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Manager Engineer

Jakarta, Indonesia
US$ 70K
March 20, 2020

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Name : Salomo Ginting

Place, Date of Birth : Medan / February 22, 1964

Pasport No : C2820727

Religion : Christian

Education : Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering North Sumatera University

Training & Qualified as : * B4T Bandung UT Level II ASNT : 1999

* SME Surabaya MT/PT Level II ASNT : 2004

* MIGAS – API 653 Tank Inspector : 2006

* MIGAS – API 653 Tank Inspector : 2010 (Renewal)

Sex : Male

Mailing Address : Taman Widya Asri Blok A1/25 Serang, Banten Banten

Phone : +62-812********

Email :

Job assignment ever handled :

Able to act and function as QA/QC Manager for Fabrication and site erection of equipment such as Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Piping, Spherical Tanks, API 650 & 620 Storage Tank (Dome roof and/or double wall tank), Boiler etc. which made of various kinds of materials where has responsible for the quality of product since material receiving, in-process fabrication until ready to be delivered base on project specifications.

Deal with various clients or customers (external) such as: Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Pulp and paper, Power plant, etc., and internal department (Production, Engineering, and PPIC), Vendor and sub vendor, the ASME Authorized Inspector related to any problem to be solved (if any) and quality achievement or targets for Customer satisfactions.

For long term assignment as Senior QA/QC Engineer before assigned as QA/QC Manager, has responsible to prepare various procedures refers to Project specification, Codes and Standard such as: ASME, AWS, ASTM, TEMA, API, NACE, etc., related to fabrication and site erection such as:

- Inspection and Test Plan




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- Fabrication Procedure

- PWHT Procedure

- NDE Procedure

- NDE Plan

- Hydrostatic Test Procedure

- Surface preparation and Painting Procedure

- Pickling and Passivation Procedure

- Etc.

Prior to be assigned as QA-QC Engineer previously work as QA-QC Inspector which main duties are as follow:

- Receiving Inspection and reports of material, to check the quality of received material covering visual inspection such as physical performance, dimensions of the material compliance with all requirements such as Code, PO, Drawing and standard.

- Dimensional in process fabrication inspection such as: Marking before cutting and dimension after cutting, dimension after forming to check against fabrication tolerances, Dimension after fit up include nozzle orientation until release for welding.

- Dimensional and edge preparation prior to commencement of welding such as to check bevel edge, root, gaps, etc.

- Ensure qualified welder assigned to perform welding.

- Spot check welding parameter during process of welding.

- To inspect visual welding before further NDT.

- Witness and review all NDT results

- Dimensional check after welding and final dimension internal or with client before further process such as Pressure test and or Surface preparation and painting.

- Witness pressure test and make reports if required.

- Inspect processes of surface preparation and panting and make reports.

- Compile all in process inspection records to be Manufacturer Data book

- Witness Mechanical test at independent laboratory for the WPS qualification CURRICULUM VITAE


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I. Period : Aug 2015 – December 2019

Company : PT. Timas Suplindo Fabrication shop

Position Held : QA-QC Manager

Location : Cikande - Serang

Client : Various such as :

• Chandra Asri

• Conoco Philip Suban compression project

• Tropic Energy

• Sulfindo


• PUSRI – Palembang

• Pupuk Iskandar Muda

• Pertamina RU-II, RUIII, RU IV, RU V & RU VI

• Timas Offshore Division

• Sulzer Singapore.

• PT. Semen Gersik.

• Etc.

Project Title : Various project with various equipment such as Pressure vessel, Heat Exchanger, spool pipe, steel structure which made of various material such as carbon steel, high alloy steel such as: austenitic, ferritic austenitic, martensitic and ferritic stainless steel, exotic material such as Titanium, copper alloy, nickel alloy, etc. Value Project : Various

Jobs and Responsibilities:


To synchronize the Inspector capability to handle various steel fabrication for equipment to be produced activity to comply with Code and Customer specification requirements

To ensure all Customer specifications, approved for construction drawing and other related documents are available prior to start fabrication.

To ensure each of assigned Inspector performance to do inspection in accordance with provided time frame or schedule but quality shall be the priority.

To liaise with customer representative and/or ASME Authorized Inspector if any in case any of fabrication problems to be solved or any conflict among Code, specification requirements and contractual documents.

To liaise with ASME Authorized inspector related to any document required to be complying with for ASME Stamped equipments and each of ASME Joint review events related to renewal of ASME Certificate.




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Implementation of ASME Quality requirements in all fabrication process since material receiving, in process fabrication such as welding, nondestructive examinations, and testing until the equipments are ready to be delivered.

Ensure any of ASME Code stamped equipments in all fabrication processes comply with ASME QC manual completed with all required evidences and ASME Code stamped equipment to be demonstrated during each of ASME Joint Review so that Timas still continue as ASME Certificate holder of U1, U2, S, PP and R stamp as a qualified and certified manufacturer to fabricate or manufacture the ASME stamped equipments.

Ensure the quality of products comply with Code, Customer specification requirements, and any other contractual documents for Customer satisfaction.

Ensure all Inspection tools, testing instruments and measuring equipment during all fabrication processes verified and/or calibrated in accordance with Calibration SOP or Customer specification requirement whichever is more stringent.

Ensure all Quality personal qualified to handle each of their assignment in accordance with their Job description and review their performance achievement for further promotion or training to enhance his competencies in QA/QC Department.


II. Period : June 2006 – Jul 2015

Company : PT. Timas Suplindo Fabrication shop

Position Held : Senior QA-QC Engineer, Tank Inspector, and Dputy ga/qc Manager

Location : Cikande Serang

Client : Various client such as:

• Premier Oil & Saipem

• Foster wheeler & Pertamina RU-II Dumai

• Pertamina RU II, III, IV, V& VI




• Rekayasa Industri for Petro Kimia Gersik

• SANTOS – Madura

• Pec-TECH.

• Thermochimica Impianti S.R.L Italy.

• Etc.

Project Title : Various project such as:

• Replacement of Combine feed exchanger (CFE-212) for Pertamina RU-II Dumai, under controlled by Foster Wheeler.

• Tube heater smelter 3U-EA301 for PUSRI



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• PHE – ONWJ & PHE Lima for Timas offshore division

• NHDT Reactor project for Pertamina RU-II Dumai

• Replacement of Evaporator and Economizer for Chevron HRSG #2 & HRSG #5

• New Amonia Tank Project for PT. Petrokimia Gersik.

• Benar Rantobais Facility up-grade project - CHEVRON

• Bangko Facility Tanks up-grade project – CHEVRON

• MINAS Surfactant Project - CHEVRON

• ALSTOM POWER ESI Cikarang Listrindo Project

• Kambuna development project – Salamander Energy (MEG Injection Package

• Gajah Baru project for Premier Oil Natuna sea BV.

• Refrigerant condenser for PIM 2 project.

• Shell & Tube heat exchanger for SANTOS – Madura project.

• Oyong Development project Phase 2 – Santos, Madura

• CGS Water disposal Project – CHEVRON

• NDD Project - CHEVRON

• SEA DRILL and PETRO RIG for Rainbow offshore,


• Etc.

Value Project : Various.

My Responsibility :

As Tank Inspector for New Tank fabrication and site erection for remote area

As Tank Inspector for Repair Tank, remote area.

AS QC Engineer to provide all required procedure as described at page 1 and 2 above related to each project requirement.

As Deputy QA-QC act as QC Manager when he was on other duty such as review and sign all quality record inspected and recorded by QC Inspectors.

To perform inspection whenever in case of shorthanded inspector to perform inspection. Either at shop fabrication or site project. CURRICULUM VITAE


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III. Period : June 2000 – June 2006

Company : PT. Timas Suplindo Fabrication shop

Location : Cikande Serang

Client : Various client such as:

• Pertamina RU II, III, IV, V& VI




• Rekayasa Industri

• PT. IKPP – Perawang Riau


• Etc.

Project Title : Various project such as:

• CNOOC Pabelokan gas development Project

• South Sumatra Gas Project – IKPT.

• MB 15 Project – Site Perawang erection of Multi fuel Boiler capacity 200 Ton steam for IKPP

• CLO2 Project at IKPP site Project – Perawang, Riau

• CO2 Removal Project – Rekayasa Industri

• Surface Production Facilities Semberah Field (SEMCO) project for TMA JOY.

• Revamping Project at Site Pertamina RU-VI Balongan.

• Etc.

My Responsibility:

To Perform Inspection and make report as QA-QC Inspector since receiving material, during in-process fabrication until delivery as described at page 2 above.



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IV. Periods : January, 3rd 1993 Until September 1996 Company : PT. Kokoh Semesta, Steel Manufacturer, Fabrication and Erection

Designation : QC Supervisor

Job Description :

• Monitoring Progress Fabrication due to required Inspection

• Inspection during Fabrication such as :

* Material Identification/Transfer Heat Number.

* Selection of welding material & handling.

* Edge preparation of fit-up prior to weld.

* Orientation of Nozzle fit - up.

* Conduct & Witness Welder Test.

* Witnessed material selection and verify material then make record to assure that material allocation on equipment traceable after completion of work (Material Map)

* Prepare NDT Plan and RT selection.

* Witness Ultrasonic Test, Penetrant Test, and Magnetic Particle Test.

* Conduct & Witness Hydrostatic Test, Pneumatic Test.

* Check Surface preparation (profile) after sandblasting prior to paint .

* Painting/Coating inspection and make record of inspection.

• Prepare Manufacturing Data Record

Equipment Handled : Pressure Vessels, Ageing Drums Storage Tanks, Vessel equipped by agitator Transformer Tank, Roller & Belt Conveyor, Screw Conveyor.

Yours Faithfully

Salomo Ginting

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