit results / Finding / System Effectiveness / Improvements, NCR Control, etc.

KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT., THAILAND QC RFT LEVEL III Coordinator.05-2014 to 10-2016


This project includes Module Erection, Fabrication, Procurement and Construction of under Inpex. HereKBR (JKC) scope of workincludes both erection and commissioning of plant equipment and piping & Structural.

Main Responsibilities-

Demonstrate by setting the example for all personnel that Safety and Quality are core values.

Witness MT, VT, PT, UT, RT, Inspections. & Review reports

Review subcontractor’s radiographic procedures and technique sheets before RT interpretation.

Review NDT personnel qualifications for compliance with Project requirements.

Confirm Fab shop’s Radiographic RT interpreters are proficient in RT interpretation.

Ensure RT interpretations are in full compliance with codes & specifications.

Feedback for prevention of RT non-compliances in a timely manner.

Ensure satisfactory tracking of RT interpretation results.

Undertook preparation & review of:

Project Quality Plan in compliance with ISO 9001 & specific contractual scope of works / quality requirements.

Inspection and Test Plans in compliance with specific contractual scope of work / quality requirements.

Quality Control Procedures in compliance with specific contractual scope works / quality requirements.

All applicable Non-destructive Examination Procedures in compliance with codes & contractual specifications.

Submitted the Project Quality Assurance Manual file including quality plan, quality assurance procedures, quality control procedures, NDE procedures, engineering welding sheet (both Piping / Structural), welding procedures with procedure qualification records, and applicable work procedures.

Generated internal audit reports.

Quality enhancements:

Improved & developed procedures suit for each job

Involved more professionals (sub-ordinates) for training programs.

Conduct regular tool box meeting with site workers & identify the problems &same was rectified which will enhance the quality of the job.

Reviewed Sub-ordinates & workers job skills at regular interval and find out the competence level.

Quality certifications obtained:

CSWIP 3.1 – welding Inspector

CSWIP 3.2.2 – Senior Welding Inspector



Reduction in rejection rate:

Repair percentage of RT maintained as less than 1%

Repetitive work due to improper planning was reduced.

Welder, Painter & NDT personal qualification was done prior to involve in the job.

Reviewed and approval of quality control and assurance procedures like QMS-QAP, ITP,WPS and Welder and Welding

SNAMPROGETTI SAUDI ARABIA CO LTD., Mechanical QA/QC Supervisor. 12-2012 to 04-2014


This projectincludes Erection, Procurement and Construction of standalone urea project under SABIC. Here Snamprogetti scope of work includes both erection and commissioning of plant equipment and piping.

Main Responsibilities-

Coordinates to inspections activities for the Piping & Structural Systems and Jacket at yard and Onshore.

Reviewed and approval of quality control and assurance procedures like QMS,ITP,WPS and Welder and Welding Operator’s qualification, Calibration records as well as documents.

Conversant with the Codes(API,BS, ASME & AWS D1.1), Project Specifications and procedures of SAFCO.

Review the Records of inspections results at Raw Materials, fabrication and installations welding/ NDT, Dimensional, holyday testing and load outs compliance with Project specifications.

Conduct stage wise inspections for EPC-Onshore Oil & Gas structural and Piping Items.Conducting material receiving/verification inspection

Coordinate with the engineer to prepare the As Built Drawings according to actual product, and review the record, before to sail away.

Resolved conflicts in interpretation of codes, engineering drawings, project specifications and installation results while protecting Company interests.

Lead to the Qc Inspector personal team; provide with necessary technical Support & Developing the skills whenever needed and build a team & team spirit.

Functioned as a Facilitator and Advisor in resolving QC disputes between contractors and clients in closing out non- conformance report, interpretation of codes, specification and procedures, etc.

Maintains content of the Quality Management System (QMS) and contributes to its continuous improvement.

Assists Project or Department in conducting audits / reviews and responsible for follow-up.

Assists Project Quality Manager/Engineer in routine project quality activities as assigned.

Prepare the daily and weekly status reports and attending project coordination meetings to highlight quality requirements for the project.

Verify the Load Out records as per the lay out drawing weather they are maintained or not at the barge.

Manage the NCR’s ensure the corrective actions and the action to be taken to avoid the re-occurrence of the NC are implemented

Prepare and Submit final Manufacturing Data Book before Sail away.

Conducting quality, safety toolbox meetings and training programs to vender personals to improve quality, execute the worker ability, minimize losses/cost, and maintain safe working environments and Report all dangerous activities out-off HSE and rules, emphasizes Safety Program.

KHARAFI NATIONAL KSC KUWAIT & UAE LLC – QC. Inspector.06-2011 to 07-2012


This project includes: Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, transportation, installation and hook ups of the following facilitiesunder SAIPEM this includes (jackets built and preinstalled, seven HSBH Decks for new wellhead platforms(jackets built installed, one tie-in platform and one injection platform including jacket, deck, bridge, flare and bridge support.


This project includes Erection, Procurement and Construction of standalone urea project under TECHNIMONT. Here Kharafi scope of work includes both erection and commissioning of plant equipment and piping.

Main Responsibilities-

Look after implementation of project quality assurance procedures, ITP, WPS, and maintaining welder qualification records as well as documents.

Prepare the relevant project quality plan and relevant quality control procedures. Created manufacturing data book and ensured verification of welder qualification & approved welding book.

Verified NDE operator qualification, equipment calibration and the technique comply with the project quality requirements.

QC records such as material certificates inspection records and test reports.

Conducting stage wise Inspections for during fabrications and installation works before to lower and after the lowering Pipelines.

Monitored NCR’s ensure the corrective actions and the action to be taken to avoid the re-occurrence of the NC are implements.

Monitored the consumable batch tests & review the results & Kept track of welding consumable control such as low hydrogen electrodes and filler wires-for STT/GMAW/GTAW/SMAW.

Review RT films & NDT reports complying with the specification requirements.

Monitor inspection team and the activities such as visual inspection of the fit-up, edge preparation and dimensional control.

Verify product for its compliance to approved data sheets drawings, witness testing as approved by ITP. Produce necessary report and release notes.

Prepare the test packs for completed lines and conducting for tests as well as Inspections and records.

Coordinate all inspection requirements for TPI inspector’s .Set up a system for tracking inspection notifications and execution of inspection until a release note is issued.

Control the number of inspection visits to restrict to budgeted figure. Perform a few field inspections at local vendors.

Integrate with and work alongside the quality team and perform all related tasks as and when requested by the Manger.

Code & Standards- ASME, API.


Main Responsibilities-

Piping Fabrications stage wise inspections as per approved ITP.

Interpretation of Radiographs and Execute NDT activities accordance with Specifications/Codes i.e., ASME SEC.VIII DIV.1, SEC IX, SEC IIC,Etc.

Reviewed all Procedures and standards, records and documents belongs to quality Inspections.

Witness the daily inspection activities attending RFI’s such as visual, PMI,NDT, Valve Testing, Hydro Test, Pneumatic Test, Blasting and Painting etc, Review and approve WPS, WQT, Hydro test packages, work order close out, PRA, ITP’s and other contractor procedures comply with the codes and companies specifications

Witness to all periodical Inspections according to the shutdown schedules.

Support for the Mechanical maintenance of field equipment. Contribute to the overall planning & execution of major shutdowns.

Provide technical advice to Mechanical/Piping Supervisors in consultation with the On-shore Engineering and QA/QC personnel on a regular basis.

Participate in budget preparation and control of Mechanical spare parts, materials and determining appropriate stock levels.

Initiate service request for all contract services and administration of the contracts. Act as an onshore focal point for all matters related to Mechanical repair, modifications, and material - Co-ordinates actions with Engineering, SE&Q, Supply, Inspection, other maintenance disciplines and outside agencies.

Planned, coordinated and executed daily maintenance activities of the plant.

Supervised daily working activities, schedules, manpower, progress and the job requirements of the contractor to be complete the job as per the shutdown bar chart. Lead / participate in troubleshooting complex and recurring equipment faults.

Managed activities at furnace-burners dropping, cleaning, installation & enlightenments as well as duct cleaning.

Monitored total productivity management at plant as long/short bolts replacements, leakages of flanges/valves, etc. and jobs hot / cold jobs of piping, structural & at other equipment.

Coordinate to team work under shutdown safety rules without any injuries, as a team.



Worked as a QC Inspector in TPIL and was involved in the QA/QC activities in the construction of 2x550MW coal based Power Projects.


Worked as a QC Inspector in BHEL, THERMAX & RELIANCE and was involved in the QA/QC activities in the manufacturing of Spools, Pipes, Structural Casing & Panels based on Power Projects.


Worked as QC Inspector in Thermax was involved in the QA/QC activities in the manufacturing of Structural Items.

Main Responsibilities

Responsible for ensuring all WELDING works products /services needed for the project meet the specified requirements and attain the required quality level of Project spec.

Review of WPS and PQR as per project specification

Familiar with MT, PT, UT & RT Film interpretation.

To follow all quality control procedure, inspection & test plan.

Checking joint fit-up & monitoring & controlling welding consumables.

Familiar with welding inspections that is Before, During & After welding activities at site.

Reviewing filler wires & electrodes of welding procedure specification.

Qualification and performances monitoring of welding personnel.

Serves as consultant in area of expertise (structural steel and reinforcing steel)

Provides scope of work with cost estimates for potential projects/clients

Prepares steel reports and other client required letters using R-K format.

Supervision and inspections welding, Preheat & Post weld heat treatment of weld.

Development & implementation of inspection checklist & report/format.

Co-ordination of all Destructive & Non Destructive testing at various sites for different clients.

Familiar with PMI, Hardness and PWHT tests etc.

Reviewing the spool Releasing check sheet & sending to site after approving.

Identify all defective or non-conforming reports work at each stage shall be rectified to the required company standard.

Reviewing final packages for Hydro tests, approving & releasing for Hydro test.

Preparing the Punch list item as per P& ID and Isometricsuch as Pipe supports, Valves, Guides, Shoe supports & NDT completion & approving releasing packages for Hydro test.

Report daily to QA/QC Engineer and advise him on RFI status, the COMPANY’s main contractor compliance to contract procedures and standards and any matters effecting quality.


Date & Place of Birth : 11-07-1981/T.N, INDIA.

Nationality : Indian.

Languages Known : English, Tamil, Hindi & Sourastra.

Salary Expectation : Not Specified/negotiable.

No. Of dependents : Wife and Two Son’s.

Location Preference : Anywhere.

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